ContentPro King Review

ContentPro King Review

ContentPro King Review - Another Warrior+ Dud?

The winner of the most pointless shiny object this week goes to ContentPro King by Muhammad Haq.

This costs $14 at the front end, then $37 OTO, which is Developer Rights and finally, $47 OTO for the Resellers Licence…so you can sell this nonsense as your own.

You can see the sales page here…don’t worry, it’s not an affiliate link!

So What is ContentPro King?

It’s a piece of software that you install on your computer that searches for articles, using your preferred keyword or keyphrase, from Ezine Articles. It’s then supposed to mess around with those articles so that they become unique.

Not only that but it will also fetch video transcripts and turn them into unique articles.

ContentPro King Software

Testing ContentPro King

So after installing it onto my desktop I fired it up.

I wanted to see if it could fetch, and make unique, any article with the keyword “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. I kept the keyword pretty loose, as you can see.

I entered the keyword and pressed search. This set my browser into wild mode making countless new tabs open. I hate to think how many would have come up if my keyword had been ‘weight loss’!

Apparently, I had to click a pop up that said something about captcha’s…so I clicked it and it eventually stopped opening tabs.

There were about 20 articles brought up from Ezine Articles, so I chose the first one and clicked the ‘Create ‘Spined’ Content‘ (I assume it meant Spinned) and then clicked ‘Make Article‘.

I wanted to try the spinner first, this is usually a guide to how good programs like this are.

Well, the spun content was not spun at all. Each spun word was the same as in:

No matter, I half expected it would be poor and besides, I won’t be using the spinner anyway.

So, I just copied the article, not the spintax version, and instead of going to Copyscape to see if it was unique, I used a simple Plagiarism Checker.

contentpro king reviews

As you can see…hardly unique at all!

Let’s try another keyphrase. “Muppets Christmas Carol Review”

The spun content did the same as before, example: {Muppets|Muррets|Muppеts|Muppetѕ|Muррetѕ}

I thought I would try another feature of the software, namely, ‘Make a web compatible article’ option. The whole article ended up being unreadable.


OK, let’s try that Muppets article again, without the spin, in the plagiarism checker:

contentpro king review 2019

36% uniqueness isn’t going to cut it!

So, let’s try the video feature of ContentPro King

This did actually bring up the transcript from a Muppets video clip from YouTube. I clicked the ‘Make Article’ button and was greeted with this sort of text:

 – {Ah.}   {It}  was a {fine|finе|fіne|fіnе}  {meal.|meаl.|mеal.|mеаl.} 

Again, useless.

I then tried one more time to find a unique article with the keyword “Miracle On 34th Street review” (Wonder why Christmas is on my mind?)

I clicked the search button and the tab opening frenzy went into overdrive again! This time there was no captcha pop-up and the only way I could stop this infernal tab onslaught was to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up the taskmaster. I was then able to shut the program down.

It was like a virus had taken over my computer!

Doesn't Fill Me With Confidence!

Needless to say, I have lost all confidence in ContentPro King as a tool for producing unique content.

Anyway, having spent an hour testing this ContentPro King software, (an hour I won’t get back!) I may have at least saved you $14 and some of your own precious time.

My feeling is that ContentPro King is an old piece of software (probably PLR) built around 5 or 6 years ago and is now being rehashed as a new thing.

My advice? Stay away from this software. There is another way to get unique content without putting your computer into crazy mode.

Spend an hour or two researching your subject and then another hour writing a 1000-1500 word, keyword rich, unique article that you can genuinely call unique!

There is a sneaky way too, but it takes time. More on that in another post.

But let’s face it. If you want to go down the route of making others people’s content unique, and then use it as your own, you will have to pay for a top of the range spinner…and then it’s not perfect. The cost and risk is just not worth the effort if you care about your content.

Write your own stuff. Get in the zone and just do it.

Don’t be taken in by the sales pages and easily debunked promises.

ContentPro King Download

Final Words on ContentPro King

Save your money and time. This piece of software is asking for trouble. Yes, it’s only $14, but if you had $14 in your hand right now, would you rip it up and throw it away? Because that’s all you’re doing if you buy ContentPro King.

As usual, the sales page sounds so convincing and who wouldn’t like to make unique content at the push of a button? But it’s time to wise-up and realise, if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.

Those $14 shiny objects add up.

Stop buying them!

Rating for ContentPro King

Note: Please, if you have bought ContentPro King and have had any successful results from using it (I won’t hold my breath) comment below, I would seriously like to know.

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