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What’s a Plan Of Action?

Plan of ActionHuh?

When I first started on this online marketing trip, I thought I had a plan of action. I would tell myself that this is now my full-time income source and I must give it my 100% undivided attention.

I would then sit down to my desk,  TV on, wife buzzing in and out, son asking daft questions and me messing around with my emails and YouTube!

I would ‘work’ 10 hours a day and get nothing done.

The first 6 months totally blew my mind, I just didn’t know what I was doing and found myself logging into the Warrior Forum, reading what the next big thing was or how to make a million bucks a day…and I believed it all!

It’s funny now, but at the time my head was all over the place without any plan of action being implemented.

I always wondered why my efforts were not reaping any benefits and why this was all so difficult.

The simple truth is that my plan of action was non-existent. It took me 6 months to realize this and if I hadn’t been strict with myself, I would have failed within the next month or so and given up.

My Plan of Action Then
Get up, switch on computer, log into email accounts and read all non-spam emails then go through my website stats and see no visitors and no sales. Get depressed and go to WF to try and find out how these ‘other’ marketers are making money. I’d read about 30 threads and possibly buy another shiny object.

I would then go through the downloaded shiny object I’d just bought and try to follow it by the book. Two days later, I would realize it was useless and go back to find the next best thing.

What an awful way to go about a business! My plan of action was to hope something falls into my lap without having to do much work.

Money would start flying into my accounts and I could take it easy for the rest of my life because this residual income I’d be getting would take care of everything!

I’m quite embarrassed about how naive I was and it’s funny, but painful, to remember how I went about things. But I think every online marketer has to go through this…it’s a sort of rite of passage…an apprenticeship.

I just wish I could have that time over again, but with what I know now right in front of me!

My Plan of Action Now
It is so important to get a plan of action, probably the most important thing in online marketing. Without this plan of action,I would now be working for a boss and hating it.

My PC would only be used as a toy…instead today, it is my most prized business asset.

This is what I do now, and it’s only my way of doing things, others will have a completely different plan of action, but this works for me and it took me a year to get comfortable with it. The first 6-8 months of that year was just messing around!

The first thing I do is shower at 6.30am, then make a coffee, have breakfast and switch on my computer.

I moved everything out of our spare room and set up a proper office. Big, spacious desk, comfy executive chair, new 26′ monitor, illuminated keyboard, filing cabinet, wall planner, desk diary, printer, pens, notebooks, wall clock, CD player, bookcase among other office supplies. I made the room an real office.plan of action

No-one is allowed in after 8am or before 5pm unless the world is going to end…and then only if they knock! That might sound over the top, but if you’re going to be relying on your earnings to live, you treat everything like the business it is.

I still open my emails first, but only for 15 minutes. If any need attention, I see to them there and then. No procrastinating!

Next, I go through my desk diary and complete the tasks in order…I don’t deviate from my plan of action.

Usually it’s to write one Squidoo lens. This takes me around 2 hours tops, then publish it to one of my multiple accounts. The research being done the day before.

Next, I update my websites with either new information, or write a new article for my site/sites and syndicate it with OpenWire. From writing the article to publishing it can take up to 3 hours, again subject matter and keywords were done the day before.

Lastly, I find products and keywords for tomorrows work, using my keyword tool along with Amazon and Clickbank for ideas.

In between this I have had lunch, and an hours-plus workout or a walk for 5 miles, 2 more cups of coffee and a large bottle of water.

When I write this stuff down, it sounds rather boring and some would prefer ‘going out’ to work. But not me. Once I began treating this business as a business and got together my plan of action, everything fell into place.

My work output has boomed, my sales increase every month, I get to holiday when I want, I take days off when I want, I’m my own boss and fortunately, I like my own company. After I finish, usually late afternoon, I have time with my family. I have worked up to 12 hours a day, but like any business when you’re self employed, work isn’t always a 9-5 job.

Put a great CD on, turn your cell phone off for most of the time, work through your plan of action and everything will happen in a positive way!

I cannot stress enough that an online marketer needs to stop buying shiny objects. Concentrate on one or two strategies, stick with them and excel at them. This way they will see that making money online can be done.

But the most important thing is to have a PLAN OF ACTION in place…or rue the day you ever heard the words ‘Making Money Online’!

Plan Of Action

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