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Goodwill Review Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong

Goodwill Review - Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong

This will be a rather quick review of Goodwill because it’s one of those Warrior+ products that will be here today and gone tomorrow. There are a lot of reviews for this product online all giving it top marks followed by a ton of bonuses if you buy through their link.

First thing. The reviews are there to get commissions even though it’s just a theory product. Secondly, those bonuses offered may sound appealing, but all they do is divert your attention from making money online. They’ll sit on your hard drive, gathering dust, taking up room and becoming outdated quicker than Usain Bolt in a following wind.

Quick Summary of Goodwill By Brendan Mace


  • Give away a Freebie (The Lost Code)
  • Use the included Aurora Software to gather Instagram followers
  • Once you have followers, make posts adding your Freebie Link.
  • Theoretically, those who follow you may bite and get the Freebie.
Goodwill Reviews Brendon Mace Jono Armstrong

Once they have the Freebie and go through the Lost Code course, they are offered upgrades, and if they buy those upgrades, you get a commission.

Sound good?

Well, let me give you my common sense verdict.

Firstly, the Freebie offered by the Goodwill package ‘The Lost Code’ (A Brendan Mace Product) is about trying to get commissions on big ticket offers. I won’t get into The Lost Code, but all I can say is that it’s a Hell of a lot of theory. Unfortunately, Newbies will try it, lose money and move on. Some may even spend more money trying to work it out. It’s just theory guys. I have not heard from one person (with proof) who has made coin with The Lost Code.

So, you’re giving away a theory. That’s ok…it’s free, right?

It’s Free because inside of it are a myriad of affiliate links that can get you caught up in the web of Brendan Mace…the King of Theory marketing.

A Bit About Brendan Mace

Yes, he’s a successful Internet Marketer, but only because he preys on newbies…and he’s brilliant at it!

Hats off to him for that. I knew of Brendan years ago, when he was just starting out…he even friend requested me back in the day. I knew he would make a great marketer because he was relentless in his quest for money.

Something personal happened, he took stock of his life and came back with this incredible dedication to make money. He is the personification of looking after Number One, which in all honesty, isn’t a bad thing.

He’s made huge amounts of money and could probably quit and never work again, but it’s like an addiction now because he only has to release a product (usually theory or rehashed) and he’s rolling in it again.

Who can blame him? He’s worked incredibly hard to get where he is and I have full respect for him and his determination.

His methods…not so much.

Brendan Mace Jono Armstrong Goodwill

His oppo, Jono Armstrong is much the same. He started out a couple of years ago, sold his soul, moved to the dark side and is now also preying on newbies. He made good content back then, but I guess he found it easier to just sell to those wide-eyed, wet-behind-the-ears new marketers who crop up every day in the hope of making it rich online.

They’ve become successful in what they do in the MMO industry and I’m pretty envious to be honest. Sometimes I wish I had their relentless sociopathic tendencies where they just don’t care about what damage they can do to newbies. It’s all about the moolah.

If that’s the kind of marketer you want to be, then follow them and keep buying their products. If your mindset is strong enough to become like them…go for it!

It’s not for me though…my affiliate marketing is aimed at the general public and not wannabe sociopaths.

Back To The Goodwill Review

Goowill Review and Training

Give away a freebie to followers on social media and hope they buy the upgrades that may earn you a commission. That’s the crux of it.

It’s funny because Brendan says he made £3k just by giving this freebie (The Lost Code) away to his subscribers on his birthday…all 60,000+ of them!

Let’s be honest, with 60k subs, promoting ANYTHING will always reap buyers!

In Goodwill, he recommends using the Aurora software, which is included in the Goodwill package, to gather your leads…but the software is sketchy at best with some saying it doesn’t work at all.

In the training, Brendan then recommends using ManyChat as your selling tool. ManyChat uses Facebook messenger to…well, Spam users. It’s an annoying pop-up that jumps into the corner of your screen or phone.

It’s a big learning curve to be able to understand fully what ManyChat does and, in this case, Brendan just skips over it. You are very likely to get banned for Spam anyway, so I’d advise staying the hell away from ManyChat for this kind of marketing!

There are also suggestions inside the lightweight ‘training’ to make videos and join Facebook groups to spew your freebie link to all and sundry.

In my opinion, if you’re relentless in your quest to make money then the Goodwill theory may get you some commissions…not many, but some. You may also get banned from FB and annoy plenty of FB users.

The caveat to all this is that you will spend a lot of time building a following and then see them drop like flies when you Spam them or end up with hundreds of followers that are doing exactly the same as you.

