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Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle AffiliatesJust a quick heads-up about a new tool that makes making product displays as easy as clicking a button.

With EPD (Easy Product Displays) you can make HTML quality displays for all your Amazon and Zazzle products. I used this tool for my many Squidoo lenses, but since they went bump, I simply use it on my blogs and product niche websites…It’s incredibly easy to use.

It was also a blessing that I could just copy and paste all the work on Squidoo and simply paste it where I wanted it to go…weebly, blogger, wix, my own sites…you name it, the easy Product Display made this so easy and saved a huge amount of time.

This tool does all the hard work for you and you don’t even have to be on the Amazon site to get the products. Just use your Amazon Associates ID inside the EPD dashboard and away you go.

There are many templates you can use and dozens of ‘buy now‘ ‘click here‘ buttons to easily customize your products.

The price is a mere $5.99 a month, or just click on the banner above to get 3 days free trial. Easy Product Displays will make building niche websites so much quicker.

These days you need a tool that can get things done without any fuss…and done quickly. I have around 22 niche websites now in which I just find a really low search volume long tail keyword, find a product or range of products on Amazon, write 300+ words about it, then go to town with the Easy Product Display tool. I can get 20 pages done in a day if I pull my finger out!

The video below shows what can be done with Easy Product Displays. I made this when Squidoo was in full flow, but now that it’s gone forever, you can still use EPD everywhere where HTML can be used, which is most places.

In the video you will see I use it on Blogger and Weebly as a test. You can also see how easy it is to use.

Easy Product Displays Tool

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