Reverse Attack Marketing or RAM for Short!

Well…I’m back after 6 weeks of lazing around on gorgeous Greek beaches. I did absolutely nothing but relax…and garrr, it felt good!

I did a lot of thinking though…and I was on the verge of quitting this Internet lifestyle because my earnings dipped below 1k a month for the first time in over 3 years. This month will be worse because I’ve done diddly squat for 6 weeks. I just let my sites whirr in the background.

But I’ve had one of those Hallelujah moments in the last few days and now I’m fully revved up to start enjoying this online Internet Marketing malarkey again!

What made me change my mind then?

Reverse Attack Marketing
Reverse Attack Marketing

Three words –
Reverse Attack Marketing (Fully Updated for 2014)

To say this is the huge waft of fresh air I needed is an understatement.

This RAM method has ignited the flames again and has given me a whole new perspective of how I can make money online again.

You see, since the end of 2012 and the start of what has been a horrible 2013, Internet Marketers have been jumping ship, leaving in their droves and banging their heads against a monstrous wall. And that included me.

We have been doing this stuff for so long that we are programmed to keep on doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s always worked in the past so why mend something that isn’t broken?

reverse attack marketingWell…it is broken, and then smashed to pieces and buried for ever, never to see the light again.

And because I couldn’t fathom it out for by myself, I very nearly quit this business and 9-5 job suddenly looked very attractive.

If that’s the case, how do we marketers make money?

By changing the way Internet Marketing is done.

And along came Reverse Attack Marketing just at the right time. It’s a brand new course written by Jennifer Ledbetter and if the name sounds familiar, she’s also known as PotPieGirl.

A very respected and honest Internet Marketer…and I should know. I used her last biggie, One Week Marketing, to great effect back in 2011 and it was the best course I’ve ever been on. It worked…simple as that.

Through that course I got to know Jennifer pretty well, and let me tell you…she is one of the good guys out there!

So when she came up with the Reverse Attack Marketing method I was truly interested and intrigued and just got the course out of my faith in Jennifer and her honesty and experience in Internet Marketing. I’ve been around long enough to know who to trust in this business, and Jennifer is one of the rare few.

So, what is Reverse Attack Marketing?

It is quite astounding/amazing/unique and a ton of other things! This is what has dragged my lazy behind off the beach and got me back into affiliate marketing. It is like a breath of very welcome fresh air!

Simply put, it does what its says on the tin…RAM! Reverse Attack Marketing.

Think of all the techniques you’ve been taught and used before, with all the same old BS that promises you Page 1 success; y’know, backlinks, lots of unique content, SEO (that’s a laugh!), Forum posts, blog posts, high PR links and even more backlinks and the rest.

Now…imagine not having to do any of that and easily get 1, 2, 3 or more of your sites/pages on to page one of the big G machine…in hours!

Imagine how you can get indexed in search engines within a couple of minutes…and then be ranking for your keywords within 20 minutes.

Without backlinks, without lots of unique content, without waiting days or weeks to get indexed, without waiting months to be ranked (if at all) and all this without letting your coffee get cold!

Sound a bit fishy to you? Not at all. This is how marketing will be done from now on. This is how Google wants you to do marketing. This is how YOU want to do marketing.

I started affiliate marketing because I wanted to make money…we all do. But I also started because I wanted to enjoy Internet Marketing and that I certainly did back in the day!

But in the last 2 or 3 years it has become a sour, miserable affair that offers small rewards for huge amounts of time…and you can never, ever get that time back.

That’s why I nearly quit Internet Marketing. Many others have, even some of the big hitters, it’s got that desperate to make a living online.

But there is a shaft of light that is getting bigger and brighter every day.

It’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I am astounded at what this course can do for us. I could go on, but Jennifer explains all this so much better than I ever could. Go to the site and read. I mean really read, take it in and wait for the A-Ha moments to hit you.

Just as a quick example I did my first campaign by following exactly along with the Reverse Attack Marketing book (it’s not even difficult!).

Keyword Research – 10 minutes
Set up a webpage – 10 minutes (with keyword in it)
Get it indexed – 3 minutes
Get it ranked – 11 minutes
Rest of campaign – 40 minutes

After 74 minutes I had 6 webpages/sites up and ranking. One was in 5th place on page 1, the others scattered from page 2 to 6. The keyword I used is searched for 550 times a month exact match.

