Google and Affiliates – My Love/Hate Relationship

moralblogger.comGoogle and Affiliates…It’s like a stormy relationship between two passionate, inseparable soul-mates! On the one hand you could happily never see each other again, and on the other hand, would be lost without the partnership.

At the moment, Google and Affiliates are as one, they need each other. The problem here is that if you’re not an affiliate for the Google chain and your in affiliation with someone else, you’re having an affair in their eyes! They don’t like that one bit. They will try to boil your bunny!

Of course, the affiliate is not having an affair, just admiring the fruit of another…they still come home to Google at the end of the day.

Google is a green eyed monster and wants ALL your attention; you shouldn’t be running off and being disloyal. But if you buy them a present, such as a nice PPC campaign, they might just tolerate your wandering ways.

Sounds dramatic and it’s probably not a good analogy, but you get the drift. Google wants you and you want Google…it’s just you have to play by their rules for a quiet life.

Google and Affiliates – My Love for Google
I love the way the majority of people on this planet use it and in doing so, may see my sites and buy something from me. Google gives me exposure. I love the fact Google gives me free tools to use and I love the way I can get to page one without upsetting her (I think Google is a she?)… but only if I do it right. I love how Google allows me to make a wage and I love the way Google can give me authority if I play by the rules.

Google and Affiliates – My Hate for Google
I hate the way Google dictates and bosses me around. I hate the way Google can cut me down like a manic logger if she’s in the wrong mood. I hate the hypocrisy of Google by penalizing affiliate sites when they’re the biggest affiliate of them all (green eyed monster syndrome) and I hate how Google crams their front page, above the fold, with their own affiliate partners. I hate Google’s PPC, the uninitiated can lose a lot of money here.

So how do we keep the peace?
Firstly, go with the flow…Google won’t be beaten just yet, but there will come a time, I’m sure, when Google will not be the power that it is now. It might take a while, but stay in Google’s good books for now. Follow their guidelines, just don’t go after impossible keywords unless you have very deep pockets.

If you’re building sites, don’t buy masses of poor backlinks, they will upset the giant and she will eat you. Don’t buy backlinks, period. Use Social sites to syndicate your content, use the good old fashioned pinging and RSS services to get indexed. Find forums and blogs in your niche and get acquainted. Play nice.

If you’re a Squidoo’er, build good lenses, use the PR power of Squidoo…it’s a leg up and takes minimal backlinking to rank.

Just remember, be truthful, be informative and be safe.

Google and Affiliates

by the Moral Blogger

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