Squidoo Recovery? Are Lenses Worth Doing Now?

Why Do I Think There’s A Squidoo Recovery Going On?

Squidoo RecoveryI believe there is a Squidoo recovery on it’s way. In March and April of 2013, there was an almost Squidoo genocide that happened in which thousands of Squidoo lensmasters had their lenses deleted or even worse, their whole accounts wiped out.

It was a knee jerk reaction by Squidoo to Google’s threat of de-indexing the site, and to be honest if I was the owner, I would also have panicked a little too, I mean, without Google, you’re nothing!

The cull went ahead with thousands of lenses being killed off and lensmasters leaving in their droves. I was nearly one of them. I had 75% of my lenses deleted or given heads-up notices and I thought enough is enough and stopped making the blasted things!

But, as it’s coming up to Christmas and Black Friday is just around the corner, I’ve noticed an upsurge in sales. Now, you may think it’s just because it’s the time of year, but this has been since early October on lenses that have nothing to do with sales.

That may sound crazy, but I’ve found that if I produce lenses that are ‘matter-of-fact’ in style instead of a gushing sales pitch, they perform incredibly better all around.

Ah….hold on! Isn’t that what Squidoo was intended for?

The Old Squidoo and Me

I was guilty of churning out lenses, sometimes 3 a day, to get as many Amazon sales as I could (hey, I’m a marketer right?). The content was secondary to the amount of Amazon links I could get in there as well as the keyword in it’s many forms cleverly placed at strategic areas. It worked for a long time and sales were great, in fact, half my earnings were coming from Squidoo.

But, as with everything in this game, all good things come to an end and we move on…and I did. I didn’t produce a lens from April to August, that’s 5 whole months and would have seen me produce around 150 lenses listed on Squidoo, and in Google, all full of Amazon links earning me a pretty penny.

My income went down, my motivation was at an all time low and I took the whole summer off to re-evaluate things.  I’m just an ordinary family man who only wants to earn a living wage, so I had plenty to think about.

I came back refreshed, but still looking for another way of earning money online, and this technique has helped me get back into the groove, but I’ve also noticed a Squidoo recovery.

In early September I set out to write a few lenses, more as a hobby than a money finder, but things have turned out better than expected. I’ve used the new Squidoo Product Review lens as well as the usual standard lens.

Squidoo Recovery or ‘Me’ Recovery?

Squidoo Recovery or MeNow, I’ve produced them by just writing about stuff I know, or like. The product lenses are about items I’ve used or are currently using.

I would always struggle with this type of review because I would just write a review based on Amazon’s own recommendation or buyer reviews without any idea of how the product works or performs.

But once I started writing about the things I DO know about, the sales started coming in.

Hang on…is this a Squidoo recovery or a ‘self’ recovery?

I’m almost too casual in my approach, I write like I’m showing a friend what this certain things does, and how it does it. I’ve even written about things that are rubbish and still got sales!

See, people search for reviews of products they’re about to buy and those people are savvy these days and know if it’s a genuine review or a sales pitch. I write what I would want to know about a subject, not what I don’t know.

I’ve always hated pushing for sales, which is strange coming from an Internet Marketer, and I only feel comfortable writing about things I find are useful and can benefit others. Writing Squidoo lenses like this is easy.

But just in case Squidoo throws another hissy-fit, I have several accounts with pen names just to be on the safe side because…boy, did I take a hit last time!

What I Write About in My Squidoo Lenses Now

I still write for my own websites and that’s where most of my earning come from and I don’t ever think I will ever get back to half my earnings coming from Squidoo, but it’s nice to know that, perhaps, maybe a Squidoo recovery can still make me a few bucks with a style of writing that I find easy.

I only ever put 4 Amazon links into any lens and some people may say it’s leaving money on the table, but I don’t care.

I only ever use the product name once or twice in the description and use long tail keywords instead, keywords that people type into Google such as ‘durable backpacks for hiking’; put that question into this keyword tool and see what the possible searches are, and as I’m keen on hiking, have plenty of experience with durable backpacks, and know what to look for and what to avoid.

That lens would be easy to write because I have comments to make about the subject myself.

Anyway, enough about this sort of thing, I just know, or have a feeling at least, that a Squidoo recovery is on it’s way.

Get writing about stuff you love or use. You have things all around you that you can make an expert review on.

If you can’t think about any products to write about, there are some things you use every day…the keyboard you’re at right now, the mouse, the monitor, the PC, the laptop, the tablet, the phone, the desk, the chair, the wi-fi, the router…and that’s only where you’re sitting at right now!

Let’s hope there is a Squidoo recovery happening and that we can start to earn from things we know.

6 thoughts on “Squidoo Recovery? Are Lenses Worth Doing Now?”

  1. Hi Gary

    I missed the jump on the Squidoo affiliate game as I am just getting started with authority site building this year. Do you think there are still gains to be made by developing lenses for Squidoo into 2015 or is it more time than its worth these days?