If you are new to Internet marketing, let me tell you now….that is almost miraculous!

Monetize those pages/sites then work backwards to your main money site (if you want to, that is). I reckon I can get this down to 30 minutes a campaign. I may even really work on it and take my time…2 hours. That’s 6 spaces of Search Engine Real Estate with my affiliate links on the first 1 to 3 pages of Google…in 2 Hours!

How is this done? Well I will let Jennifer and her Reverse Attack Marketing method teach you how. She is an absolute expert at doing this and her teaching is the best I’ve come across in my veteran Internet Career.

There will be two options for you to choose from. One is the course on it’s own, the other is the course AND access to the G+ private group where the support and community is worth double the cost of the course alone.

My advice?…take the course and the G+…for the extra 12 bucks it’s a give away!

So..Keep Calm and RAM On!

Go See Why I’m All Excited Like a Kid in a Candy Store Here!

Reverse Attack Marketing


30 thoughts on “Reverse Attack Marketing or RAM for Short!”

  1. Hey Gary

    I bought RAM from your link a few months back and now I have the chance to do this. However, I am wondering (or its me?)… I am reading #1-pre-ram-keyword-test-guide.pdf and on page 4 it recommends Serps website as free tool… but it’s not free and does not display the search suggestions as page 4 does on the pdf (it YU, Bing, etc suggestions). Just wondering, if I’m on the wrong site?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, is still free but it’s been tweaked a little. The results now seem to compile all the search results into one, but it does still give a good number of keyword related phrases.

      I use Google Suggest which is a great way to search keywords. I use it this way to find good combinations and go on from there.

      I only use RAM for backlinking purposes, so it’s a little different for me. I build a campaign for a keyword that I don’t even research, just as long as it’s relevant to my niche, then place my links from my own websites into those list sites and RAM pages.

      Things do change in the RAM guide, and the best way to find updates from Jennifer is to go into the RAM G+ Community area and click the top right where there are the very latest updates. Also, if you want to know the answer to a question, don’t be afraid to ask. There are people who can answer almost immediately, including Jennifer, and the answers are more laser targeted than I could give.

      Don’t be afraid to experiment with keywords…almost go with your gut instinct and get the campaigns out there. Once you’ve done 3 or 4 it becomes easier and then just keep adding RAM sites for your keywords and get as many places in the SERPs as you can.

  2. Hi,
    Great review! I also saw your video review of One Week Marketing which drove me to its site. I was just about to order OWM but then I read about RAM. Before I purchase either one I wanted to ask your opinion if I should do RAM because it’s more up-to-date? Does it offer step-by-step to a beginner like OWM does? Truthfully, I’m actually interested in both. What’s your advice?

    • Hi Dee,
      OWM is now outdated…and although the training is superb, it mainly uses Squidoo as it’s way of making money online. We all know that Squidoo is a finicky beast these days and the training inside OWM is geared towards the OLD Squidoo. It was great 18 months ago, but now it’s a little old hat.

      The RAM course is excellent, but you do have to keep on top of things. The sites used inside the course to market products tend to chop and change frequently, so if you do go for the RAM course, it’s imperative to also get the G+ offer that goes with it. The G+ RAM community will help you every step of the way and Jennifer is always in there offering tips and advice with ongoing tactics. There’s over 400+ members inside, so plenty of Q&A’s to keep you going.

      I only use RAM for getting links back to my own websites or for finding good, low competition niches to get into. I don’t really use it for monetary gain, although plenty of RAMer’s do. There is a fair bit of info inside the course that may seem confusing at the start, and some of the tactics are liable to change, but that’s the beauty of the G+ group…if anything changes, or a problem occurs, the members are on it like stink on a monkey!

      In summary, I would definitely go for the RAM course and G+, there’s always someone asking questions on a daily basis and the answers are not far behind. OWM is a great course, but unfortunately, outdated.

      Hope this helps a little, Dee


  3. So…did this product ever get an update? I got the opportunity to skim over the original release and it looked interesting but revolved a lot around which as we all know shut down pretty soon after this released. I’m thinking of checking it out, but not if the creator still hasn’t revamped the product.

    • Hi Kitty,

      Yes, Jennifer has totally revamped the RAM course to fit into 2014. If you send her your invoice from the original RAM package, she will send you the new stuff for free.

