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Before you read this post, be aware this plugin is the same as WP Easy Ranker. It’s a plugin that is constantly released by its creator. It’s been doing the rounds for over a year in various disguises. The plugin, no matter what it’s called, is a real nail! It doesn’t work. It’s a dud. If you ask for a refund you will get no joy. Just warning you to stay away from this monstrosity and its empty promises.

Now, onto the review. This applies to the WP Easy Ranker plugin too…it’s the same thing. In theory it sounds like a decent tool, but, well…read on.

WP Auto Ranker Review

This WP Auto Ranker review may not be the review you want to hear…or it could be.

WP Auto Ranker is a plugin that gathers content from Feedly and spins it so that it should be unique content (in the eyes of Google) for your own website.

Now, I promised myself 3 years ago not to buy any more shiny objects and up until now, I’ve kept that promise. To be brief, I realised that most of these shiny objects were just wasting my time in an effort to make money online…and so it proved.

Since that day, way back in 2016, I have produced my own content for the 4 websites that earn me a decent income. That income isn’t huge, but it pays the bills and I don’t have to go out working the 9-5. I get regular payments into my bank account that have allowed me take 4 vacations last year, buy a new car and help my son through Uni…and I shop at Waitrose.

So, I’m happy with my situation, especially in the knowledge that my income has been garnered through hard work, patience and developing quality content for my websites.

I work around 10 hours a week on those websites, the rest of the time I’m out hiking or riding my bike, cooking dinner for the missus or generally just doing what I want.

Now, here’s the thing. It can get you lazy (so lazy that this is the first post I’ve written on here for almost 3 years!) So, I thought I would beef up a couple of websites that are dead in the water. These are the ones that do not pay the bills and just sit there waiting for me to fire them up. But, the niches they’re in, although very good earning niches if done properly, are so boring!

I have lost the motivation and passion to write anything more on the subjects. One is all about luxury yachts…good for the first month of writing content about the subject, but after a while it becomes tedious. I’m sure you know the feeling.

So, to liven up the website, I thought about auto adding content to see if I could revive it and get it ranked…perhaps if it did move up the ranking, I would find my motivation for yachting all over again.

Enter WP Auto Ranker

Now, the very thought of autoblogging goes against everything I’ve done over the last 3 or 4 years. It’s lazy, it stands a chance of getting hit with de-ranking for duplication and plagiarism and the spinning of content often makes that content useless.

But if there is a possibility to get the sites ranking again, I thought I would give it a go.

I’d looked at autoblogging software in the past and tried some of them out using their free trials., but was left disappointed in their ability to spin…even when they use top-of-the-range spinners.

But that was a few years ago. Now, in 2019, I thought maybe they’d improved, so I was interested in a new plugin called WP Auto Ranker. I had received an email from another marketer singing its praises, so I thought why not? I’ll give it a go.

I read the sales page and it all seemed fine. They had ranked a ‘dead’ website for several decent keywords in that niche by using content that had been automatically scraped from other websites. The content was then spun to provide unique content for their newly acquired website.

What this means is that, in the eyes of Google, your website is being updated often so it must be saying something that people want to read. Google might then think it’s worth pushing your website up a bit…especially as your working hard to produce all that content (!)

Your site will be crawled and the bot will see keywords and posts relevant to your main niche, so will, possibly, rank your website higher in its search engine.

Sounds plausible, right?

Well, yes it probably will work to a certain extent if the content is good, unique, understood and easily readable for the visitor.

And that’s where software like WP Auto Ranker fails. The price point should tell you all you need to know about its quality. So, I bought it against my better judgement.

WP Auto Ranker Front End Cost

Even though the front end plugin, for use on unlimited websites, is only $17.02, it’s only the very basic version.

The WP Auto Ranker FE only allows 10 feed results a day and limits you to only one or two posts per day…and a limit on spinning the content.

You will have to buy the upsell, WP Auto Ranker Pro, for $27 more to get unlimited feeds and spinning.

Why WP Auto Ranker Isn’t For Me

But here’s my real beef about WP Auto Ranker and other auto content software…the spinning is absolute crap! Even at the best setting it’s difficult to read and understand.

Now, I don’t suppose this matters to those who just want to throw up a website to get it ranked…but I have to ask, for what purpose?

