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The YouTube Catalyst Guide How To Make Videos ClickableSo how do you make videos clickable? Y’know…clickable YouTube Links?

I pondered that question for months until I actually did something about it! I knew the answer was there somewhere, but I knew it would be probably difficult to implement.

Since then back in August 2013, I haven’t looked back and just wondered why I didn’t find out sooner.

This is so much more than simple clickable YouTube annotations!

My conversions have seen remarkable increases just by putting a ‘Call to Action‘ in my videos.

People now only have to click the video to go to my offer…and not have to ‘See the Description Below‘ where many a potential buyer just moves on to the next video!

Back in August, I tried a different strategy to my marketing efforts in which I promoted a product by video, but also had a back-up review on a website.

That may sound old hat to some, but many marketers, especially beginners, don’t have a structure to their campaigns.

Sure, many IM’ers can make videos clickable, but that’s where it ends. There is no back-up or ‘human’ touch.

how to make videos clickable
Make the CTA Clickable

What I do, is build a website, a generic one, that can back-up my videos claims.

Potential buyers will often strip away the URL of say, – to just http://azfamily.comto see if the website is genuine.

When they do that, and find a real person, it gives them a sense of reality and not just a website set up for selling stuff.

I hope that makes sense. People are more inquisitive these days and more savvy to who they’re buying off.

How To Make Videos Clickable – Inside the Free Guide!

When I make videos clickable, I can send them straight to my offer, or a link to my product review on my website.

Then if the visitor wants to know if it’s a genuine person behind the review and video…they can.

I was going to sell this method, which I’ve called The YouTube Catalyst Guide, as a WSO but then thought, no…I’ll give it away in the hope it will help someone get organized with their marketing and yet still make videos clickable.

The guide is 61 pages and 10,000 words long with over 100 images of how, even a beginner to Internet Marketing, can get a head of so many marketers who don’t have a plan or strategy.

Or the guide may be aimed at Internet Marketers who’ve been at this game for a while and may find the contents helpful.

Or it’s simply a guide about how to make videos clickable.make videos clickable

I’ve been pretty thorough in the guide, and have made it on the presumption that the reader already has a website, or is prepared to get one.

I use WordPress in the guide and show how to set it all up with all the right pages you need to start a campaign.

I also go through setting up the major Google accounts you will need and also how to pick a product to promote.

I show how to make videos clickable with a Call to Action and give a little link building advice to boot.

If you would like a copy, just enter your name and email in the form on the right. I will send one to you within minutes.

My advice would be to go through the YouTube Catalyst Guide slowly at first so you can grasp each section.

Then when you’ve done the method a couple of times, it will become natural. You can then make videos clickable to your hearts content.

how to make videos clickableYou don’t need to copy the exact strategy, but it’s worked for me over the last 6 months and it gives you a manageable method to keep promoting products from the same website.

You won’t need to buy several domains in order to be exclusive to one product. These days it’s the content that gets visitors to your web pages, not Exact Match Domains.

And if you can make videos clickable, that send visitors straight to your websites or offer, you will get more conversions…especially if you can back-up the video with a personal review.

I  have even built a brand new website inside the YouTube Catalyst Guide as if doing this for the first time. I hide nothing. You can even visit the website, YouTube video and read the SEO’ed article and video description.

If you would like the guide, just drop me a line and I’ll send it to you, or you can download it immediately at free-books. You will have to open an account at Free Books, but you get….free books!

This was written for beginners in mind, but also for intermediate and advanced marketers as another strategy…and importantly, a guide to make videos clickable.


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