      If you can’t find your invoice, get in touch with her anyway. There’s been quite a few changes since the original course and she will be glad to send you the updated version.

      I use it slightly differently to the way Jennifer outlines in the course, but she encourages that and it does help you when you can create RAM pages the way that works for you.

      • Thank you sooooo much!! I now know where to go from here, it’s with RAM. Also thank you soo much for responding quickly, allowing me to move forward on my path. 🙂

        • No problem Dee, take your time with the course, you may come across a few sites used in RAM that are no longer ‘in-play’, but there is always another site to take its place. The G+ community will be able to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions inside the group if you get stuck or don’t understand a section…they’re a decent bunch!

          Best of luck 🙂

    • No worries Lisa…anyone who bought the Reverse Attack Marketing course will get all updates free. Jennifer has just released an update just today (10th December) with info on what has changed from the original RAM method.

      I found that the initial training has been a real eye-opener for getting ranked high in Google and are excellent for backlinks to your own money sites, and although zeen is no longer with us, we simply replace it with another content site, so no problems in that department.

      I’ve also found another dozen or so sites that can be used with the RAM campaigns to really get your sites ranking. One important thing the Reverse Attack Marketing Method teaches you is to get creative and find ways to add to your arsenal of, already, ranking RAM sites.

      (hope you got my email Lisa…not sure it got through?)

  4. Hello MoralBlogger!

    Not sure if you remember me, but I messaged you via youtube on your OWM video. And from there, asked you about how OWM worked and how it can be applied. You recommended RAM and was searching around (didn’t take it seriously/had the time) because of phlebotomy exams. Anyhow, landed to this site. And guess what? It’s you! LOL! Glad to get more information on RAM and such. You are moral and ethical blogger. I cleared and cached my browser so I can click into your link. (I went into RAM website from some other person). I think you deserve it so wanted to make sure you would get it.

    I am just wondering, can you be my mentor? I really want to push myself to the limit and just want someone to touch base with me to kick my ass to succeed. I really don’t want to be a broke med student anymore 🙁

    • Hi Lisa, yes I think remember, but I have a job remembering what I had for breakfast, so forgive me if I’m way off!

      Firstly, being a mentor scares the pants off me! I wouldn’t know where to begin, after all, I’m just a guy who makes a little money by promoting other peoples stuff. In fact I nearly quit around 6 months ago because the going was getting tough…it took a 6 week break in Greece to recharge by batteries and get the ‘want’ back into my Internet Marketing Lifestyle! So mentoring is a no-no.

      That’s not to say I can’t help. I will be posting a ‘my way’ of doing things very soon on the blog, but I have a kindle book to finish before I can get into that.

      The posts will cover most things associated with online marketing and will be after Christmas now.

      I use the RAM method for links to my websites and not as a money making tool. It uses parasitic websites to boost link juice to my money ventures, but if I pick up a sale on one of those parasitic websites, then that’s a bonus. Jennifer, the author, is just updating the course now, so hang fire with the buy button until it’s finished.

      I earn just enough to merit working from home…I’m not in the big league by a long way and I’ve learned this business is very risky.

      It’s really hard to get into making money online and you can take many, many courses and have hundreds of ideas to reach you’re goal, with the best teacher online, but the stark reality is that none of it will happen unless you are totally committed to your cause and have a little luck.

      If I was starting out right now and had the will to really, really succeed at this, I would visit and browse his site. This guy is a future superstar of the Internet Marketing World. Go through his Start a Blog tutorial, then his Questions section. If you are willing to push yourself to the limit as you say you are, I would begin there. It’s all free tutorials too.

      I may be a moral blogger, but I’m not a rich blogger! I never expect to be either 🙂 just as long as I can work from home, pay the bills and take off now and again, it’s all good for me.

      And just be be certain I would be no good as a mentor…I have a job kicking my own ass sometimes!

      Thanks Lisa,

      All the best


  5. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for all the input you’re giving before someone makes a purchase. I have purchased every product Jennifer has recommended or has published herself OWM (both old and new) and I was member of P3M as well. This is the only product I passed or should I say, paused for a while for a simple reason that Jennifer has mentioned in her sales page, that there could be a recurring investment of $134 or at least $67 (approx) for the tools.

