Penguin 2.0? Bit of a Damp Squib if You Ask Me!

Well, unless I’m missing something, I saw hardly a ripple from the much feared Penguin 2.0 update. My sites didn’t get affected, I’m still just below a bunch of spam sites :/

I think this update was a bit of a bluff…surely! I see no change at all. It’s over a week now since Penguin 2.0 was rolled out, so we should’ve seen something by now, the dust should have settled.

Did it worry me? Well…to be honest yes! I had many sites rubbed out when Panda/Penguin hit the fan in 2011/12 and I maybe thought I would be hit again.

Mind you, those websites I had wiped out were your typical thin, low content affiliate sites which every online marketer produced in those days (ah, the memories!) and we got away with it. But we didn’t know any different, that’s the way it used to work and was the norm.

What it did teach me was the fact that I had to start writing quality content and treat this Internet Marketing malarkey with a little respect, it is my livelihood after all. It seems I was only playing at the game and not treating it as a business. Internet Marketing is much harder to do these days, but when it all comes together, it’s far more satisfying and rewarding. But if you’re new, you’re in for a bumpy ride I’m afraid.

What I can say, and please take this advice seriously before committing to a life online, is be prepared to work, work, work. Get organized, be strict with yourself about the time spent at your desk. I expect you’ve heard this a thousand times, but stop checking your emails every 5 minutes, stop reading Facebook and stop watching YouTube. Be prepared to work in stages. I work full time and treat work like…work!

I start my computer up at 7.30am, 6 days a week. I go through my emails for 30-45 minutes and then check stats for the next 30-45 minutes. I then take a break and don’t go back to my emails and stats again until I’ve finished the days work.

I have a desk day-to-day diary (A4) which includes all the stuff I’ve got to do that day which was compiled on Sunday…my rest day or jottings down I’ve done throughout the week. Usually it’s writing content and research and building the dreaded backlinks!.

I start again at 9.30am have a break at 12.30pm, lunch and a walk, and back to it for 2pm. I then work through to 5.30pm and then, and only then, I go back into my emails and stats. This can take either 5 minutes or 2 hours! I’m usually all done for 6.30pm though.

So work is structured, 6 days a week, an average 9 hours a day, 54 hours a week. I do work some Sundays and I do take longer breaks sometimes, but there have been days when I haven’t moved from my desk for 16 hours (only to do the essentials you understand!) but I average 50+ hours a week.

Some says I’m lucky to be working at home, but there’s a lot of eye strain going on as well as back ache, the typing drives me crazy sometimes, mental blocks, loneliness, nobody to bounce ideas off, nobody to ask an opinion, no pranks or having a laugh with mates and no guaranteed wage at the end of the week…so it’s not all blue skies and pretty flowers!

Would I swap it for a 9-5? Not a chance!

So, at the end of the day, having Penguin threatening you every 5 minutes adds to the excitement of Internet Marketing and in fact I was a little disappointed Penguin 2.0 was such a damp squib. Thoughts of going totally Black Hat have been eradicated for the time being and I will just keep calm and carry on!

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