Eclipse Review | Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong – Actual Value?

This Eclipse Review has me a little surprised. I’ve slated Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong in the past because they will keep releasing the same old stuff, but Eclipse is, well, pretty good! The training is done well and it’s feasable to make money from it, not as much as you’d hope, but feasable all the same. And, there are still problems for newbies and even seasoned marketers that should be noted before you dive in and purchase Eclipse. Read my Eclipse review down below. It’s not hyped at all and will tell you why you should consider a couple of things first.

Eclipse Review July 2019

So…another shiny object to add to your hard drive, eh? Well…not so much in this case.

First of all this has very good training inside and will open the eyes of many a ‘make money online‘ marketer. If you’re a newbie, it will give you some great, if basic, inside info if you’re prepared to stick with it and don’t mind spending a bit of moolah upfront.

Basically, the whole idea is to use the videos of big-hitters in the MMO niche. These are the review videos they’ve made when they are on a promotion blast and are sending it out to all and sundry. This includes their huge money-spending hungry lists who then and go and watch it on YouTube, credit card at the ready.

If they like, they buy.

Now, what you will be doing is making a short video yourself, or just make a bridge page if you go the beginner route, then making an Ad with Google Adwords that plays just before the gurus review gets going.

If the watcher clicks on your ad, they’re taken to your bridge/sales/optin page.

It’s then your opportunity to sell the hell out of the product and offer juicy bonuses when they buy through your link.

All very easy in principle, but there are problems which I will allude to later. But in the meantime, here’s what you will find in the Eclipse product itself.

What's Inside Eclipse Training?

The Intro:
Here, Jono talks to you about how important it is to take this business seriously. He tells you how skint he was when he first started and it was only when he looked at the whole thing as a proper business that he was able to start making money. And, yes, this is very important to understand. I’ve been through the same thing and only when you can perform consistantly will you start seing results. I’m not in Jono’s league by a country mile, but I do just fine.

Next, he mentions a bit about signing up for a live session he and Brendan are going to do. This is more likely to be a long video with a sales pitch at the end. but, signing up and seeing what they’re up to, doesn’t harm anyone.

Method Overview:
Jono gives you the big picture of what you will to learn within the Eclipse system and how to implement it.

Like I said in the introduction to this Eclipse review, your aim is to find a video from a top level Internet Marketer who is reviewing a product that’s due to launch. These high level marketers will have sent this video to their huge lists and will therefore have a ton of traffic going to that video review.

What you will be doing is using ‘Adwords for video’ to get your link in front of the review. We’ve all seen those pop-ups on a video that annoy the hell out of us, but the truth is people click on them…often. If they didn’t, then ‘Adwords for YouTube’ wouldn’t exist.

Tool Box & What You Need:
Firstly, and most important is to get a Google Adwords account. Jono walks you through this and even shows you where to get $100 vouchers for a few bucks to start you off. If you already have an adwords account, then this won’t work. I don’t think they allow two seperate accounts if they already have your bank details. So be aware of that.

Next you will need WarriorPlus+, jVZoo and Clickbank accounts to get the products you will be promoting. All very easy if you haven’t done it before.

You then need an autoresponder, in this case it’s advised to get GetResponse as this is the autoresponder being used in this system. There is a free 30-day trial available (not an affiliate link) and then it starts from $11 a month.

Then, and this is optional, but essential for beginners, a Wix account (not aff link) so you can set up a Bridge page. Strictly for beginners, this one.

Jono advises to get Commission Gorilla which is a page builder for your bonuses that you will be enticing customers with. There is a trial available at $1 for 7 days, (not aff link) but be aware, it costs $99 a month from then on. Not worth it in my eyes, but there you go.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

jono armstrong of Eclipse fame reading my eclipse review
Jono Armstrong

To the left is Jono Armstrong who takes all the video training apart from the welcome video which is Brendan Mace.

There are 3 areas of learning to get you going. The beginner method is first and probably the best way to understand how the Eclipse method works.

Then, one step up is the intermediate level which is for marketers who have a grasp of online marketing.

Finally, the Advanced level which is in 3 parts.

The simplest way to get your hands dirty with Adwords. Using a Clickbank product, Jono goes through the process of doing things right for Ad approval with Adwords. This involves setting up your Wix website Bridge page, putting headlines in, info buttons, and some sales blurb. This will act as your URL for your Adwords campaign.

We then move on to setting up the Adwords Ad. This is very well explained by Jono and ideal for newbies. Adwords can be a bit scary if you don’t know what you’re doing, so…easy explanations are very nessessary!

Then, without giving it all away, Jono goes on to tell you how to get those ‘Guru video reviews’ and how you can place ads on them. If you’re new to all this, it will mean going over the training a few times until you get it. Take your time.