    Just a few questions if you don’t mind:

    1) What and How do these tools add up to $134 and $64 (for tools that we do not need to upgrade)?

    2) Can we use this for just about any affiliate product (apart from amazon and clickbank), say Some CPA network or WSO?

    3) If I have a site in which I am selling my own small product/ plugin can I use this method to redirect the traffic to my site?


    • Hi Ravi,

      I’ll do my best to answer your questions in the order you gave them:

      1) What and How do these tools add up to $134 and $64 (for tools that we do not need to upgrade)?
      The first tool is Jaaxy which is used for the keyword analysis. I’ve used Jaaxy for over 12 months now, so it wasn’t an added expense for me. There are two monthly payment options, one at $49, the other $19. The $19 would be fine for RAM. But if you already know how to do keyword research, it isn’t really nesessary…I use Jaaxy because it’s quick at finding good keywords with low competition.

      The next tool advised is a backlinks indexer that sends backlinks to your RAM campaigns. There are 4 options of payment ranging from $14.95 to $99.99 a month. The cheapest option would be fine. Again, you don’t really need this as you can build your backlinks manually, but I hate backlinking, so this tool takes care of it for me.

      Another little tool advised is EPD (Easy Product Displays) which saves you time displaying your Amazon products on websites. It can be done with a couple of clicks and you get the item image, CTA button and your Amazon ID displayed nicely. This is $5.99 a month but once again, isn’t really needed…it’s just a good time saver. I personally don’t use this at the moment as I’m trying out a free tool that does the same thing.

      The other cost is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate membership site (totally optional). There is a free option available, but again, I don’t use WA but it’s perfect for a newbie just starting out and they have some great tutorials.

      That’s about it, you can do it all for free if you like. I only use Jaaxy and the backlinks tool.

      2) Can we use this for just about any affiliate product (apart from amazon and clickbank), say Some CPA network or WSO?
      Yes, you can use it for anything, it would just need tweaking and using a little imagination for single item products. I have used it for Clickbank products and products on my own sites.

      3) If I have a site in which I am selling my own small product/ plugin can I use this method to redirect the traffic to my site?

      I use the RAM method to direct traffic to my own sites using the content from my sites as content for the RAM sites (if that makes sense?). So, if I have a website promoting mountain bikes, I would use pages from that site as content for the RAM sites. Therefore, getting backlinks AND promoting my own websites at the same time.

      The idea of RAM is to get as many sites out there working for you, and if you can rank highly with them…all the better!

      The course will be updated very soon because of the Zeen issue, but will be made available as a free upgrade if you’ve already purchased the product. I hope I’ve answered your questions Ravi, and as you’ve already owned some of Jennifer’s products, you’ll know how good her products are and how much she over delivers.

  6. Hi Gary,
    Gary, I have 2 RAM questions here I hope you can help with, I have already
    searched G and exchanged emails with a RAM member but he’s gone quite for the
    last 2 weeks.
    #1. Is the RAM course already out of date ?
    It appears to me yes, because seems to me to be the focal
    or one of the major free sites based on the strength of this RAM course. is about to close down in a couple of weeks even today if you
    try to “creat a zeen” you get a Disable notice, so for this course is Kaput!
    I belive is mention numerous times throughout the training moduls and I feel
    this needs to be brought up to date urgently. “I belive the course is still being sold in this state today”!
    What are your throughts or is there any news on this matter.
    #2. Could you please provide a bit more information with regards to the
    Private Google + Community, it’s only covered in a few words on the salesletter.
    Many thanks for any help.

    • Hi Hayden,
      Yes, it’s true Zeen has gone, but that doesn’t mean the RAM method is out of date, it just means we have to find a suitable replacement for Zeen to use with the other RAM sites. I personally use RebelMouse and it does a great job.

      There is a slight learning curve in how to use it properly, as with all new platforms, but it is only a very slight learning curve. The problem facing online marketers is the ever changing world of the web. What was great yesterday may not work tomorrow, and it’s our job to find other methods to use. I’ve been marketing for some time now and I’ve seen platforms and methods come and go…we just have to tweak our business to keep ahead.

      All this ties in with your second question about the private G+ group. In there, you will have all the answers, questions and ideas from like minded RAM’ers. Jennifer is a very active owner of the group and is always coming up with new ideas…she’s unflappable! There are many newbies in there, as well as seasoned marketers, who help out with not only RAM techniques, but with everything to do with affiliate marketing. Many have suggested other sites to use instead of Zeen such as Flipboard and Bundlr amongst others.

