Are Keywords Really That Important? The ‘Star Wars Movie’ Example

star wars movieDo I think Keywords are really important going into 2013-14? Well, yes they’re still powerful, but I believe you need to be more pro-active in your choices of words and phrasings around the Keyword you want to rank for.

Lemme explain.

In the good old days, Keywords were stuffed into your articles, blog posts and web pages in a very sledgehammer way. You couldn’t read a sentence without the Keyword repeating 3 or 4 times. It was known as Keyword stuffing.

Some folk would fill their footer with the same word or phrases hundreds of times, and sometimes using white font to disguise them. Google would read them and think, ‘Hey this is a really relevant site…it must go to page one immediately!’

Rolling it on a few years and you would now get penalized for such tactics and your website/article/post would forever be locked in the dungeon where it wouldn’t see the light of day ever again!

Even light use of keywords, say, 5 repeats in a 500 words post will send alarm bells ringing at Google HQ. You’re not playing their game nicely and will be sent to the naughty step.

This game Google is playing is akin to Charades or the board game Taboo where you can’t utter the word, but have to either act it out, or say words that are relevant to get the desired result. I believe Google are doing the same with Keywords.

Using an extreme example, how would writing a 500 word article about the Star Wars Movie, with only using the Keywords Star Wars Movie twice, get ranked? Pretty easy (remember this is an extreme example) just use LSI words (Latent semantic indexing) to reveal the Keyword to Google as being ‘Star Wars Movie

Moral Blogger Example

OK, it won’t be easy, but it’s what Google are looking for. It wants people to find the query they’ve inputted in the Search Engine to produce the exact thing they’re looking for.

This means to stay on the side of Google and have a possibility of ranking well, you will have to write good relevant content using words that represent the actual Search Term.

Banging in ‘Star Wars Movie’ more than 4 times in a 500 word article kinda trips the Google wire. Not always, but it’s best to be safe and write strong relevant content for your Keyword instead of using it as a stronghold word.

In the example above, if you used most of the words in the frame alone, Google would recognise this as a term to ‘buy Star Wars Movie‘. Do you see where I’m coming from?

To recap then, if you’re targeting a Keyword you want to get ranked for, write good, natural content about the actual Keyword instead of using it as a weapon and expecting it to blast you to the top of page one. SEO is on it’s knees with no-one 100% (or even 50%) sure of how to play the game anymore.

The above example is just good old common sense. You wouldn’t talk to someone about the Star Wars movie and drop the words ‘Star Wars’ in at every available chance. No, you would talk about its characters and storyline with the Keyword only being used probably once or twice.

It’s funny that this article, in the old days, would probably have ranked for the Keyword ‘Star Wars Movie’, but now it would just fall on deaf ears!

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