    Also I have a question for you. This coming year do you have any platforms that I should be keeping my eye on from an affiliate perspective (build content, monetize ect.) I have had a fair bit of success on instagram, twitter and facebook but I want to find channels that are a bit more consistent, require less upkeep or are just more consistent and predictable from a traffic perspective. Long question sorry 🙂

    can’t wait to dive in to some of your articles, its good to hear from a humble affiliate who has escaped the 9-5

    • Hi Oliver,

      When Squidoo went bump this year, I used some of my old lenses as articles on one or two of my websites, but only the ones that took me a week to create in the first place…the others, which were there purely as sales pages, I deleted. To be honest, some of them had more affiliate links than content!

      Saying that, around 40 of my lenses were very detailed and because I took so long to make them I was loathed to let them go, so I let them get de-indexed and then used them as articles on various websites I own. Many of the articles still perform well too.

      I’m glad to see you’re going down the authority website route. This has to be, hands down, the best way to make money as an affiliate. I’m also happy to see you’re having success with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter…One thing I’ve never looked into is Instagram.

      As for new platforms to utilize for content and monetization…that’s a tricky one! I’ve used Rebel Mouse in the past and it’s very easy to use, but their rankings just aren’t as good as they used to be. These sort of platforms work well for a while, but then begin to slowly fade away. There is Hub Pages of course, but I’m not a great fan, although some people love it.

      You could always look at Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I’ve used this to great effect for backlinking, but many RAM’ers are seeing more and more sales from using platforms such as Listly, Flipboard, Flash Issue etc. You can read my post about RAM here.
      I now only concentrate on my own websites for marketing and I do use PPC with Bing. Talking about Bing, if you’re not already doing so, get their webmaster tools and index your websites with them. Bing is only going to get bigger in my opinion and it’s best to get in now and know them better.

      Also, if you have authority websites that link to affiliate offers, Bing is so much better for PPC.

      Sorry I can’t pin down a new platform that stands out at the moment, but I’m sure there will be another one along any time soon…such is the nature of this business!

      I’ve been busy over the last few months with IM and have neglected the blog somewhat. It’s my New Years resolution to post a lot more often in the future, so keep popping back….oh, and Merry Christmas!

  2. I’ve been considering writing there again, my income jumped in that Christmas period to something resembling the good old days…of course, it is bound to drop again now the holidays have passed. I pretty much walked away from internet marketing of any kind after their mass culling of pages last year. I didn’t lose too many but I did lose a couple of good earners and saw my earnings drop around 60%. I thought about just increasing the volume of lenses I own to compensate but their crazy approach to locking everything seemingly willy nilly in many cases drove me away from that idea.

    That said, I’ve noticed lenses which I thought were dead in the water getting traffic and sales lately though so it might be time for a return. I checked out the others, Wizzley, Zujava, Infobarrel etc. but I’m yet to see anyone earning more than chicken feed on those from umpteen articles so I’ve passed on that so far. My Hubpages account has sucked ever since they went to subdomains so I was wary of putting more time and effort into Squidoo after seeing what happened there (think in terms of a 90% drop income there for me which I never managed to improve on…ouch). I will definitely be writing under multiple accounts though, it just seems too easy for Squidoo to go through and cull everything in a single account just for the heck of it.

    • Hi Kitty,

      I know that tentative feeling you’re going through at the moment, after all, making a lens these days is like walking through a minefield, some get through and some get blown to bits! Now, if Squidoo were to say EXACTLY where those mines are, we would be fine…but they don’t; they may give us a roundabout clue, but not the exact location. Their filters do a pretty poor job of telling us where we went wrong too.

      I had a huge, unique personal lens locked last week. It was just a sort of journal with no sales pitch whatsoever. All my own unique work and it got locked for minimal content! (30,000+ words!)

      It’s a shame to waste all that content, so I’ll make a website out of it.

      I’ve made several new lenses since last November on several different accounts, if they don’t get through the filters I just add them to one of my websites. I need content for them, so I don’t really lose out.

      What infuriates me though is the amount of poor lenses sat inside Tier 1 that don’t get punished…and new lenses, by certain lensmasters, that escape the filters sitting in the top 100’s! There is definitely a clique thing going on.

      As for Wizzley, Zujava and Infobarrel, I’ve never really got going with them…it seems a lot of hard work for, as you said, chicken feed. At least with Squidoo, if the lens passes their finicky filters, you have a good chance of earning quite well.

      Let me know how you get on if you decide to attack the Squid again!

  3. I too am a Squidoo junkie that almost left but I decided to hang in there to see what happened. I admit I wasn’t hit as hard as some people but my income did drop dramatically and so did my interest in Squidoo.

    Yesterday, I decided to make my first review lens since probably April, about the time everything went haywire and I am totally stumped. I have 1 link and 4 modules and they tell me I don’t have enough content and cannot add anymore modules. Huh?

    I guess I have to increase the content in the modules I do have there. We will see what happens.

    Thank you for your post.

    • Hi Monna…so nice to hear from you!

      Squidoo, eh…drives me loopy sometimes! I’m like you, in that Squidoo has been good to me in the past, so I’ve got a kinda soft spot for them. From what you say, they’re still not totally over their craziness just yet and are still capable of throwing a spanner in the works…but I really think they’re getting back to some sort of normality and we lensmasters will soon start to earn like we did back in the day…well almost!

      We just gotta keep on keeping on


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