      Zeen was a great curation site and the pages ranked well, and yes, it is a real pity it’s gone, but we move onwards and upwards, learning all the time. Trying out new methods is part of the online marketing experience and you pick up new tactics along the way…all adding to your own marketing experience. Not all will work, but when you find one that does, it’s a great feeling!

      Some of the RAM sites being used as we speak may be gone tomorrow, or may change their policies…who knows, but at least you’ll have the knowledge and help to find new ones to take their place.

      Jennifer, who wrote the RAM method, will undoubtedly update the course in time, but she has to nail down and test the replacement for Zeen first. It would be irresponsible if she just gave out a site which hasn’t been properly tested before any confidence can be placed in it. Believe me, she is doing her very best.

      Hope this answers your questions, Hayden…and good luck with your online endeavors.

  7. Gary,

    Thanks for your reply, I do have many keyword tools such as micro niche and long tail pro so not sure if I will need jaaxy. I was also a member of wealthy affiliate for a year or so but don’t feel I need to sign up again.

    I may try using the backlinks indexer and see how it goes, I see they offer a 5 day free trial.

    I think I will go ahead and purchase the RAM course as I have just set up some amazon affiliate sites of my own. I also have 100 or so squidoo lenses that have been hit by the filter but luckily none of them have been locked yet.


    • Hi Elle,
      Jaaxy offer 30 free searches so you can see how it works. It’s not a lot because, as you know, you can reel off 30 searches in minutes! But at least you can get a feel for it. I was hit hard with the Squidoo filters…over 50 lenses locked in their mad month of April alone, with no chance of repairing them!

      The RAM sites are also good for showcasing your amazon sites and also, in turn, getting good links to them.

      Whatever you choose, good luck!

  8. Hi,

    Just found out about this course and would you be able to tell me what other costs are involved besides the course fee. Do you use paid tools to do your test for the keywords.

    • Hi Elle,
      There are no extra costs that you have to use, but there are 3 advisory tools mentioned. I already use two of them but don’t use the third. The ones I use are the Jaaxy keyword tool for research and Backlinks Indexer. The third, which I don’t use, is membership to Wealthy Affiliate. There is a free option to join, but I simply don’t need it and you certainly don’t need it for this course.

      With the Jaaxy keyword tool, you would only really need the $19 a month plan, but if you already know enough about Keywords, or use a keyword tool you’re happy with, you can put your own twist on whether a keyword is worth pursuing. Jaaxy uses their own algo for statistics and those statistics are what are used heavily in the RAM method.

      The other paid ‘tool’ I use is Backlinks Indexer ($14.99 p/m) which is a service that builds backlinks to your RAM campaigns. It just gives them a little boost and keeps them alive. But, again, you don’t need this tool, you can get your own links (if needed)…I’m just lazy and hate backlinking!

      Apart from those, that’s it. Some people go all out and buy the lot, others buy the minimum and some work around it and put their own twist on it.

      Kind Regards


  9. I just bought PPGs marketing program for $97 where she teaches about Squidoo. Does RAM take the place of that? Sounds like maybe I should get my money back and go with the RAM course. What do you think? THanks for your blog. Rick

    • Hi Rick,
      I also bought the One Week Marketing Course back in 2011 and at that time it was an incredible course to take. The trouble is, as time has gone by, some of the methods used in the course are now obsolete. It worked wonderfully well between May 2011 and May 2013 and I made a lot of money (I’m still seeing sales now from lenses built back then) but Squidoo has really cracked down on this kind of marketing and it’s a risk to employ the methods shown in the course.

      The Keyword research, linking ideas and expansion phase still work, but the way lenses are taught inside the course is not the way to go. You have limits on Amazon links and you can’t use Clickbank products anymore. The filters Squidoo use have sent giant squids running to the hills never to return and I had 64 lenses locked in a space of 3 months…a lot of work just gone!

      The course was brilliant, notice I said was!

      The RAM course is entirely different to OWM. It doesn’t involve Squidoo (although you can include it if you want) and concentrates on testing to see if a Keyword you’ve chosen has a chance to rank in Google before you spend weeks of work on building a website or post around it.

