Getting a Domain Name and Hosting

get domain and hosting shockIf you’re new to the Internet and you want your own website, then all sorts of alarm bells start ringing!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The whole process of buying your beloved domain name and then hosting it so it can be seen on the World Wide Web is really easy to do!

Believe me.

The main problem is that so many people are frightened to have a go in case they break something. Well, you can’t.

I will go through the very simple process of buying a domain name and then go on to get some hosting…the two things you need to do…and it’s easy.

Don’t over-think it, be like Nike and ‘Just do It

First things first, let’s get ourselves a Domain name. It can be anything you want as long as no one else has taken it first.

So let’s head on over to GoDaddy. I use this company all the time, for value and ease of use, they are probably the best.

I do use other domain name companies, but GoDaddy are the daddies!

Let’s Get a Domain Name

Go to GoDaddy here and if you’re new, simply click the register button.

get a domain name at godaddy

A box will pop up and you will need to enter some details…go for it!

get a domain name at godaddy

Click the ‘Create Account‘ button and you’re in. You will then get an email from GoDaddy welcoming you. Now go on over to GoDaddy and log in using your username and password.
get a domain name at godaddy
Now hover over the Domains tab and pick ‘Domain Search

get a domain name at godaddy

Up comes the GoDaddy search box. Type in the domain name you would like and click search. If it’s not available, go again until you find one you like and is available.

get a domain name at godaddy

Once you’re happy with your choice, either add the domain name by clicking the big green ‘ADD‘ button, or scroll down for other extensions available, such as .net or ‘ org or whatever appeals to you.

GoDaddy will always default to .com as it’s the most popular choice; I would recommend getting a .com if you can.

There are really cheap domain names available such as .info, and they’re great for practicing with, but they are not really a Top Level Domain and don’t carry a lot of weight with search engines. Also, a searchers confidence will not be so high when they’re looking at a .info instead of a .com

But it’s up to you. If you want a website just for you and your friends, get the cheapest option available, but if you want to start a business and want to be looked upon as the real deal, go for a .com first and .net and .org second and third.

OK, you’ve added your domain name so click ‘continue to cart‘ ignoring all the add-ons GoDaddy will throw at you such a added protection, hosting, email etc etc…it’s really quite a hard sell!

Once you’ve ignored all those ‘offers’ you will be a the checkout with just your domain name and icann fee (which is there by default)

Click buy and pay with either Paypal or Credit card. It really is that easy.

You now have a Domain name! Now we need to host your new domain up in cyberspace and for this I will go over to Hostagtor and open an account.

Let’s Get Hosting

I do use other hosts, but Hostgator is the one that stands the test of time. I have to say that in over 10 years of online presence, I have only had to use their live chat once (and that was because I messed up back in 2005!)

Their service, tutorials and reliability is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend them as your hosts.

So, over to to see their hosting plans

get hosting with hostgator
Click on the view hosting tab and then below, we see 3 types of hosting accounts.

get hosting with hostgator

The ‘Hatchling’ plan is fine if you just want one domain name, but I always recommend the ‘Baby Plan‘ because you can have as many domains hosted on it as you like, with as much bandwidth as you like and can use as much disc space as you like.

I would then choose the monthly plan to save on start up costs, and if you use my code ‘MoralBlogger‘, you will get the first month for only one cent!

We now need to open an account which is easy. You can buy a domain from Hostgator and carry on without getting one from somewhere else, but I wouldn’t recommended it…just in case something goes wrong in the future with either the host or domain company…I’m not saying anything WILL happen, but you never know. Besides that, it’s cheaper to go elsewhere!

So, click the ‘I already own this Domain‘ and fill out the rest of the form. It’s all self explanatory, but the image below should confirm things with you.

get hosting with hostgatorget hosting with hostgatorget hosting with hostgatorget hosting with hostgator
Notice the MoralBlogger discount? Put it in exactly as in the image and you will get the discount.

Click ‘create account’ and it’s done!

You will then get an email with your details and instructions with a link to get to your cpanel. Click it, then enter your username and password you used to sign up to Hostgator.

Now, don’t be overawed once your inside your cpanel. We will be only using a couple of things in here.

First thing to do is scroll down to the bottom and left to look for this info here.

get hosting with hostgator
You will need to copy and paste the two Name Server numbers that we need to put into our GoDaddy account where the domain name is.

This is so simple to do, yet people still get a little freaked out by it!

All we are doing is telling our new domain name that we are now hosted on the Internet over at Hostgator.

The Name Servers are really just the House Number of our Domain Name.

Look at it like this. Pretend the Domain Name is You. The number on the house where you live is your Name Server.

The new domain you just bought also lives at a house number…the Name Server (ns**** in Hostgator Street! So just copy the two arrowed numbers above and head on over to your GoDaddy account.

Go to ‘manage your domains‘ in your account and you will see your new domain sat there waiting for you to do something with it. Well, it’s time to wake it up.

There will be a little drop-down button to the right of your domain name. Click that and you will see ‘Set Nameservers‘.

change name servers with go daddy
Click on the ‘Nameservers‘.

nameservers hostgator
Click Save. Once that’s done we can log out of GoDaddy, we won’t need them again until we buy another domain name in the future.

OK, so that’s done, lets make the home complete by adding the new domain to our house…sorry, Hostgator.

Once back in your cpanel, scroll down the middle until you see this bunch of icons. Click the ‘Add-on Domain‘ icon

cpanel add domain

Now just fill in the boxes below, Put your new domain in the first part including the extension (.com, or .net, or whatever the extension is). The next 2 boxes will auto fill when you click inside one of the boxes.

Next, pick a strong password or use the password generator to make a really difficult one! I usually make up a bunch of characters with letters and numbers and write it down in my notebooks (I’ve got 2!)

cpanel add domain nameOK, that’s all done! Go back into you cpanel and log out. Job done!

You now have a Domain Name you bought from GoDaddy and it’s hosted on the Internet by Hostgator. You can now start making a website.

You see!…all that was easy, you’re ready to start getting your name out there!

The next tutorial is coming soon and it will be the next step to the above…getting a new website on the Internet.

It’s really easy, so don’t worry about anything…it takes around 5 minutes to do, but to explain it will take a bit longer…so hang in there!

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