Coronavirus Cashflow Review (Jonny Rose)

Quick post here and a mini review of Coronavirus Cashflow by Johnny Rose. Whilst the methods suggested in the course are pretty useless, the thing to take away from this product is not the methods themselves but the creation of a product to sell.

Coronavirus Cashflow Review

Coronavirus Cashflow Review

First of all Jonny Rose is a relatively new internet marketer and this is his first product, so kudos for Jonny for actually taking action. He got most of his mentoring from Jono Armstrong after paying a big-ticket price for one of his courses.

I’m not a fan of Jono Armstrong as his morals are somewhat stinky… but, the stuff he teaches, works. By that I mean he lures people into buying crap $7 products, then goes on to sell high ticket courses teaching how to become another Jono Armstrong/Brendan Mace type of marketer. Which is fine if you want to go down that route and become a bit of a scammer.

It seems Jonny Rose may be heading that way, so expect to hear more of him in the future. He will be a success in this type of marketing because he took action to make his first WSO, but he’s probably sold his soul to Old Nick at the same time.

From looking through his first release of a make money online product course, he’s done a good job.

The Coronavirus Cashflow members area is well laid out and his teaching approach is pretty decent, if very similar to other ‘courses’ in this MMO marketplace.

He’s got a catchy name, look smart, speaks well, and is probably an intelligent lad. Yes, he’s branded himself well.

His Coronavirus Cashflow method is a bit of a let-down though. It has 10 modules about how to make money online by taking surveys etc. If any of you have gone down this route before, you will know by using these methods all you end up with is a chore that doesn’t pay anywhere near what Mr Rose is implying.

The Modules Inside of the Coronavirus Cashflow System

First Module: Surveys

This method is always over hyped. If you don’t match a certain criteria for taking surveys, then you will hardly have any surveys to fill out. For instance, you spend 10 minutes answering qualification questions for a survey. Then just as you think you’ve done OK, the questionnairre will say your not the sort of person to complete the survey and BOOM! you’ve just lost 10 minutes of your life.

I would say this happens in most cases. There are people who can game the survey system, but that takes time to learn, and if you’re caught, then no more surveys for you… ever!

Surveys look an easy way to make money, but if it was that easy, wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Taking surveys to make money will just be wasting your valuable time.

Second Module: Get paid to browse websites

Sit there all day and search for stuff using downloadable apps. You are paid tiny amounts for each search. Try doing this for 8 hours a day and then find out you’ve earned $20…not the best way to live your life, is it?

Third Module: Review websites for money

Download screen capture software and test websites and apps. Sounds good, but it doesn’t pay a lot, but if you sign up for enough of these, you could perhaps make some cash. Quite liked this one, but it does involve being articulate as you will be recording your findings vocally as well as visually. Stumbling and mumbling won’t cut it!

Fourth Module – Play online Games

Again, anyone who has tried this will know it is fraught with caveats. You have to be a gaming junkie, but if you’re already a games junkie, you wouldn’t go anywhere near the sort of games you will be ‘playing’. CS-GO it ain’t!

Besides that, the pay-out is low, low, low. If you’re in lockdown, this method could finish you off. All the money you earn will be in tokens that you have to convert into your currency…only then will you realise that the last 8 hours you’ve been faffing around completing tasks in a virtual world, you will have earned enough moolah to buy a coffee at Starbucks when we’ve all been released from this house arrest!

coronavirus cashflow jonny rose

Fifth Module: Transcribe

This means transcribing videos and you don’t get paid much! Also, you have to be pretty good at grammar and spelling and you have to go through a test to even start. In my case, I would fail miserably anyway, so glad I don’t have to rely on transcribing as a job! Did I also mention the pay is very low? So low. Oh, and you have to be a Speedy Gonzales on the keyboard too.

Sixth Module: Translate

Again, you must be good at two languages both verbally and grammatically or you just won’t be able to get a job. It also pays way too poorly, almost insultingly, for such a skill.

Seventh Module: Listen to Music

Probably the worst idea in this Coronavirus Cashflow review. I won’t even say anything on this subject, it’s just nonsense. It doesn’t pay or work.

Eighth Module: Get Paid to speak English

Unless you’re a scholar who can speak 2 languages at degree level, don’t bother. If you can speak like a native in two languages, then it’s a good idea. But make sure you have evidence of qualifications or you won’t get a job.

Ninth Module: Selling your Stuff

Sell your unwanted stuff from around the house and get a fraction of what it’s worth by using seller apps. Ever heard of eBay? Same thing, and everyone has done it. And if you’re in lockdown from the Wuhan Flu, then how you gonna get to post the stuff?

Tenth Module: Listen to phone calls

Yes, really. Eavesdrop on company phone calls and report your findings. A simple search for such jobs reveals a ton of unhappy people who’ve tried this. They struggle to get paid and not to mention the sheer boredom they suffer. Not a good way to spend your day.


I won’t say much about the bonuses because they’re over 3 years old and will be of no use to anyone. Things from 3 weeks ago are old-hat, never mind 3 years!

There are upsells, but by this time you will probably be so disappointed in the front-end product that you would run a mile from them anyway.

Is this a Harsh Corona Cashflow Review?

Maybe. But at the end of the day you can find all this stuff for free online and then, when you do your own research, you can find the flaws in such methods. This ‘Coronavirus Cashflow’ is just a virgin release product from a marketer who wants to make money online…and he’s going the right way about it.

Being a success in this industry is not about the ways of making money online, it’s about teaching the theories of making money online, making a course about it, and then selling it to newbies.

Do you really think Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and their ilk practice what they preach for $7? No, you have to buy a $2000 course to find that out…and that’s just what Jonny Rose has done.

Summary of this Coronavirus Cashflow Review

Look, it’s a harmless product and it’s under $10 at the time of writing, but it’s not the way to go. You will only end up disappointed and move on to another shiny object to distract you.

I suppose you could take one module, sign-up to as many things in that module as you can and try it out for a week, but don’t blame me if you end up in therapy.

A word about Jonny Rose. He’s trying hard to become a successful online marketer and if he churns out product after product like this, he will make a lot of money. That’s how successful marketers do it. It’s not the product that makes them the money, it’s the newbies getting all excited about making money online and believing the BS.

If Jonny sells, say 1000, of the Coronavirus Cashflow (and he probably will sell even more) he will be well on his way to becoming another Jono Armstrong (heaven forbid!). But that’s how this works. To be successful in the MMO business, you have to sell your soul to the Devil and churn out stuff like this.

Be aware of the marketers who give this product a good review. See who promotes this Coronavirus Cashflow product. Those are the ones you have to be suspicious of. They’re only after one thing. Your money.

But Kudos to Johnny Rose, he’s on a journey to success by making a product to sell. Newbies will be eating this stuff up.

If you really want to make money in this cut-throat business, do what Johnny Rose does, not what he, and the others, sell.

This Coronavirus Cashflow review was brought to you by a person trapped in a lockdown situation, so if the tone seems a little fractious then you’ll understand why!

Let me out!!

Anyway, if you want to look at the Coronavirus Cashflow product by Jonny Rose, Click the image or here. No, they’re not affiliate links. I just couldn’t promote this.

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