      Old Way: If your keyword/niche is, say, underwater nikon cameras, you would usually find out how many searches it has and what the competition is. If you’re happy with the figures you would go ahead and build a website/blog post/Squidoo lens, then build links and use other promotion methods too, and then hope Google finds your content and ranks you. This could take weeks, if not months…and then it might not even rank at all. So you’ve wasted a lot of time on a Keyword you thought was good to go.

      RAM way: Same keyword, underwater nikon cameras. You would run a test page with that keyword (takes 5 mins), Index it into Google (3 minutes) and see if it can rank on the first 3 pages of Google (5-30 minutes). If it doesn’t then pick another keyword, but if it does, you know the keyword CAN rank in Google, so you can fire ahead with confidence. Build a RAM campaign and expand further. The time taken to find out if your Keyword is good takes less than 40 minutes at most…sometimes a lot quicker.

      Jennifer is an expert at Squidoo and still uses it today; she’s also an expert in new methods and this one, so far, is excellent. She is also a very good teacher and if you decide to go with the RAM course, I would also take the G+ option too. The community is getting bigger every day where people just ask
      away and usually get an answer quickly.

      If you have money to burn then the One Week Marketing course is a good read with some very good techniques that still hold good today, but if you’re on a budget, I would think again.

      Bit of a long reply Rick, sorry about that!

      • Hi,

        I tried RAM test but after 24 hours my test site is still not listed. I follow all instruction. I tried it couple of times.

        Is this system still working?


        • Hi Peter, yes, the RAM stuff still works and it’s strange you can’t get your site indexed?

          Which method did you use to submit your site? I gather you’ve tried the Google Submit tool?

          If it’s still not indexed, send me the URL and I’ll see if I can find the problem.


  10. This RAM training by potpiegirl sounds awesome, but I do have a question. Is this stuff applicable to a squidoo lens? Should I expect the same results on a squidoo lens as my own site?

    • Great Question! I will go into the G+ community and find an answer…they’re very good at doing that! I’m new to the RAM method also and I have tons of Squidoo lenses myself, so I’m keen to find out also. I can’t see why not, although the way Squidoo is acting these days I can’t be sure right now.

      I’ve been using the RAM method for Amazon products but I’m about to test for other products also.

      I’ll get back to you on this one as soon as I find an answer.

      Kind Regards


      • Hi again,

        If you have an idea for a Squidoo lens and a chosen keyword in mind, the RAM method would be ideal to see if it’s worth going forward with it.

        Say if your keyword was ‘best rc quadcopters for beginners’, you would make a simple page (5 minutes), index it (3 minutes) and the wait to see if the page with the keyword in it ranks on page 1, 2 or 3 of Google (5-30 minutes). If it doesn’t, then move away from the keyword…if it does appear, you know your Squidoo page has a very good chance of ranking highly.

        I will be trying this myself with some of my lenses soon, so will be able to report back later. I’m concentrating on Amazon at the moment, because it’s the ideal time to get ready for those Christmas shoppers!

  11. I live in IL and can not be an Amazon affiliate. I read she teaches the course using Amazon, but she said it can be used with other offers also. Can it be used with Clickbank? I have used a Clickbank product that I LOVE, but not sure how to be successful at selling it. Thanks.

    • Hi Amy,

      It must be frustrating that Amazon won’t allow you to promote their products, really annoying! There is a way around it, but as I’m from the UK, I’m not 100% sure how it works and wouldn’t like to give any advice in case I’m wrong!

      I will have a word with Jennifer to see if, indeed, Clickbank products can be promoted and get back to you as soon as possible. Although I’ve been marketing full time for 4 years, the RAM method is very new to me also!

      Kind regards

      • Hi Amy, I’ve tested for a CB product and all went well. I used Pretty Links to cloak the hoplinks because I know some sites just don’t like them.

        The initial test you do for your keyword (which takes all of 10 minutes) told me I was good to go with building a Reverse Attack Marketing Campaign using 6 of the websites used in the RAM method, with my keyword and links pointing back to my website promoting the CB product, with some links going direct to the product itself.

        It’s all very new, but I can already see there is a lot of power to this method. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and you will probably need to build a website around your niche and use the RAM method to 1) test out your keywords and 2) get backlinks to your website/blog (money site) and 3) have fun doing it!

        Kind Regards



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