You may get higher in the SE’s by using WP Auto Ranker, but at what cost?

People coming to your blog or website because it’s on the front page will only click the back button as soon as they start reading the gobbledygook on your site. They will leave annoyed and this ain’t gonna be good for your bounce rate. After a while your website will start to suffer.

At the end of the day it’s lazy. And that’s coming from a lazy lump like me!

(The text below is a sample of the spinning from WP Auto Ranker..not good!)

WP Auto Ranker Plugin for WordPress Auto Content
The spun content above is from WP Auto Ranker and doesn’t make much sense? Especially as it’s supposed to be about a yacht.

By all means, if you think getting away with producing crappy unreadable content on your website will earn you money and respect, then go for it! I know many Internet Marketers who do this and some have a certain level of success doing it…but it’s not the way to run a business and ultimately, the website will die.

You can attribute the content that’s been scraped to the original source, but that just means people won’t want to read the original if it’s unreadable on your own website…remember, it’s been spun.

Even if you don’t attribute the work, it leaves you open to duplicate content penalties (if they exist?…I’m under the understanding that they do). And if the original content writers see your website, do you think they’ll be pleased that you’ve bastardized their work? Ripped it to shreds and made it look cheap and crappy?

Anyway, that’s my take on WP Auto Ranker (not an aff link) and other auto content software.

Is WP Auto Ranker A Good Idea?

I also had difficulties activating the plugin. It just wouldn’t ‘take’. I sent in a support ticket, but still haven’t heard anything back. I messed around with other plugins by disabling them etc, but still WP Auto Ranker wouldn’t work. Eventually, I updated my PHP to version 7.1 and WP Auto Ranker eventually kicked into life.

I set the plugin up and added my keywords for my content and images. I asked it to post once a day by completing the Cron Job inside my cpanel and for it to be spun the regular way (the best) back at the plugin settings. I did this for two of the websites that I wanted to revive. And did it again the next day when it failed to work after day 1.

Sure enough, after repeating the Cron Job because it only worked for one day, the posts started coming in, but the content was poor, it hadn’t done a good job of spinning and in the 4 posts that came to me over 2 days, three of them had nothing to do with my keywords. The posts also looked ugly.

So, that was enough to let me know that WP Auto Ranker will not be doing any more work for me. I have deleted it from my websites and will now promise myself I won’t be buying any more shiny objects!

Will I ask for my money back? No.

The sales pitch for WP Auto Ranker sounds too good to be true (aren’t they all?) but at the end of the day, it does produce auto posts for your blog/website.

It does collect content, and it does spin it. It schedules the posts by using Cron jobs in your cpanel and it uses Pixabay to generate images for your posts.

WP Auto Ranker Plugin Prices

In that sense it’s a very clever plugin. But it won’t make your website any better, in fact it’s most likely to make it a lot worse.

And that’s if you can make the thing actually work properly!

The instructions about how to make WP Auto Ranker and WP Auto Ranker Pro work are the same, but are well explained and easy to follow. You will need to get API keys for Feedly and Pixabay, which is simple enough, and then set up a Cron Job in your cpanel, which again, is easy to do. The support is unfortunately lacking.

There are little glitches that the producer of WP Auto Ranker, s1ngular1ty (Dan Green), may want to sort out. Activating the plugin wasted a fair amount of time and I’m not the only one to find this out. Inside the settings area, some commands don’t work as they should, such as categories to send the posts to, spinning commands should be clearer and probably Dan should have been a bit more upfront about the WP Auto Ranker front end basic capabilites.

There’s no denying WP Auto Ranker is a clever plugin (if it works) and Dan Green seems a decent enough guy, but this tool is not for people wanting to make a go of making money online with their websites. WP Auto Ranker might be OK for marketers who just want to fill their pages with content in the hope that someone out there hasn’t a clue what’s going on and click a subscribe button or shiny object affiliate link.

Not a sustainable way to earn a living though, is it?

My advice for serious bloggers and website owners? Write your own content and post your own stuff…always!


Curiosity got the better of me because I’d read a few ‘reviews’ on this plugin and most were saying how wonderful it is, so I installed the WP Auo Ranker on a brand new site and tried again. This only confirmed the plugin has serious issues. The Cron Job doesn’t work properly, only working once and then…nothing. Also,  the spun content on that one article that arrived was worse than ever. So I have to say the WP Auto Ranker is practically worthless.

