Are You Trying Too Hard to Become a Success?

make money onlineThat might sound a bit of a strange question to ask marketers…but are you really pushing things too far? Are your efforts to make money online becoming a drag?

I only wonder because the world of Internet Marketing, in my mind anyway, has changed beyond all recognition to what it was 2 years ago. In those days, it was expected for you to litter the Internet with your offers, whether it be the latest diet pill or a set of screwdrivers! If it made you a sale, it went on the net…as much as possible. But….

The Internet Marketing strategy has changed. Even now I see websites, particularly the ones trying to sell you ‘How To Make Money Online‘ blogs and websites, with annoying pop-ups jumping out at you every minute proffering the next best thing, or those utterly mind numbing ‘WAIT! WE HAVE A SPECIAL OFFER JUST FOR YOU…TODAY ONLY!’ pages that appear when you try to get away from the site. These sort of sites reek of desperation.

They are preying on the ultra-newbie in the hope to snag one every now and then. But let me tell you this…there are only a handful of these newbies out there…and most of the work put into a website for this tiny market to grab those ultra naive people is wasted. Only if you’ve been marketing for some time can you get away with this type of selling. I don’t do it because I don’t like doing it, and I don’t need to or want to do it.

A ‘newbie’ these days likes an honest, no nonsesnse, tell-it-like-it-is approach to their queries. Have you noticed how these sites with the flashing pop-ups and ‘ultimate riches’ websites look so old? So outdated? So yesterday?

It’s true to say that there are budding online marketers who will be taken in by these sort of sites, and they will spend a bit of cash in doing so and the seller will be rewarded, but soon enough they will be left with a nasty taste in their mouth and left even more confused by their experience. I don’t like this way of introducing wannabe marketers to the business. It might work experienced marketers, but I don’t much like it.

In some ways every budding marketer will take this path, it’s a sort of apprenticeship, but these ways are becoming old hat. I’m happy to just make enough money to pay the bills, be self employed and live a normal life. Most people, if they’re honest, just want to replace the drudgery of their normal jobs, and that’s me. If someones asks me how I make money online, I just say with common sense and a passion for my subject.

I could go all out to get traffic and become swampped with buyers, but I don’t really want that just yet, I just want to write about my passions and get paid for it. No Ferrari on my drive or massive house with all the trimmings…I’m happy to be able to work by myself, when I want, without having all the extra baggage that comes with Online Marketing. Call me simple.

I happened to go back to an old membership site I was a part of from early 2012 where the course told us how to build ourselves as a product or ‘brand’, and whilst I still agree with some of it’s teachings, most of the stuff in there was pure junk.

There is still a section in there where members can post their new sites now that they’ve got the training sussed…I visited all the 68 url’s listed on there and, no surprise, 66 of the sites were dead in the water. Most were last updated in July 2012, the course ended in April 2012.

It all reminded me of a ghost town, where companies set up their business to feed, house and clothe the gold diggers that were arriving in their thousands. After the mines run dry, the prospectors moved on and the business’s closed down or also moved on…no way to sustain an income.

I felt a little sad about seeing all these sites left abandoned with their owners totally disillusioned with the whole IM game. And this was just one membership site of many, many thousands out there. Those good folk who went into this business starry eyed, willing and excited have gone back to work, or moved on to another form of marketing in this ever decreasing circle of trying to make money online.

I’ve been there. I was just lucky enough to have a passion for the great ourdoors and built a site way back in 2010 and stuck with it. That site pays my wages, well around 60%, along with a few smaller sites all linked to the same business.

I’m not a teacher by any means, and not an advisor, but the easiest way to make money online is to have your own product or be passionate about a subject enough to write about it forever…that’s the easy part.

Blogging won’t get you anywhere with marketing, those days have gone. I write this blog in my spare time, it’s not a money earner although it could be, but I don’t want to go down that road of selling things just for the sake of it. I will promote certain tools simply because they work, but it’s by no means a money spinner that it could be. I only list goodies that I’ve tried myself and only if they work.

Take the latest program I’ve featured here, the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate course (that link is the free guide, not the actual program BTW). I bought it, read it and have to say it’s a course that will teach you an awful lot about this game. I know most of what is already in the course and would love to teach it myself, but I’m not comfortable with teaching people. Andrew does it a million times better than I ever could!

See, I’m not saying ‘Get the Course Now, It will Make You Money Online‘ I’m saying it’s a course that will open your eyes to Affiliate Marketing and put you on the right path. The rest is up to the individual. I shouldn’t even mention the course because it sounds like I’m selling it, but it’s just a course I recommend.

My last thoughts in this post are that It’s really hard to make money online, I won’t pretend it isn’t, but it can be done IF you have a passion about something personal to YOU.

If you want to be a millionaire, go for it, but realise that it probably won’t happen. Be realistic with your goals.

Be frank, be passionate, be truthful. Don’t hide anything, become almost obsessive about your passion, write about it, spread the word, keep focused and never give up!

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