Do We Need Expensive Keyword Tools?

Keyword Tools have got me pondering once again!.I’ve been a bit quiet on this Blog for the last few weeks, primarily because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and experimenting with Keywords. I realize they are important and perhaps we put too much faith into those expensive pay-per-month keyword tools that we tend to use.

But, and here’s the rub, the expensive keyword tools USED to be a necessity, but these days they might as well be made redundant, and they’re certainly not as accurate as they make out.

You see, they all get their info from Google, (except WordTracker, I think they use Dogpile?) and when Google updates their systems, so the keyword software has to follow suit. That’s why some days the results are all over the place, throwing up some odd figures. They have to re-program their own systems to marry up with whatever Google’s doing.

Not very safe in my eyes, and with Google changing almost every day, can we really trust the results these tools throw at us?

I have used most of the ‘biggies’ in my time, and have to say I’m a lot better at forming my own opinions as to what constitutes a good keyword, or niche, than what some of these tools are capable of! I only use Jaaxy at the moment AFTER I’ve done my keyword research (which takes minutes, not hours) to see if it agree with my conclusions.

So far, they are on thin ice with me! Some results agree, whilst others are so way off the mark, I wonder if it’s just a random result! I will be doing a video soon on how I get my keywords and it’s a lot simpler than having to wade through all the bumf these Keyword tools chuck at us.

Keyword Tools and Google

It’s not a new method, but it’s a method that works so much better than even Google’s own Keyword tool…but it still uses the Google engine to find the results. It’s completely free, easy to do and it throws up a LOT of keywords and niches. It’s hard to explain in writing without giving video evidence of me actually doing it, so I will make a video and put it up on the Moral Blogger website. I am really busy with other things at the moment, but I should be able to find time this week…or next!

Keep popping back to see if I’ve made inroads with the video because this way of doing keyword research is by far the easiest, cheapest (free after all) and satisfactory way of looking for niches and long tail keywords. It’s also something I’d love to share with you.

Look out for Keyword Tools made redundant Video soon…

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