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Keyword ResearcherWhoa! Been away so long from this blog…I bet most have you have given up on ever seeing another post!

Huge apologies, but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy over the last month or so, and shall continue to be for the next couple of months or so…but why so busy?

Well, to be perfectly honest, my authority site has seen a dip in traffic, and it’s been dipping ever-so-slowly since around March.

I know it’s probably the time of year, but I need to start boosting it back up again and find that stream of traffic that is lost and cannot find me!

As you may know, I’ve stopped using Jaaxy as a keyword tool for a couple of reasons. Now, about 8 months ago up until around 2 months ago, it was the bees knees…very easy to use, faster than a speeding bullet and pretty accurate. I found tons of keywords that I would never have found all on my lonesome.

But…in April, it started to glitch out and give some very ‘dodgy’ results, some were obvious, but others were leading me up the garden path! It all started around the time Jaaxy upped there prices and membership costs. I hate paying for keyword tools, especially every month, so when the hike came I sorta started to fall out of love with Jaaxy, and coupled with that, it was giving me some weird results.

So, I decided to quit using it and find another keyword tool that is fast, easy to use and not a monthly fee. I just happened to be reading another blog and it mentioned a tool called Keyword Researcher, so I took a look.

I downloaded the trial and started using it for Long Tail Keywords. And this is the reason I’ve been so busy over the last coupla months…I realized I need LTK to help boost my authority site back up the SERPs and Jaaxy just wasn’t doing it for me.

After using it for 5 days (the length of the trial), I found it almost indispensable and a pleasure to use. It finds the Long Tail Keywords that are found on the Google suggestion tool you find when typing something into the Google search bar. You know, start typing and it auto-fills the rest?

Keyword Researcher does all this for you in seconds, and a whole lot more. Just put an asterisk next to a query such as ‘What is the best * for hiking’ and it will throw up hundreds of keywords that fir the asterisk. I know Google search does this already, but how long does it take to go through the alphabet?

There are other quality uses inside the Keyword Researcher that I’ve yet to use, I’m still finding LTK for my site(s) and re-writing many of the articles using wider keyword streams…it’s rather therapeutic!

Once I’ve done most of the clean up and added more Keywords, I will do a video of using the Keyword Researcher tool to show you how easy it is and how quickly you can find decent Long Tail Keywords that get new traffic.

In the meantime, I will be recommending it to all and sundry and you can see a quick video of the very basics of how Keyword Researcher works below.

Keyword Researcher Trial

This has been a bit of a godsend to me right now, because of it’s speed, Keyword Researcher can help me get my ranking and traffic back. I’ve slipped to around 8th on Page 1…I used to be in the top 3 for my keywords, but times are changing…and so must we!

Keywords Researcher is only around $49, a one off payment with lifetime updates, but if you try it out on the trial, you can get it with $10 off…(schhh! Don’t tell Anthony)

Keyword researcherI liked Jaaxy, it was good to use, but I felt letdown by it throwing up crazy results, I hope they’ve sorted it all out now, because it is (was) a good keyword tool and the guys behind it are sound.

But I must admit, I pretty excited to be using Keyword Researcher as a new tool…and I take a lot to get excited, let me tell you!

So, off I go into the wilderness again to rescue my authority sites and 14 other mini sites that have, I must admit, not had the care and attention they deserve. I tend to procrastinate far too much and let things just trudge along. Now I’ve got a new toy, I can get all motivated again using this long tail keyword finder! Woo-Hoo!

Check out Keyword Researcher

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