Those reviewers who are singing its praises are only after one thing…a commission from your hard earned.

Don’t buy it.

Further Update March 2020:

It’s now going under the name of the WP Easy Ranker Plugin. This means it’s been released under yet another guise. If in doubt, read some of the comments below from disgruntled purchasers.

And by the way, if you are tempted to buy this plugin from an online marketer who are promoting it through their ‘review’ post, then don’t be fooled by all of the bonuses they’re offering if you do buy the product through their affiliate link. I know that’s how affiliate marketing works but there is no excuse to dupe people who are trying to make their way with online marketing.

You could buy the WP Easy Ranker plugin through their link and get all of those bonuses for free, but most of the bonuses are outdated and the theories won’t work anymore. All it does is clutter up your hard drive and distract your focus for making money online. Only when you concentrate on only ONE way of making money online, you will reap the benefits. Pick one and only one until you’ve mastered it.

Whether that be SEM, affiliate marketing, CPA, PPC etc… just pick one and get good at it. Concentrate your focus on that one avenue until become an expert. You may want to become an affiliate marketer in the MMO niche and promote products just like the WP Easy Ranker plugin and get paid for giving it the ‘Big-Up’ and pushing it onto the thousands of newbies out there. Hey, it’s a way to make money and it works, but that’s not my way.

I don’t blame those affiliate marketers for promoting WP Easy Ranker, that’s their business and it’s how this particular style of the MMO game works.

Just don’t be the newbie tricked into buying junk like the WP Easy Ranker, Auto Ranker or whatever it’s called!

24 thoughts on “WP Auto Ranker Review | Autoblogging Plugin For WordPress”

  1. Too late!!
    I read your review too late.
    I bought the damned pro version thing and it simply would not work. The cron job is ridiculous. It doesn’t work.
    Support is a disgrace and the whole episode makes me wonder why I ever got into this game in the first place.

  2. Another “thank you” for the honest review. Like the others, I have been avoiding the shiny objects this year, but also was almost ready to purchase this plugin since I just have not been adding articles to my sites to stay fresh. Every spinner I’ve used produced writing that made me gag, so I was fully prepared to clean up the articles. However, if the rest of the plugin is glitchy, sounds like it would be faster to rewrite PLR and grab my own images from Pixaby etc. Who needs the frustration and loss of time learning one more glitchy shiny object?

    • WP Auto Ranker sounds as if it’s the answer to content creation, but as so many people are finding out, it’s an awful, awful product! And you’re quite correct Lee, re-writing PLR is far easier and a lot less stressful than trying to make this dud work.

      As for spinning, if you get into the zone, any 1000/2000 word article, not just PLR, can be redone in your own words in around an hour or two. Spinners just cannot be trusted in my opinion, no matter how good they claim to be.

  3. This WP AUTO RANKER plugin is BOGUS CRAP!!!

    I had my developer install it on 3 websites
    It never worked as they advertized
    When I contacted their tech support or CS they could not fix their own issues with WP and integration of this software as give my their video tutorials.

    Therefore I give this plugin a big fat ZER.

    Do not waste your time or money installing this plugin and hoping it works.

  4. Well, it’s October the 6th, 2019 and you guessed it they’ve launched another campaign for WP Auto Ranker. The same product, same bonuses, the same blah, blah, blah. It must be making the product owner’s money because they keep re-cycling it into the market place. Oh well!

    • I’m not at all surprised, Tony. Auto blogging Plugins sound attractive in theory and initially sell well. Launching the same sort of offer every few months or so will get sales because there will always be marketers who missed it the first time around. Crazy!

  5. Hi and thank you so much for your honest review of, “WP Auto Ranker”, very much appreciated and saved on my time and money as I was looking at it earlier.
    I always judge by my own instincts and , “If it seems too good to be true” then it usually is:-) I’m also trying to break away from “Shiny Object Buying” as I have wasted so much money on so many purchases that have been none starters or developed problems further down the line. Also had to request so many refunds Ive lost count. In fact, “shiny Object Buying” is actually preventing me from starting a proper business to be honest. I do wish there was more genuine reviewers like you around who’ve actually been their and done it and not afraid to admit it:-)
    I’ve made up my mind, no more shiny objects for me:-)

    Thanks again for your honest review.


