One Week Marketing 2012

one week marketing 2012

One Week Marketing 2012 could be the savior of the Internet Marketer. Big claims there but let’s look at the facts.

1 – Google has killed Affiliate Marketing
By affiliate marketing I mean building websites to promote products that we marketers receive a commission for selling. It was all very good a year and beyond ago, but with the famous Panda, Penquin and EMD updates hitting the scene all SEO and marketing techniques have changed. Google HATES affiliates, even though they are the biggest affiliate of them all!

2 – Backlinking is a Risky Business
Yup! Backlinking can sink your boat if not done organically and carefully. Gone are the days when using BMR to blasts a few links to your site, they’ve bitten the dust. Google de-indexed them a while ago. Backlinks bought off Fiverr are dangerous, they can hurt your site more than you can! Buying ‘good’ links can prove expensive and are not guaranteed.

3 – Blog posts and Forum posts
Nope! Using your link in these forms of marketing can soon have your site kicked out of Google, especially if your using a bot to do the dirty work for you. Even manually finding a relevant blog or forum and then posting a comment with your link will usually get you thrown off quicker than stink on a monkey.

4 – Exact Match Domains
Bitten the dust I’m afraid! There was a time when having an EMD was paramount to your business. Not anymore. Say you have a business where you build Oak Bird Tables (now there’s a micro-niche if ever I saw one!) and you want to sell them online. You would like a website called wouldn’t you? Since the Google EMD update you are likely to be thrown to the back of the queue within minutes of the update, no matter if you’ve been number one for 15 years, Google will punish you for being so sneaky and trying to ‘fool’ the Serps. They now want ‘brand‘ names, so you would probably have to call your bird table website something like and try to market it that way…FAT CHANCE!

5 – Adwords
You may have to use Adwords to get your site up there on page one, but at what cost? You have to have a BA in advertising to get anywhere near some of the big boys out there and it will have cost you a fortune if you do get there and then it’s not guaranteed! Can the average marketer afford to take the risk? I don’t think so!

6 – SEO
Search Engine Optimization has gone through so much over the last year, even the pro’s are confused, what chance has the average Joe got? Link diversity within on-page SEO is like completing a jigsaw. Not enough links and you’re site won’t be found, too many links and Google will slay you! Internal linking has also become an art. And when you’ve done all this correctly, you then have to rely on the Big G liking your site. If it does…good, but you’ll have to wait a month or 6 to see any kind of movement and you might even get sandboxed!

So, what can be done?

Well, after seeing my sites die a quick death between August 2011 and April 2012, I was ready to give up this Internet Marketing malarkey. I went into a sort of panic zone where I started buying all manner of shiny objects to either get my sites back in the Serps, or try another way…because I liked the lifestyle of working for myself and being at home, there is no way I wanted to go find a job!

After digging deep, (and boy, did I go deep) and researching every course like a seasoned detective, I came out with the clear understanding that ANY kind of marketing would be almost impossible in this day and age. But one stood out a mile from all the others, all the ‘promise you riches‘ and ‘easiest way to make money‘ courses I looked at. The one I committed to didn’t promise any of this. It was like a breath of fresh air, as if a light had come on. I don’t mean it to sound ‘salesy’ but this one struck a cord with me…and here’s why:

One Week Marketing 2012 does not rely on backlinks, forum posts, blog posts, EMD’s and uses a tool that Google loves. Squidoo.

1 – Squidoo
Squidoo has a page rank 7 and will get higher, and, because you are using Squidoo your one page of marketing will feed off the juice of that big old PR7. No need to wait months to get your ‘products’ into the top 10 of Google. it can be done in days.

2 – It’s Easy and Enjoyable
I used to write pages and pages of content about things I didn’t give a fig about and it was always mind-numbing. And then when I had completed a site (all 5 pages…lol!) I would then have to go through all the hassle of backlinking, Social Bookmarking, Posting stuff etc etc. With Squidoo you don’t have to do all that, you can if you want, but only a little. Now you can write about stuff YOU like and it only has to be 1 page…1 page!

