Earnings Down? April Was a Poor Month!

Earnings Down? Hmmm? Going through my facts and figures for April and I seem to be down from February and March. I usually see a difference of each month of between $50 and $400 and those are increases. My best month was January, but that was from the November and early December pay days, it dipped in February but rose again in March.

But…April is down by some $400 on the March figure and I think I know why. Firstly, I have neglected Squidoo for some 55 days now, and that’s because I’ve been working on new websites and not produced any new lenses or even updated or added anything to any of my 200+ lens in that time. So May’s mission is to start updating and making new lenses…my Amazon figures were hit the hardest.

I’ve also neglected my authority site and haven’t updated the site for some weeks now and traffic has dropped. I’ve not been very social or linked anything since early March. My bad.

This drop in earnings has given me yet another wake up call. By concentrating on new website creation, I have inadvertently cut my wages! I know these new websites may bring me money in a few months time, but that doesn’t help the present. With earnings down, I need to get back to the core of this business and always be one step ahead.

It goes to show that you can’t ease off with anything that brings in your daily bread. I’m a pretty good motivator for other people, and drive home the need to keep going with projects that are winning, and not to let them get stale…well, I’m guilty as charged by doing the same stuff I push people not to do, by doing it myself!

I’ve given myself a good telling off and been sat on the naughty step for my sins. This month I will push on with Squidoo and gently start some backlinking via blogs for my older and newer sites. I dislike backlinking at the best of times, but ‘needs must’ and blog commenting is a powerful method to get your sites ranked…as long as it’s done with tact and intelligence.

I’ve now got a handful of sites all working, 18 in all, and all I need to do with them every day is add a little content and do a little linking. I have another 30+ blog/sites that are feeders to my money sites, but I have a feeling these aren’t doing the job as well as they once did.

It looks like I may have to, and I hate doing this, blast some links to those outer blogs to give them a boost. I hate doing this because it puts the ‘outer’ blogs and websites at risk…and it costs money! But, no matter what Internet Marketers say, it’s a necessity that has to be done and risked. At least they are not aimed at my important sites that pay me a wage. I also do this for my YouTube videos, and will continue to do so until YouTube’s Algo’s get wind of it. I think they have already, but you never can tell.

I fear YouTube will soon be a no-no for Internet Marketers, there are far too many spammy videos offering nothing to the viewer, and are only uploaded for a backlink. At least I put some effort into my videos! YouTube will, or are, slowly cutting thin videos out…I’m sure of it.

Anyway, I thought I’d just mention (again) that Internet Marketing ain’t easy and you must stay focused and committed to what works. (I’ve had it tattooed on my forehead!)

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