Shotoku System Review Brendan Mace Is It A Scam…Again?

Shotoku System Review: Here we go again with a Brendan Mace ‘Get-rich-faster-than-a-speeding-bullet-and-you-don’t-have-to-do-anything-to-make-zillions’ product. I’m actually sick of writing about this MMA recidivist. So, with that said, this is a quick heads-up about the marketer, not the product. I’ll send you to a review or two in this post, ones that tell it like it is, but if you’re thinking of investing, or believing, in this serial producer of crap, then read on.

Shotoku System Review

Shotoku System Review

As I said in the intro, this is not a Shotoku System Review, as such, just understand that it’s a crap, rehashed product I am unwilling to go in-depth with.

Yes, I’ve looked at it (got access through request) and come to the conclusion it’s just been rebranded from Atomic DFY released earlier in the year. And that was a huge, huge failure.

Quick summary. Use a landing page to give away a cheap & nasty PDF, then when they add their email address to the form, you have a sub. Then, the click away-page sends them to a nasty Warrior+ product with your aff link attached. As I said, Nasty.

Getting folk to that cheap PDF page is the big problem here. Traffic. You’ll be blasting links via FB and other social sites etc. It’s all so 2010. It may have worked then (for a bit) but people are as sharp as a tack these days and can smell a rat a mile away.

If you want to see the Shotoku System sales page then click here. Don’t worry it is in NO WAY an affiliate link!

Below are the people you’ll be dealing with.

Look These Images Below

Shotoku System Reviews

On the left is the leader board for affiliates who peddle this crap. Most of them have no shame in promoting get rich quick schemes from their ‘buddies’.

If you have at least a month in this game, you will recognise the usual suspects dribbling down the list. Also to note, this is just the Top 20…there are at least 60 others driving traffic to this monstrosity of a product.

If you’ve had an email promoting the Shotoku System, then it’s most likely to have come from one of these marketers on that list. Unsubscribe pronto!

Please understand, they are only after your money and are speaking with forked tongues.

Hey, it’s fine if you want to become a part of that list, it means you’re making money right? Well, take another look. Most of those floating around on that list are vendors and produce the same sort of shite that the Shotoku System is.

Newbies, take a long hard look at those names, you’ll come across them time and time again.

The image above is the listing on Warrior Plus of the Shotoku System after only a day or two. You can see this product has already sold over 1000 units. Now, I believe the Shotoku System costs around $17 and each of those affiliates who are pushing it gets the full 100% commission.

Why is this? Why doesn’t Brendan Mace grab this for himself? Well, he could, but that’s not where the big money is. Once you buy his Front End product you go down one hell of a rabbit hole funnel. THIS is where Mace makes his money. You’ve already forked out 17 bucks… a few dollars more won’t hurt, right?

Wrong! You’re now in his web and will continue to get bombarded with offers brainwashing you into thinking the more you hand over, the richer you will become. Coz, the next thing is always better. That Front End was ‘OK, but wait until you see the Silver Tuna!”

WarriorPlus Is A Joke!

To the right, we see Brendan Mace’s Profile on the WarriorPlus platform. This is where he pushes his dodgy products and it’s where he’s made his money. Try to get a refund for his stuff and you’ll be jumping through hoops until you give up and bin the product because you can’t be arsed.

That $ $ $ $ symbol means he’s a Top 1% vendor on the platform and for the Shotoku System product he’s peddling this week, you can see the huge commisions affiliates can receive for hawking his stuff.

The Heart (66.44) means it’s a popular product at the moment with many, many affiliates sending emails out like stink on a monkey.

Below is the funnel for the Shotoku System product. Can you see where Mace makes his money yet?

real Shotoku System Review

So, that’s my take on Brendan Mace and his Shotoku System and all the other products he conjurs up. Yes, he’s a successful marketer, but that’s because he preys on the weak and willing. He’s only one of a dozen or so marketers who make a shed load of money from it. I will give him his due, he’s good at it.

According to his WarriorPlus profile he has sold over 192,000 products with a review rate of 2 out of 5. Out of all of those sales, there are only 51 reviews. Hmmm?

Out of all the people who take his ‘Big Ticket’ courses, only one or two have come out of them as a Brendan Mace clone (Jono Armstrong for one). Others fail because they don’t have the cut-throat attitude of a sociopath, but have morals that enable them to sleep at night.

This may well be the last Brendan Mace product I post about. I only pop in here from time to time just to have a go at his tactics. But it does seem to fall on deaf ears because he keeps making money hand over fist with no respite in sight.

I’ve moved away from affiliate marketing in the MMO niche, simply because the methods of making any cash from it rely on lies and weak theories. I guess it’s fine if you can detach yourself from such things… as Brendan Mace and his cronies can.

Have you ever been ripped of by the likes of those mentioned above? If you have, just leave a comment with the products that have been useless and the vendors who promote and produce them.

It could become a right Royal Rogues Gallery!

7 thoughts on “Shotoku System Review Brendan Mace Is It A Scam…Again?”

  1. Have to agree he is a SPAMMER.

    I get unsolicited emails from him WITHOUT the mandatory UNSUNSCRIBE LINK at the bottom.

  2. Brendan Mace is an internet scammer don’t buy into anything he is selling. I’ve made the terrible mistake of buying from him and three weeks later I am still waiting for a refund.

  3. I have bought a couple of Mace products from Warrior Plus and although the cost was low i’m very unhappy. Have attempted many times to contact them about the fact that I can’t activate one of the products at all but have yet to receive a reply after about 3 months! Thus I believe these guys are scammers!


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