3 – Squidoo Community
Squidoo prides itself on no spammy pages, if they find one it’s chopped straight away. So people have come to regard Squidoo as a useful and informative site to find what they want. Google loves this…relevant unique content with no spam. There are no ‘haters’ in the Squidoo community either, we all get along nicely thank you.

4 – Earning Moolah
Earning money on Squidoo is a lot easier than you think. And this is where One Week Marketing 2012 comes in. This course will show you exactly what to do from Squidoo guidelines to getting paid. Most people who try Squidoo get frustrated because they earn zilch, but it’s all because there is a way to work with Squidoo to ensure your lenses are optimized for success.

One Week Marketing 2012 takes you by the hand and gives you ALL the correct information you need to make money on Squidoo. Here’s the very basic of the Private Members Area of One Week Marketing 2012

1 – Module 1
This is where you meet the founder of the One Week Marketing 2012 course, PotPieGirl, or Jennifer as I prefer to call her. She basically tells you her story, and it’s a pretty bleak one to begin with, but with fire in her soul, she comes out with a real winner, and she hasn’t looked back since. She tells you how One Week Marketing 2012 worked for her and goes into exact detail of how it can work for you.

2 – Module 2
This is where it all starts for you as a Squidooer. Jennifer takes you through starting a lens, using the modules, finding products, finding keywords (always important), staying within the Squidoo guidelines and most importantly, getting your stuff out there!

3 – Module 3
This is important. The One Week Marketing 2012 training area gives you an ‘Action Plan’. This enables us to follow precisely how, when and what to do each day with printable lists to follow and complete. Procrastination is one of the worse traits an online marketer can have, but with these guidelines, you can simply follow along without thinking too much.

4 – Module 4
Fast Trackin’ with Gary. This is another method to produce Squidoo lenses, but with speed. Gary’s way of making lenses is fast…very fast! his mantra is to make 3 or 4 lenses a day and start profiting. He has a way to write a complete lens in an hour! His Module walks you through exactly how he does it, it’s fascinating stuff and it works!

5 – Module 5
This is PotPieGirl’s second way to make lenses, and the one I have been using myself. It involves campaigns where you set up a main topic for a lens and then build 5 lenses around that topic for more link juice from within Squidoo to get you ranked in Google. It’s easy to do, and Jennifer walks you through every step. Probably worth the training cost alone.

6 – Module 6
Crushin’ it with Logan. This is where I made my first $100 on one lens in a month (3 weeks actually). This is pure Gold and is worth a lot more than the course on its own! The level of detail is amazing, but it’s all done in a calm and easy to understand way. The info in here will make you realise and understand that you can make good money with Squidoo. Logan takes you from scratch with his clear teachings. Pure Gold!

There is a section of One Week Marketing 2012 where all the tools are laid out in front of you. You can do all this for free with these tools and there is one or two paid options to help you along. You don’t have to use the paid tools, but they’re there if you want them. I use just the one and it’s replaced Market Samurai. Cheaper and a lot more easier to use with better results.

There is a section for you to go through the One Week Marketing 2012 frequently asked questions. Although the course is so well laid out, you probably won’t ever use it.

See All
This is where you can, at a glance, go to any module with One Week Marketing 2012. It lists them as a sort of site map and is a quick way to get to where you want to be. You can see by how long the list is that you’re getting extremely good value with this course.

That’s about it. It’s incredible that I found this, and I truly recommend you take a look. You might be a seasoned marketer, or one that’s struggling with this whole marketing business, or you might be totally new. Whatever you position, One Week Marketing 2012 will be a Godsend. And if you are new, it will cut out months and months of frustration trying to make money online.

Jennifer, if you ever read this, I want to thank you for reigniting my career online. I was beginning to lose faith back in May, but your One Week Marketing 2012 saved me. Thank you very much!

Here’s a video walk-through of the One Week Marketing 2012 Private Training Area.

One Week Marketing 2012



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