What Door Will You Choose?

doors1There comes a point in every Internet Marketers life where we have to choose certain doors to open and certain doors to close, and once entered whether we stay in that room or leave.

I found out the hard way by opening all the doors I came across, entered them all and got confused to which ones were good rooms and which were bad.

I’m talking metaphorically of course!

What I mean to say is that there are so many opportunities for us marketers, we sometimes get caught up picking the right one that works for us, and the ones that don’t.

If we work in one niche (opening the door) and find it comfortable inside (the room) then we should stay there for as long as we feel happy and content. After all, that room (here we go with the metaphors again!) feels right, the decor is pleasing and your happy to be there.

That means the niche you’re in is working for YOU.

You’re making money; you know what you’re doing and you fit in.

Entering Other Rooms

But sometimes we wander off to another door because there might be something even better in that room, and you’ve heard it’s even more comfortable.

So off we go, opening the new door and entering the new room. It looks promising…for a while…but then you start to feel uncomfortable in there and find it a little creepy, so you leave but keep the door open just in case it gets better.

And off we go to another new door, open it and…yada yada yada…then go back to the creepy room totally ignoring that nice room we felt at home in.

Why didn’t we stay in that comfortable room that felt right?

We are always on the lookout for bigger and better things in this business, which is no bad thing, but we sometimes don’t realize that staying in a niche, that works for us, is by far our best option.

Until we become authorities in a niche that works for us, there really is no point in looking elsewhere. Why leave that comfortable room?

We are all guilty looking for the ‘one’, but in reality, you may already have it!

Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

cant see the wood for the trees
Where’s the Wood?

I, myself, tried all kinds of marketing ploys and wasted many months trying to get to grips with them.

Some I tried because they paid well, but I simply didn’t like that certain way of marketing. CPA comes to mind, for some reason it just didn’t ‘fit me’.

I had moved away from what was working for me. It didn’t register that what worked for me was successful. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees.

I wanted faster ways to make money, but I didn’f fit me. I disliked using tools such as SENuke, Ultimate Demon, ScrapeBox and all those other ‘Black Hat’ tools. I just didn’t like them…I’m not a Moral Blogger for nothing y’know!

No, I found the best way that worked for me (after months of entering wrong doors) was to be honest in my work and, maybe, that’s not the right mantra for an online marketer, but I don’t care.

My way has finally worked.

I don’t earn mega bucks, but I’m comfortable with what I do. I don’t rip people off. I write honest reviews, give out advice that has worked for me and I provide a service with my websites…and I love it!

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!

if it ain't broke don't fix itSo, remember, even if you’ve had tiny successes in a particular niche that you feel comfortable with, expand it. Keep at it until you can call yourself an authority in that line of Internet Marketing.

I’m not there yet myself, I’m still learning and will keep learning forever more and a day. But at least I’ve found my niche and can totally disregard the marketing I felt unhappy with.

You will go through many doors if you’re a beginner in this game, it’s part of the apprenticeship, but if you take just one piece of advice from me, let it be this:

If you make a single buck in something you enjoy, keep doing that thing until your happy with your earnings. Don’t keep looking for the magic secret that will make you rich…you just may have found it!




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