Kartel Review – Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace (Again!)

This will probably be the shortest review you’ll find on the net about Kartel, the new Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace shiny object. In reality, it’s all Jono Armstrong, we don’t see Mace, only on the JV page. It’s hardly worth my time reviewing it to be honest…it’s just a theory method…AGAIN!

kartel review jono armstrong

It might seem this blog is turning into a crusade against BM & JA, but it’s not the case…they simply churn out so many shiny objects that they just crop up more than most.

When will these two quit making theory products and put out something that can benefit the newbie? I suppose the answer is never, especially as there are gullible newbies appearing every day who willingly buy their stuff. Who could blame them, or any other ‘guru’ when they’re sitting on a gold mine? They getting rich!

Wake up newbies and run away from this junk!

What is Kartel?

It’s a piece of software and nine ‘training’ videos. The training is taken by Jono Armstrong which, I’m afraid to say, is vague at best. There is an awful lot left out. The Front End is $12.95 for the first 3 hours of launch, then it’s on a dime sale. The OTO’s, of which there are 5, range from $67 to $197.

Basically you are paying for Ads, with Google AdWords, that will be placed on your uploaded videos. The video you use will have been ‘lifted’ and downloaded from someone else’s video review. You just use it again and put ads on it. Yup!

kartel reviews jono armstrong

The Beginner level of Kartel:

  • Get Google AdWords account & get YT API key
  • Use the Kartel software to find high ticket webinars on YouTube
  • Download the video
  • Make a squeeze page inside of the Kartel software adding the video
  • Add Your Affiliate Link
  • Once done, save the page URL and make your YouTube video ad with Google ads

The Advanced module goes on about placing pixels and even requesting shout-outs from the video creators that you’ve just ripped the video from! Tut-Tut!

That’s it. Thankfully. Because I can’t review it any further…it’s painful.

This Business & Other Kartel Reviews

If you’re a newbie, this will never, ever work. You have to have at least some knowledge of AdWords, have experience in keyword analysis, pots of money for advertising and be able to get approved by most vendors to sell their product (almost all newbies won’t be able to do this).

This is just a case of Jono and Brendan revving up their JV’s who will email their lists so that they can watch the money roll in as those poor wannabe marketers fall for the bile of bullshit being sold to them.

I mean, look at the OTO’s…just look at them!

kartel review jono armstrong brendan mace

Final Thoughts About Kartel

There is nothing good about Kartel for anyone outside of the vendor’s web. It’s nothing more than theory that, unfortunately, many will swallow.

Shame on the creators and shame on those who promote it.

Right, I’m on my way back to Athens for another break (God, I love it there!) so will not be reviewing, any shiny objects for a few weeks.

In the meantime, go ahead and read all those other Kartel reviews. See how they are all bulling Kartel up and see how many bonuses they offer you IF you buy through their link. (Wake TF up!)


Oh, if you want to see the sales page, go here…don’t worry it’s NOT an affiliate link!

If you do buy this and put it into practice, let me know how it goes…I’m all ears.

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