    • Hi Sandra,

      Good for you! When the penny drops that 95% of those shiny objects are nothing but personal business stallers, the job of making money online gets so much easier!

      I used to buy one or two a week, try them out, and then be left with nothing but disappointment. I also felt foolish that I’d been taken in, once again, by nothing but theory and a hyped up sales letter.

      It took me a while to ‘get it’ but once that realisation happened, the focus and commitment came to me. Stick to one avenue of making money online first, master it, and then reap the rewards.

      Those selling the shiny objects prey on newbies…it’s their niche. There will always be newbies and that’s why they keep churning out rehashed garbage.

      Once you understand you no longer fit into the ‘newbie’ category, the buying stops.

      Good luck with your online business and I’m happy another marketer understands the answer isn’t in a $7 pdf/video!


    I read 5 or 6 “reviews” for this product and was at the stage of deciding which affiliate gave the best bonuses… when I (finally) found your review. ONE Star?? I was surprised and skeptical since everyone else gave it 4.9 stars…

    Your review is the real deal… I’ve never found a spinner that I liked… so this was easy to understand. You however, went further and pointed out some problems with the product itself… so again… Thanks!

    I’m sorry you don’t do this more often. In case you do, please add a Subscribe Button… I want to read more from you!


    • Thanks Craig!

      Those other reviews (as you know) are affiliates who have probably never used or tested the WP Auto Ranker plugin. I suppose they’re only doing their ‘job’ as affiliate marketers, but it infuriates me when they promote total trash and then sing its praises for a few bucks commission. Some can do it with a clear conscience as it’s ‘the business’ we’re in, but I, for one, don’t like that kind of marketing.

      It’s a bit sleazy and promises false hope for people desperate to make a bit of cash. Out of the thousands of products available on Warrior+, I would only give a nod to a handful of them.

      And you’re right…I should do this kind of stuff more often as I get loads of people thanking me for saving them time and money.

      As for having a subscribe button on my blog…I might do it in the near future. I’m a rather lazy marketer these days. The websites I built a few years ago now pay me a decent passive income. I only update them once a day…if that!

      Anyway, thanks for popping by Craig, I really appreciate it and I’m glad I may have saved you a few bucks. WP Auto Ranker really is a poor product. In theory, it’s a great idea, but what’s the point if it’s a theory that just doesn’t work, right?

      And…Good luck with whatever you’re doing online.

  7. Guess what they have relaunched this plugin again as I write this on May 13th, 2019. So they clearly think they can fleece a new round of suckers into buying this dud. Luckily I found your review and will pass on it. Thank you so much for your honest review!

    • Unbelievable! Some folk have no morals! I see they (Dan Green/s1ngular1ty) sold 3000+ units of this plugin last time with only 8% of the buyers getting refunded. That means 92% of the sales went into his bank account…that’s a lot of moolah! And now they’re going with it again calling it WP Ultra Auto I believe. I really think Warrior+ should step in, but at least people searching for this might see my review first. Thanks for the heads up, Tony!

  8. Appreciate the review. I kinda wondered about the product and although it sounded good I had my doubts. You’ve saved me the time I would have spent trying it myself. Anything I can do for you?

  9. Finally, a real review and not an affiliate trying to make money! I had to scroll through three pages of literally the same review copy pasted on numerous websites before I found this! Same thing on Youtube, It’s just the same guy with a different channel posting videos with “review” in the title, only for it to be either an advertisement or a tutorial. The only review I found that wasn’t copy pasted wasn’t even a review at all! It was a guide or something on how to keep negative reviews off your fiverr account. Thanks for writing this. I still think this is a great idea for a plugin, and I honestly think I might give it a go myself some day in the future.

    • Hi Mike, glad you found my review somewhat unique…I know what it’s like having to trawl through ‘reviews’ to get to an unbiased one. The WP Auto Ranker plugin is a great idea but it fails on what it promises. The spun content is truly bad…some of the worst I’ve ever seen. The plugin is also full of glitches too, so if you are thinking of buying it..I woudldn’t. It might be OK as a toy to play around with (if you can get it to work) but rank your sites higher, it’s highly unlikely. It will also make your websites ugly too!


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