How To Get HTML Colour Codes with Eyedropper Tool

Getting the HTML colour code from your screen can be a bit frustrating. You can see the colour right in front of you, but how do you get it?

You can guess the colour by going to a Hexadecimal or HTML colour code website and try to pick it out amongst the millions of shades on threre, or you could take a screen shot of the page and then go to your image editor, fire up the colour picker and copy the code…or

…you could just use a free tool I found and get the colour you want immediately.

It’s called Instant Eyedropper and you can get it here.

After inhow to get hex codesstalling, it sits in your system tray and can be accessed any time.

You simply click, hold and drag the little icon to the desired position, maybe a website colour or font colour.

It will then pick out the colour of the pixel on you want; you’ll see the colour code reading the html colour codes as you drag the icon.

html colour code finderWhen you’re happy with the exact HTML pixel colour you want, let go of the mouse button.

The Instant Eyedropper has now stored the HTML colour code to the clipboard.

Now you simply have to right click to paste the HTML colour code, into your image editor.

It has saved me so much time over the last few years and is such a small file too, I’m happy to recommend it.

html colour code finderYou can also get the HTML, HEX, RGB, CMYK codes by using another colour picker and pixel size tool from the same people, but if you just want the simple HTML colour code Instant Eyedropper just click on the image to the left to be taken to their website.

If you’reĀ  a little confused by what all the numbers mean and what hexadecimal code is in regards with HTML colour code, take a look at the explanation below taken from this website.

hexadecimal codes and html colour codesIt all makes sense now!




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