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I’ve owned a dozen or so Keyword Tools in my time and most of them are basically the same, but I’ve always thought the best Long Tail Keyword research tool is the very quiet and reserved Keyword Researcher Pro. I don’t see it being shouted from the rooftops and I don’t see any aggressive marketing for it, but my…it’s a real useful tool that I now wouldn’t be without.

I guess I’m just like you. An online affiliate marketer who wants a piece of the Internet money pie. Maybe you’re a different kind of Internet Marketer promoting CPA offers or you’re into PPC? Niche Marketing perhaps? It doesn’t really matter…at the end of the day, we’re all here to try and make money online!

Finding the right keywords can be a real drag and even worse when you figure out every other online marketer is going after those same keywords you’re trying to rank for.

best long tail keyword research toolThis makes it almost impossible to organically use SEO to get Google rankings. So, you have to turn to Long Tail Keyword research…and that’s an all together different animal to deal with.

The Long Tail theory is that there will be less competition for longer word strings than there is for shorter word strings, for instance:

Trying to rank for the keyword “Best Headphones” will see your post, page, or article buried in the depths of a billion search engine pages, and it’s never going to surface in the top thousand pages, let alone page one…ever! But going for a keyword, or Long Tail keyword phrase “What are the Best Headphones for Sleeping” will stand you in better shape to get somewhere close, or even on, the first page.

These Long Tail Keyword examples are now the standard in this industry and you may want to go even longer for a better chance of ranking your content. And that’s pretty easy to do.

All you would have to do is write a decent review and use some Long Tail marketing keywords scattered inside of it. Do it in a way that the reader doesn’t even know you’ve slipped in 20 long tail keywords. Let the article flow naturally with a clear tone of honesty…as if you were talking to a friend. People who read your review want to feel a connection or a solution or a even a need to buy that product. This is where you use those Long Tail Keywords.

To be able to rank in the search engines is an art that must be understood and finding the right Keyword tool that fits into your comfort zone is a must. What I mean by ‘comfort zone’ is having a keyword tool that doesn’t confuse you before you begin even searching. Some go into far too much detail than is necessary. All you need really are good long tail ‘common sense’ keywords that other marketers may have missed.

Finding the best keyword research tool also depends on your own experience with SEO subjects such as buying keywords, long tail content, long tail SEO and using low competition keywords. For instance, a newbie looking to use long tail marketing may find something like Long Tail Pro V3 a little too confusing and a bit expensive as it’s a monthly fee and has a confusing interface.

I used Long Tail Pro Platinum for all of 3 weeks before giving up on it as being too glitchy and slow. Whereas, I’ve owned Keyword Researcher Pro for 3 years now and haven’t found anything that can beat it, both for speed and results.

The cost is only a one time payment…no monthly fees, which is fantastic if you’re on a budget, and you get lifetime updates and some truly excellent training videos as well as some very useful built-in tools. I’ve also tried other paid keyword tools such as Market Samurai, Wordtracker, Jaaxy, and others, and let me tell you this….none of them come close to Keyword Researcher Pro for value and ease of use.

Learning how to find good keywords becomes easy once you go through the video tutorials inside your Keyword Researcher Pro membership (remember, it’s only a one time fee…no monthly costs…ever!). The way you learn how to choose keywords, and how to search keywords, will change your SEO strategy forever. And for the better!

Long Tail Keywords – Sometimes TOO obvious?

You can use Keyword Researcher Pro with the best free keyword research tool out there, Google KW planner. Importing and exporting data is as easy as clicking a button. It’s all done at lightening speed too. There are tutorials of how to do this in video form on the sales page here and they show just how easy this tool is for finding those long tail keywords.

The reason I sometimes use this facility with the GKP is to find volume amounts for the keywords I’ve chosen. But, these days, it’s not so important. As long as the Long Tail Keyword makes sense and is something I would put into a search engine, then it’s good enough. Sometimes the most blazingly obvious keywords are often over looked by eager, trying-to-be-clever marketers. Sometimes you need a tool to highlight them.

The best keywords for SEO are often questions. These questions come up more often than statements in the world of long tail optimization such as “What is…” or” How to…” and “Where can I…” – These sort of ‘add-ons” are part of the long tail definition of a good Keyword.

Having a reliable Long Tail Keyword finder, such as Keyword Researcher Pro, in your toolbox can and will repay you many times over and I also find it’s the best way to use the free Google keyword tool for generating search volumes, if needed.

long tail marketing

So, in this mini Keyword Researcher Pro Review I hope I’ve alerted you to probably the best paid keyword tool I’ve ever used. It’s not expensive, there are no monthly fees, updates are free forever, it’s quick, it’s smooth, it finds tons of Long Tail Keywords and the support is superb.

See it in action here: Keyword Researcher Pro

Below is a basic ‘image’ based view of how I use Keyword Researcher Pro with the Google Keyword Planner; it being used to find volume of searches. The Long Tail Keywords are found first by inputting a seed keyword, then simply fetching the results and saving to a .csv file.

Then within the Google Planner itself, import that .csv file and click search. This will bring up loads of Long Tail Keywords with their search numbers.

This is a very basic example that I pulled together in 2 minutes, but if you’re after certain niche long tail keywords, then you can really go to town!

I haven’t even touched on what you can do with articles inside Keyword Researcher Pro, but it’s pretty fantastic! You can view all the video and tutorials here.

Any questions, just comment at the end.

best long tail keyword research tool

This is just one of the things you can do inside Keyword Researcher Pro. You don’t need to go into the Google Planner at all if you don’t want to. There will be enough Long Tail keywords here to keep you going. The ‘*’ in the above image represents ‘anything‘ that KRP find in it’s place.

You don’t really need to worry about the volume size either. Too big a number just means you will have to work harder to get ranked in Google. It’s now quite commonplace to see SEO people say it’s best to just go with your gut feeling on a keyword. Just go for something you would type into Google search yourself instead of beating yourself up trying to find that ‘one’ killer keyword.

Next Step:

best keyword research tool

Upload the file and let the Google Planner go to work. This will bring up the keyword results and numbers. All you have to do then is cherry pick the ones you want to go after, or add some to your list for more LT’s in your posts.

Step Three:

how to find keywords

You can also do this in reverse. By that, I mean you could go straight to Google Planner, use it as normal but then save your results and export them to Keyword Researcher Pro for a more detailed way of picking the good and bad keywords out.

This is easily done by putting them into your white, grey or black keywords lists within the Keyword Researcher Pro interface. Sounds difficult? Nah…it’s the easiest thing in the world to do!

This was a bit of a rush job, but when I want to promote something, either on one of my blogs or when using PPC, I go more deeper and take my time, typically over the whole day just to find some excellent Long Tail Keywords that get my blogs ranked and my ads clicked.

I have to say Keyword Researcher Pro is the best long tail keyword research tool I’ve used and it’s also the best value, the fastest, cleanest and best supported piece of kit in my toolbox!

When going to the website, opt to open a free account and take a look inside. If you haven’t seen Keyword Researcher Pro before, you’ll wonder how you missed it in the first place!

Keyword Researcher Pro Here

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