How Do You Squidoo?

SquidooHow do you Squidoo?

Since the end of 2005, Squidoo has been trending up, it dipped a bit, then up again. At the moment it’s holding it’s own and is pretty safe to use.

Make hay whilst the sun shines, I say because anything can happen if Google’s in a mood!

So, what’s the best way to create lenses today?  Below are the 3 most popular ways of building a Squidoo lens that are in no particular order.

The first method is the ‘quick’n’easy’ way, which is OK if it’s done extremely well. If you just put up a quick intro then a couple of Amazon modules, an eBay module, a guestbook and a Poll, you will struggle to rank in the SERPS unless you have a Diamond keyword.

You can throw up 20-30 lenses in a matter of days and 1 might hit the jackpot…or it might not.

You’ve spent 4 days making 30 lenses that doesn’t really benefit anyone. The reader only sees images and ‘buy now’ buttons. Fellow Squidoo’ers will get pretty miffed that you’re on the verge of spamming the site and you ain’t earning diddly squat!

Some Squidmasters DO get away with this method, but they’ve been around a while and do put a bit more effort into their lenses. You, being new and all that will have lenses ranking around 300,00, red or dead!

I have around 25 of these lenses and only 4 or 5 do relatively well, not great, but they pay their way. The others are dead in the water.

The second method is to build an authority lens that takes days, even weeks of research. There are two downsides to this method and one possible upside. The downside are:
1) Research can get boring, and it will tell in your writing, and
2) Your lens doesn’t get anywhere, no matter how hard you promote it.

The upside is that your authority lens may take off with a No1 rank on Google. Your PR with zoom up and your earnings will rocket.

This way can make or break you. On the one hand you get the reward for all the effort, or, on the other hand you’ve wasted an awful lot of time and brainpower. The motivation to set about buidling another authority lens, that takes a good time to build, may start to diminish.

The third way, and my preferred way, to build a lens is to give value to the reader. This means building a content rich lens that will appeal to me. I find that if I enjoy re-reading my lens, I’m happy to promote it with a clear conscience. I put work into it and have offered a description/review/answer to the potential buyer.

It helps to have a subject you can relate to, this not only makes writing a little easier, but also keeps your interest high. Writing about a product that doesn’t interest you can become a chore.

There are plenty of brilliant writers on Squidoo that can write about anything and make their subject sound so appealing, you want to buy straight away! It’s an art that I haven’t quite mastered yet!

Production of a Squidoo Lens
Producing a lens that appeals to you has the benefit that you can link your lenses together to get a little link juice going. If you write a lens about golf, think of all the add-ons you can marry-up together! Golf Clubs, Golf Bags, Golf Shoes, Golf Umbrellas, Golf Clothing…the list goes on.

Another oddity about Squidoo is that you may produce 30 quick lenses that hit the target every time and you may build an authority lens that you can retire on. But it is unlikely when first staring out.

The best way to go is to practice what you prefer. I just think by spending the day writing about something I like, then earning from it, is better than shoveling out lenses by the hour in the hope one or two might stick.

With my ‘value’ lenses I only need to update them now and again to keep them fresh.

Squidoo Future
I feel that an awful lot of new marketers are turning to Squidoo because they’ve heard good things about it. They’re under the impression that it’s ‘easy money’ and you only have to sign in to make that money. No no no!

Squidoo, I’m sure, will start to be more selective in their acceptance of lenses in order not to upset the Big G allowing spammy lenses appear in the SERPS. So why not get into the habit of creating value lenses right from the start?

If you need, or want, to build Squidoo lenses the right way try the One Week Marketing training course?

I don’t promote stuff readily, because I have a conscience. I have to be part of something before I make a decision whether or not to give it the thumbs up.

If I ever did promote something that was pure junk and someone bought it, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night…honestly!

I have only ever promoted things I use, and only the things that work. One Week Marketing does that and then some.

Squidoo is around 50% of my online marketing and earnings. That is why I take it seriously and listen to the advice that comes out of OWM and it’s members.

So, How do you Squidoo, I’d like to hear!

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