This is going a step further by using JVZoo and WarriorPlus+. It involves Launch Jacking which means going after products to promote that are few days away from its big launch.

This ‘middle’ phase advises you to use Commission Gorilla to make things easier. There are other ways explained inside, but they are much slower and clunkier.

Jono goes into good detail of how to use all the methods mentioned and where to get those all important bonuses from.

This level is probably where most marketers are right now. And even though you think you know a fair bit about this business, there are some very good methods revealed here.

This is where it gets interesting, or intimidating for some!

We go onto tracking pixels, Adword tags and making a little video of yourself. This can be beyond newbies, but if you’re cocksure of yourself, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

As Jono says, we all have to start somewhere and the more you do this kind of thing, the easier it gets….and it’s where the real money is.

By going through the first two methods, beginner and intermediate, this will be the natural next step.

My advice? Go through them all anyway and take your time.

Advanced Parts 2 &3
There are two more videos for the more advanced marketer here. These go on to tell you how to use audience tags within Adwords, how to gather even more emails, how to set up the even more bonuses, email scheduling and using ManyChat.

This will give you 3 major ways in how to get those all important emails and future sales.

  • Retargeting
  • Emails
  • ManyChat

Now I don’t like Manychat…at all! But if you want to get as many subscribers and customers as you can, then I’m afraid ManyChat may be have to be used.It’s been very popular with marketers recently and I see more and more of them using it. But, it’s not for me.

Conclusion video:
The wrap up video shows Jono Armstrong ramming home the need for consistancy with this method. He says it won’t happen overnight, but if you keep at it, and learn along the way, you will make money.

Very true, as it is with all online marketing. You must keep going and keep banging away until you get it. Stay with one method and master it. Don’t go flying off into another system just because the one you’re trying is too difficult or you aren’t seeing results right away.

The Pros and Cons of Eclipse

First the Pro’s:

  • The training is good, clear and actionable
  • You will learn something
  • Cheap
  • Good Value information
  • Transparent
  • Doable

The Cons:

  • Could Get Saturated Quickly
  • Only Basic Adwords to Youtube Training
  • Competition Will Be High
  • Adwords Can Be Expensive
  • Getting Your Page Approved With Adwords
  • Adblockers May Limit Your Potential Earnings
  • Too many OTO’s (& Expensive!)

My Conclusion of Eclipse

I have to say this is very doable. I don’t usually take Brendan and Jono that seriously because some of their stuff is just theory. This isn’t. Yes it’s very basic training but it will allow you to get your hands dirty inside of Adwords. With persistance and a will to learn from your mistakes, you can make decent money with this method. If you’re going to buy it, then make sure you give it a good go, then seek out more indepth Adwords for YouTube training as you progress.

Don’t just read it and get sidelined with another Shiny Object, treat the Eclipse system as a business opportunity. It’s not for everyone, but the basic training is good and there are certain methods in the Eclipse system that can teach you a lot, even if you don’t go down the route of what is being taught.

For $12.95 it’s a good introduction to basic YouTube ads. As I said, you may find it’s not for you, but at least you will learn a thing or two that will help you further down the line.

 I have slated Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong in the past, but I think they’ve actually made a decent training training program here for the raw newbie.

One last thing though…as I keep hammering home, if you’re going to get this, then promise yourself you’re going to focus on Eclipse. Set aside a week or two to go through the system without looking at other shiny objects. Go through each video slowly and watch again until you really get it.

I have to recommend Eclipse simply because at $12 or so, it will introduce YouTube Ads to you. This can be a very complex learning curve to get it right. Eclipse will give you an inside look at a very basic level. so, for 12 bucks it’s probably worth it.

What about the OTO’s you ask? I wouldn’t bother with them. They will take you away from concentrating on Eclipse. Yes, there is a ‘Rolodex’ but it’s just a bunch of cobbled together video channel links for you to use with the Eclispe system. They’re pretty usless…what was Jono thinking? You will be better off finding your own channels in your own niche.

As for the other OTO’s, which include DFY’s, Reseller stuff and one-to-one coaching….bleurgh!

You’ll also end up on their dreaded email lists where you will soon realise just how much these ‘guru’ intenet marketers are in bed with each other! Not only will you get email after email promoting the next big thing, you’ll also discover that Brendan and Jono release products almost every week…each one mostly selling theory or rehashed garbage.

Saying that, Eclipse is fine. If you don’t make any money with it, well, at least you’ve learnt a little about Adwords for YouTube. I would only recommend the Front End product though…not the bloatware that follows in the form of OTO’s.

The front end is all you need to get a starting insight into this kind of advertising.

Watch the cheesy (and expensive!) video here. It’s quite unique and somewhat entertaining. In a kinda Jamie Lewis way! Even Trevor Carr gets a role.

See it here

(That’s not an affiliate link, by the way)

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