The Perils of Using Fiverr

fiverrFiverr? Do you use it to buy backlinks? Boost your Social Signals? If you do, or are about to…read on…

I’ve had my suspicions about doing this for sometime, and I must admit I have used Fiverr for this reason to help zoom a few videos to the top of Google…and it worked. But that was 6 months ago.

I’ve never done it with a website, I deemed it too risky. But people do use Fiverr to boost their sites up the rankings, but I honestly don’t think it does your site any good whatsoever, in fact I think it gives your lovely site a big black mark against it. Google knows what sort of shenanigans go on over at Fiverr.

But I was curious to see if it still worked…it shouldn’t, because doing it raises all manner of alarms bells over at Google HQ, but I had to satisfy my curiosity.

So, I took a site of mine that I only use for info purposes. It’s not monetized at all and it’s in a field where it would be very difficult to get any revenue from…even adsense. But there it was, sat hovering, around number 7 on Google for its keyword and has been on the first page for around 10 months. I don’t much update the site, but thought it would be interesting if I threw a Fiverr gig at it.

So off I go to Fiverr and order the top gig for backlinking. I sought out one of the highest rated gigs that promised 10,000+ backlinks and profiles with 500 social submissions…all for 5 bucks.

I hated doing it, I just have no faith in Fiverr anymore, but went ahead and ordered it, gave them my URL and a bunch of keywords and waited.

4 days later the gig was completed, so I checked to see if my site had had a boost. I proxy searched it for its main keyword and….nothing, it had disappeared! Maybe it’s just a Google dance I thought. A week later I checked again….nowhere to be seen.

The Fiverr gig has blasted my site out of oblivion to its death. Traffic has ceased altogether and the site is flat-lining. What would have happened if I’d done this to one of my profitable sites? It would have been dead in the water.

It’s been 3 weeks now and still no sign of the site and no visitors. Fiverr killed my site (with the help of Google) and I feel a little sad. The site ranked originally in 2 weeks on page one and had stayed there without any backlinks to prop it up, just good keywords and naturally written content.

So, if you’re thinking of using Fiverr for backlinking your site, even a YouTube video, Think Again!

Fiverr is excellent at other things such as animation, graphics, music and a whole bunch of other skills and there are some extremely gifted people on there that offer services that are remarkable value, but the days of backlinking, linkwheels, profile making, Facebook likes, YouTube views,
False Tweet followers, Article Spinning, Nuke Scrapes and anything that promises to boost your social signals and cheat Google will do more harm than good.

KeepĀ  your fiverr in your pocket and write natural content, you won’t need gazillions of backlinks to rank in Google…those days have gone and they ain’t gonna return!


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