Penguin 2.0 Ready to Say Hello!

Penguin 2.0Penguin 2.0

Well…the new Penguin update is about to happen! It’s either Penguin 4 or Penguin 26 or as Matt Cutts and his team prefer to call it, Penguin 2.0…and by all accounts is gonna be a big one!

It’s hard to say anything positive about the impending car crash that’s about to happen, simply because the last big, original Penguin algo change messed my sites up big time.

Most of my sites were written by myself with good original and engaging content and had links that were obtained by white hat methods, but that didn’t make any difference…they still got hit and never recovered properly. Some are still limping along, but it’s like a sports injury, you never really recover to your very best.

Another reason to be a little disheartened by the upcoming Penguin 2.0 update is
that you won’t be able to put your finger on what Matt Cutts really wants. He says
he would like to see a more ‘me’ website with tons of relevant content and personal
experiences that can be of value to the reader…well that was my sites 18 months

It’s pretty funny in one way because all the black hatters out there are ready for a fight and are relishing the thought of another change…or maybe it’s just bravado on their part? I use black hat tactics…every one does, but not to the extreme and not in a spammy way.

Some sites of mine back in 2011 (around 30) were trash, but that was how marketing was done in those days, and yes, Panda and Penguin got rid of an awful lot of sites just like mine,
so it succeeded in that way.

But, the algo only got rid of, I would say, around 10% of those sites but they
still numbered in the millions and the Internet was a little cleaner for this huge
effort by the Google spam team, but again, there were still millions and millions
of sites not effected and they were still, are still are, hitting number one on the
first page of google, so in that case, the first big Penguin blast was relatively
ineffectual. I, and countless others, were just plain unlucky to get hit.

Millions of websites were undeservedly hit in this cluster bombing approach of website
genocide…many of my sites were maimed or killed.

Penguin 2.0 worries
So why am I nervous of this latest Penguin 2.0 update? Well, since being hit back
in late 2011, I have built an authority site to which I write all my own stuff,
link to relevant sites on a daily basis, write articles with great content, keep
the site updated every day, give good, honest reviews and recommendations that
inform and help educate readers about the subject and never touch real black hat
tactics with this site (all linking and traffic strategy is black hat by the way).

After doing all this hard work I still get outranked by thin, irrelevant websites
that have crappy content and poor links. I have over 1500 links, good links,
pointing to my main site, whilst the thin useless sites have 10,000 links blasted
from Fiverr or SeNuke or UD and the like. Makes me want to give up sometimes!

If Matt Cutts and his assassin team are really serious about doing the cull of
crappy sites, then they should do it with skill, and not with a sledgehammer.

I personally think this new update will target those millions of tier 3 and tier 2 websites that are solely used for link juice to tier 1 sites and ultimately the money site, but that was supposed to have been done by Penguin 1? Obviously didn’t do the job properly. I also think it may hit forced blog posts and forced guest posts, but again, wasn’t that supposed to happen back in 2011?

Do the Google spam team really know what they are targeting?

Penguin 2.0 visions
I have this vision of a team of 20 middle aged egoists sitting around a big table
and coming up with clever ideas to kill website spam…but not one of them has the
foresight to turn on a computer to see their results. I fully expect them to be of
the understanding that they need not look at search results physically because they
don’t need to…all those spammy, thin sites should be gone anyway, so what’s the
point of looking. Total ignorance.

They can’t check their handy work surely? If they did, they would see
advertisements above the fold, followed by YouTube videos…oh, wait…that’s what
they really want to see!

Those advertisers PAY Google to be there and YouTube is owned by Google. Hardly
what the searcher is looking for! Google is a business and they want more money…I
can’t blame them in that respect, I just wish they were honest about it with the
transparency to which we are supposed to employ.

What can you do after Penguin 2.0 hits?
So what can you do to get your site in the top 10? Basically, nobody knows!

You can try building your links organically to reach the heady heights…not gonna
happen because it would take years just to get in the top 100 if you did it that

How about writing tons of unique relevant content? Nope…done that and still
doing it and still getting beat by link-blasted thin sites.

How about piggy-backing your content on high PR sites to get decent links back to
your site? Nope…Google has and will continue to devalue the PR for these sites
and may even de-index a lot of 2.0 webs.

How about going back to your roots and use Ultimate Demon to blast a campaign at
your tier 3 and tier 2 sites to link back to your quality hand built tier 1
sites that pass that link juice to you Money site? Iffy…Penguin 2.0 is after
these types of shenanigans and will eventually snuff you out, but you may get lucky
and go under the radar and get away with it…but the risk is too much for all that
hard work.

How about going totally Black Hat? Could be the way…learn the art and keep blasting away. At least when another update comes along, you will be armed and dangerous to fight the battle instead of wondering what the hell to do next. Although Black Hat methods have hurt the Internet and caused the need for these updates, you have to admire them! The experienced ones aren’t fazed by any kind of update, they have a ‘bring it on attitude’, but must say there is a little nervousness about them this time.

Is this how Matt Cutts wants it?
I see the only way to get your site on page one is to find a great untapped niche, use
Adwords (big budget and a skill to implement it) to promote your site, write loads
and loads of quality content, interact with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and G+,
guest post on relevant, high PR blogs, comment on top rated pages (leaving your
website link on your real name), use diverse linking, don’t worry too much about
keyword research or density, build a list and hopefully grow it into thousands
and finally, cross your fingers!

Most of that is what you should be doing anyway, but it is disheartening when
websites out rank you by using Pitch Black Hat methods that should have been killed
of by Panda and the first Penguin blast!

Penguin 2.0 will rock the boat once more and although by nature I’m a positive
chap, I can’t help having a sinking feeling.

It’s times like this when new marketers get all positive and look forward to a new
update, but being online for coming up to 4 years now, it all gets a bit
frustrating and demotivating.

But, let’s not get too down, the Penguin 2.0 update might put right what the first Penguin
did so horribly wrong…but I’m not holding my breath!

My Penguin 2.0 knee-jerk reaction
I might wake up in the morning with a better attitude to Internet Marketing, but
there’s only so much one can take. I hope the Penguin 2.0 update gives me hope and I hope
Penguin 2.0 will relight my fire, because underneath it all, I love this business and would hate to jack it all in…(or go BH!)

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