Developing Patience with the RAM Method

RAM Method PatienceSo, I wonder if any of you have taken up the RAM Method in your marketing exploits?

One thing I’ve noticed inside the G+ community is a slight concern among some members that they’re not seeing any sales yet.

Well, the RAM Method has only been out just over a week and although it can get your ‘Keyword’ indexed and Ranking almost immediately, the clicks and sales will take much longer.

If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for some time, you will know that making sales is the end product of your marketing efforts. It should not be taken for granted that just because you have a few pages floating around the first 3 pages of Google that you’re going to see any income straight away.

Although you have a presence there, and potential buyers can see you, they will always click on a few pages around you first before making any buying decision, and if your page or post is just a bunch of links, they will look elsewhere…well, the vast majority will (wouldn’t you?)

My advise is to build you RAM campaign, get it all indexed and ranked, then build on those pages/posts you’ve made to make the visitor more comfortable with their choices.

I know it’s frustrating when you work hard getting your pages up, but you must develop patience…it ain’t gonna happen overnight! Also, you need to become creative and spend a little time with your RAM sites after they’ve been indexed. I believe a little creativity goes a long way.

RAM Method vs Old Method

Look at it this way. In the past, I have spent a few days building a feeder site for a money site. I have created content myself, paid for the odd stock image, built social backlinks and even made a video or two to spice it up a bit. I’ve then pinged it and looked for other ways of backlinking just to see if I can get it out there for people to see.

This can take 3 to 7 days to build and I still don’t know if this feeder site has a chance of ranking! Although it’s a feeder site, I still want it to bring in income if possible…why waste it just for just a few links, right? If it’s out there, monetize it.

I would imagine this takes around 20-40 hours of my time, it should take a lot less, but I am a little OCD!

And I’m still not sure if the keyword I used is going to work for me. No wonder I nearly quit!

Now, I can get 6 ‘pieces of Google Real Estate’ in less than 2 hours with the Reverse Attack Marketing method….6! More if I want to push it a little. I then add more content to those sites over the course of the day to make them suit me (more OCD!)

Ram Method
NEW money site in the middle. To the right is my method BEFORE I even know my keyword is really good to go…2 days spent already! I now do the RAM campaign to the left BEFORE I do anything to the right if I know if I can Rank within 30 minutes. If I can’t, I move on…but if I can, its all systems go…with confidence!
N.B. This is the very minimum I do to get my sites noticed. I add links to my RAM pages as I build out my Money sites. I still do all the stuff on the right, but AFTER the RAM campaign has confirmed my keyword. I can then build quality content to the main site in the knowledge it has a good chance of ranking well..

So, in 10 minutes I know I can rank for my keyword, 20 minutes it’s indexed and ranking, and the rest of the day I spend building content. A whole RAM campaign, monetized, with links to my money site from 6 ranking pages that are being linked by using Backlinks Indexer.

Which do you think I’m more than happy with?

If those little RAM sites make me a little cash on the side, then it’s a bonus.

There are so many other twists and turns you can do with this method. I’ve just finished a campaign with 3 CB products, some links going direct to the product and some to my own site…it will be interesting to see if the RAM sites work with CB products. I’ve had to tweak the method a little, but that whats makes this method a joy to work with…it’s gets you creative!

I use the RAM Method 2 days a week now, so it was money well spent and a whole new way of marketing has entered my portfolio!


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