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moral blogger toolsAfter many, many trials over the last few years, I’ve finally stopped looking at tools for Internet marketing. I’ve seen, and used, most of them in the past and spent silly money on trying to find the golden key to unlock the moolah.

I’ve now settled on a few base tools…and that’s all I need. I do buy the odd program, but only if I know it will help me…and I test it first.

These are the base tools for Internet marketing I use, but I do change every now and again because certain tools do have a tendency to get left behind in the IM world.

Yes, like most other people on the net, WordPress is the platform I use. Easy once you get used to it and easily installed inside your Hosting account using Cpanel. Note, it’s the .org WordPress, not the .com one.

Krystal Hosting
I’ve recently started using Smart Hosting as you get a free SSL cert with every package and they are very good with their support. BUT, they have recently banged their prices up and it stings a little! But, saying that, they purport to be one of the safest & fastest hosting companies around and have 24/7 support for people like me in the UK. I might one day transfer all my hosting to them as I’ve got a good feeling about them. (*Indeed I did migrate all my sites to Krystal at the back end of 2020…it actually works out cheaper too!).

I’ve used dozens of Domain name companies, but always seem to go back to GoDaddy for my .coms. They’re well priced and the interface is very easy to use, especially when changing over nameservers and searching for new domains. Update 2021…whoa! They seem to be getting expensive for aged domains. The very first domain I bought back in 1998 costs me £20+ a year. I only keep it because I’m emotionally attached to it! It just sits there…with no website attached to it! Might have to set it free when the ‘renew’ comes around.

I do use other domain name companies every now and again, especially if they have an offer on, but Namecheap is the simplest domain name company to use. It makes changing name-servers and transferring domain names as easy as pie. And they offer great value with the price of domains too.

Elementor Pro
I started off with the basic free version of the page builder Elementor and that was good enough to build very basic sites. But over time, I’ve switched to the Pro version as it gives you more tools to work with. There is a learning curve but it’s not brain draining! They have very useful tutorials inside the member’s area and a ton of YouTube tuts by other people. Give yourself a couple of days playing around with it and you’ll soon become a bit of an expert.

GeneratePress Theme
All my sites are now child-built with Generate Press. It light and easy to use and, as with Elementor, I used the free version for a while before grabbing the Pro version. The Pro version is more flexible and is updated often. You don’t really need either GP or Elementor to build websites, but I’ve found them very useful.

Keyword Researcher Pro
The keyword tool I use. This little beauty can find hundreds of Keywords that you would never find on some more expensive paid-for software. The interface is easy to use and it’s as fast as stink on a monkey! I do use Keywords Everywhere for Chrome in conjunction with Keyword Research Pro, but only to find the search volume of the keywords.

That’s all the tools for Internet marketing I need. As I said, I do look at other tools now and again and will buy them if they can make my life easier, but I always test them out first.

So, as you can see, there’s not a lot needed to earn a living online. The only cost is your time, but if you love what you’re doing, then it’s no real cost as all!

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