Having looked into this, I won’t be going ahead with Goodwill. I’m always wary of this type of marketing…almost serial spamming. Also, the Aurora software for automatically getting followers on Instagram needs a proxy to work. That’s a red flag to me.

Goodwill Review Summary

At the end of the day, I have to say Goodwill is just theory from Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. It’s all just another ploy to get newbies to eventually end up purchasing their own Big Ticket offer further down the line.

I know Goodwill is only $12.95…but the time it takes to faff around with it and then find out it’s pretty useless, is more costly.

I’m afraid anything put out by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Saying that, if you want to join them by promoting theories, you have to be a special kind of person to do so. You have to be unashamed, confident, and guiltless and have superficial charm. There are many of these kind of marketers on Warrior+ selling dodgy theories and getting rich.

The Goodwill Sales Page is Here – (NOT an affiliate link)

Goodwill Rating

Note: This might sound like a rant, but it’s not. I’m merely pointing out there are different types of affiliate marketers out there. If you’re in the MMO niche…be like Brendan and Jono.

But stop buying their shiny objects and create them instead. You won’t make money following theories. Creating your own theory products and selling them to newbies is where the real money is in this particular Make Money Online Niche.

If you don’t think you can be in the same mindset as them, but still want to make money from affiliate marketing, try a different strategy…there are plenty of other ways.

15 thoughts on “Goodwill Review Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong | Harsh?”

  1. Brendan Mace is a low-life, deplorable excuse for a human being with no integrity, no morals, and no conscience! He does not stand by his refund policy and there is absolutely no customer support. I am disgusted by him and his unethical practices and I really hope that someone catches up with him and he gets what he deserves, and he no longer walks on this earth!

  2. Brendan Mace and Juno Armstrong are Scammers and Crooks..Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased over $2300 worth of junk programs and software from both of them. I requested my $1997 refund and Brendan never responded to me within his 14 day refund period which he didnot inform me about. Brendan never intended to refund me my $1997 within his 2 week refund period. Who has money to align their pockets and get nothing in return these days? I sent numerous emails to both of them requesting access to my products and assistance to get set up with their products… their customer services were horrendous. I again never got my large refund of $1997 from Brendan Mace. Brendan as stated in the above post refunds to lower cheap products but REFUSES to refund big ticket which was my $1997 or in his Canadian dollars was about $2200. Also I never made a dime off of Project Profit Academy Funnel which cost $1997. Please DO NOT waste your time and money on either of them because Juno never responded to the same numerous emails I sent to Brendan and they are in cohoots with each other.
    So today I decided to promote my $1997 Project Profit Funnel but it needed to be upgraded per Brendan’s instructions. So I got on Skype over a week ago, left messages to their techs, never got a response, tried to access their website was denied, sent emails to Brendan no responses…. Do Not Buy Anything from Brendan and Juno!!!!!

    • Shocking stuff! Sorry for the late reply. I try to get these comments up in a timely manner but been so busy on other things. I hope you got your money back by the methods of payment you used originally.

  3. Yep! I also was scammed by Brendan Mace. I bought one thing that was promised and received something nowhere even close to what the sales page was pitching. He just kept ignoring my emails regarding the refund request. When he did respond (miracle) he refunded the low dollar amount purchases and did not refund the higher dollar amount upgrade. It had one of those 3-day deals on it. Obviously, a tactic to scam people out of their money before they realize that what is being delivered isn’t what is being promised. Anyone reading this and the other comments on this page should stay clear from Brendan Mace, his products, and anyone associate with him or pushing his junk on the internet. I wish I would have done more due diligence about him before I bought any of his products. I also agree that Warrior Plus is at fault as well. I will never buy another product on their site again because they do not take enough action to protect the buyers of the products they help to pitch.

    • Thanks Vincent. Hopefully these comments will warn others not to buy anything from these scammers. And as your say, WarriorPlus is just an awful place to hang out. They make their money by enabling Mace and his ilk to carry on ripping people off. In the end, they’re just as bad as the scammers as they provide a platform for them to churn out their dross.


  4. Yes. Brendan Mace is a smooth-talking crook. He doesn’t answer to your support ticket and never replies to your email to acknowledge it even. Stay clear away from such dishonest fraudsters as they will only steal your hard-earned money. They are using this time (when people are desperate due the the corona thing) to take advantage of them when they are really struggling to make ends meet and make money from the sides. Such crooks deserve nothing less than a long prison sentence.

