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This Social Robot review may seem a little scathing at first, but newbies must realize products like this are just a front for ‘make money online’ marketers to get you on their list and sell you their big ticket offers. Don’t be taken in by these cheap, theory-driven, shiny objects. Read on to see what Social Robot is all about.

Social Robot Review

Social Robot Review

Right, this will be a quick review of Social Robot. First of all I checked some of the reviews online about Billy Darr’s latest release, this Social Robot thing. I am ashamed to say the vast majority, if not all, of Social Robot Reviews are complete bullshit!

Why are these reviewers writing positive reviews for this Social Robot software?

I’ll tell you why…it’s because they have no conscience and would rather sit there and write bollocks in the hope a newbie believes the crap they’re dispersing.

Shame on You!

Social Robot is nothing but a piece of software that makes PDF’s so you can share them around Facebook groups and the like. That’s if you can make the software work, that is! Full of glitches and problems from the get go. Ho-hum.

These PDF’s will (eventually) include your Review, your offer bonuses and your affiliate link for the product you’re peddling. You join Facebook groups in the niche you’re promoting, then send out a PDF once you’ve built an audience in those Facebook groups. Built an audience…built a friggin’ audience, tho!

Now, this wouldn’t be a bad idea IF your PDF’s offered some value. They don’t. All the PDF will do is act like a very poor review that you could find by doing a simple google search. Don’t you think those people you’re sending the PDF to will realise this? Maybe not, but even if some of the poor souls do buy from the PDF they will be very few and far between.

Overview of Social Robot

You will get the Software (cloud based) and some training. 4 videos, to be precise, which is around 25 minutes of training in total. I only got the front end product (I always only get the FE) but I could see from the start this is pretty thin stuff.

Anyway, if you’re a newbie, you will join Facebook groups in your niche, then go around ‘friending‘ people in that niche. Others will do the same as you. Then…wait for it…once you have a bit of a gathering, you will able to send your PDF, that you made with Social Robot, out to them and cash in when they buy that crappy product through your affiliate link which is embedded in the PDF.

You see, the people in these groups have only just been born and are really keen to believe anything you put in their way. They’re sat there with their credit cards poised ready to buy stuff. You can feel their eagerness! (Sarcasm, btw)

The Real Reason For Social Robot

Well, Social Robot is just a front for the ‘creators’ Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay. Their main aim is to get you to buy their OTO’s of which there are many, I think I wasted a fair amount of time clicking through the upsells. It was torture, but funny at the same time.

My God, these people really want your money!

At the end of the day, Social Robot is just a toy (if you can make it work) and a way for those marketers mentioned above to get you on their list and sell you more crappy stuff.

Social Robot won’t make you rich, and if you fall into the lair of these marketers, there is no hope for you. Don’t get taken in by the scarcity tactics, or ‘just 5 spots left’ stuff. It’s all a BS.

It’s quite entertaining to see these products come and go like a fart in the breeze, but the sobering thing is that people who are keen to trust these kind of marketers are taken in and end up out of pocket. They are left disappointed and now have a fear of trust.

It’s a shame, but this will never go away simply because there are newbies coming to this business every day, and that’s why there are marketers selling these shiny objects day-in and day-out.

It will never change. Either you be like them and sell your soul, or you do stuff ethically and feel good about yourself.

Sup to you.

No link for

(The website was hacked! LOL!)

A Word About Bonuses

social robot reviews and no bonus

I see many reviewers offering bonuses if you buy through their link. Well, this has got ridiculous! Some are offering up to 30 bonuses as a bribe for buying through them.

Those bonuses only deflect your focus from making a living online.

It would be extremeley rare to find a unique, value based, bonus being given away. They are mostly poor PLR products or outdated software. In other words useless and a waste of your valuable time.

As for them being worth thousands…? Dude, c’mon!

Oh, and if you’re waiting for the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation…forget it! That’s another whole level of scam, right there!

6 thoughts on “Social Robot Review | Another Billy Darr Product”

  1. Yeah I have to say BILLY DARR is a huge SCAMMER and does it so effortlessly. One of his latest pieces of miracle software ORION just doesn’t make sense to me. If it did what it did why would you sell it for $17 and then all the upsells have a 50% discount if you first don’t buy and move away from the page. He and his “partners” should be a shamed of themselves. 365 day guarantee & $500 cash if you decide on a refund!

    Just watched a webinar of his “Auto Sales Machine” $1997 and people were buying this without any real proof. He began by showing his Warrior Plus account which the amount could have been from anything but he made it out that it was from this very simple system…..makes me sick!

    • Exactly Mike! These people are starting to fade away slowly as the online marketing world catches on. Mind you, they’ve made their money, so are probably set up for life. Wonder if Karma will ever catch up with them?


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