  5. Two of them no longer in partnership. Brendan Mace is a scammers. Never trust his products and his words. He is a bullshit king. He will not reply to you support ticket and he will not refund you. He is crap on the internet. Rubbish.

    • More and more people are finding out how much of a letdown Mace is. He’s made his money, so he can probably retire from the MMO game, but greed keeps him hungry. After ripping people off for such a long time, I would have thought his conscience would have kicked in by now…but no sign of that ever happening!

      Cheers Steven, stay away from anything he comes out with, and those who peddle it for him.

  6. Hi.
    I just found your website and am very interested in what you are saying about Brendan Mace. This isn’t about Goodwill Review but I thought you and your readers might be interested to hear my story. I recently purchased Brendan Mace’s Take It DFY product for $197 along with an upsell Take it Effects DS for $47 as was promoted by Warrior Plus. First off I received the same product for both purchases. It was some crappy thing that enabled me to set up pop ups to sell a product or affiliate offer and place them on other peoples websites. This was not what I read about in the sales page of the front end purchase I made and was certainly not a product I would have wanted. So I sent a message to the support system he included with the purchase details ( asking for the issue to be rectified and for the product I purchased to be sent to me. I heard nothing. The money back guarantee offered with this product was for 3 days (at this point I started thinking I’d been ripped off!), so the next day I sent him another support ticket asking for a full refund on both products. Here I am 4 days later and I still have not had any kind of response from him. So now I am $244 out of pocket and do not even have the product I wanted to purchase. I have been in touch with Warrior Plus and they have said they will try and make contact with Brendan Mace on my behalf. They said that if I haven’t heard from the vendor in 72 hours I should go to the credit card company I used to make the purchase and ask them to chase it up. Quite frankly I am appalled at this whole process. Warrior Plus’s response was luke warm at best. Why do they allow these dodgy marketers promote their products through them when it’s not good for their reputation. When I go to there is no record of the support tickets I have raised despite there being a link on the site to “open and pending tickets.” On his site (and his facebook page) he includes a link to messenger but when I leave a message for him there the message just get ignored. So it would appear that I have no way of contacting him to ask for my issue to be resolved. Several new to me marketers have appeared in my inbox since I got involved with Brendan Mace, one of whom is Jono Armstrong, and all of them and their marketing techniques smack of something insincere and dodgy. So I suggest if you’re reading this leave Mace and his associates well alone. I will certainly unsubscribe from their lists and hope I never receive anything from any of them again!

    • Dave, I feel for you! Mace/Armstrong/Flair etc. are out to just rip people off with their insane ‘theories’. They make their money by producing crappy products that sound like making money online is easy, but in all reality, they are tantamount to scammers and lie quite brazenly. They prey on newcomers to the MMO business and that’s where they make their money.

      You could always try their respective Facebook/Twitter pages and just keep repeating your complaints by posting on their pages. You should be able to get a refund on your Credit card, but, as you say, it shouldn’t have to come to that.

      Warrior+ is also at fault. I would say 95% of the stuff they push is pure trash. Brendan Mace is their top seller by a mile…so that tells you everything you need to know about this MMO platform.

      Thanks for sending your experience with Mace in, as I hope people will read this and realize that anything produced by these untrustworthy marketers will bring nothing but misery.

      I hope you get your money back and will not only unsubscribe from Mace/Armstrong but to anyone who is promoting their stuff.


  7. I made the mistake to buy Goodwill….after a quick glance, I realized it is a very poor quality product and I asked for a refund. THREE times! (I am still waiting for it)
    After the third time, I got a reply, offering me other “award-winning products” (as they call them) instead (as useless as the one above-mentioned). The thing that got me really mad was the PS in their reply, which I quote here:
    “P.S.: A high percentage of the profits from the “Goodwill” was donated to the starving children of Indonesia (see video here: I hope you understand that by processing your refund, you are effectively removing food from these kids mouths. If you feel that you need the money more than them, then we can continue to process your refund)”.

    My conclusion: think twice if you ever want to buy Brendon or Jono’s products!

    • Good Grief! Emotional Blackmail now? Can they stoop any lower? If that isn’t a big fat red flag to anyone who’s thinking of buying their stuff, I don’t know what is.

      I hope you got the refund.

      • Yes and if you go into paypal and look at your receipt it will say the category is child care not digital media and Sally is the admin. of childcare services. Also their LLC is TATATAXIS . I can only guess what kind of juvenile thoughts they were thinking when they came up with that name. Although I really can’t say anything as my LLC is Busy Beavers,Inc. Which I made 23 years ago and just stuck with it. I had an adult website at the time and then I had a son and got rid of it.


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