Squidoo Lens Problems?

Squidoo Head UpSquidoo Heads-Up Warnings: (I will be making the video of how I use Google to find my Keywords very soon…my microphone has decided it should retire, so I’m waiting for a Yeti to arrive any day soon.)

In the meantime, I want to just address the mighty upheavals going on over at Squidoo. Over the last couple of months there have been a lot of back-room changes concerning how Squidoo would like to see Lensmasters provide content for their lenses.

I feel Squidoo has been carpeted by the Big G about low content, duplicate and spammy lenses starting to appear in the SERPS. This has set alarm bells ringing at the Squidoo HQ and, quite rightly, the team are putting out new filters left, right and center to catch these offenders and stop them ruining Squidoo’s great reputation as an informative and authoritative website.

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How Do You Squidoo?

SquidooHow do you Squidoo?

Since the end of 2005, Squidoo has been trending up, it dipped a bit, then up again. At the moment it’s holding it’s own and is pretty safe to use.

Make hay whilst the sun shines, I say because anything can happen if Google’s in a mood!

So, what’s the best way to create lenses today?  Below are the 3 most popular ways of building a Squidoo lens that are in no particular order.

The first method is the ‘quick’n’easy’ way, which is OK if it’s done extremely well. If you just put up a quick intro then a couple of Amazon modules, an eBay module, a guestbook and a Poll, you will struggle to rank in the SERPS unless you have a Diamond keyword.

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Plan Of Action – Getting Your Head Together!

plan of action confused
What’s a Plan Of Action?

Plan of ActionHuh?

When I first started on this online marketing trip, I thought I had a plan of action. I would tell myself that this is now my full-time income source and I must give it my 100% undivided attention.

I would then sit down to my desk,  TV on, wife buzzing in and out, son asking daft questions and me messing around with my emails and YouTube!

I would ‘work’ 10 hours a day and get nothing done.

The first 6 months totally blew my mind, I just didn’t know what I was doing and found myself logging into the Warrior Forum, reading what the next big thing was or how to make a million bucks a day…and I believed it all!

It’s funny now, but at the time my head was all over the place without any plan of action being implemented.

I always wondered why my efforts were not reaping any benefits and why this was all so difficult.

The simple truth is that my plan of action was non-existent. It took me 6 months to realize this and if I hadn’t been strict with myself, I would have failed within the next month or so and given up.

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One Week Marketing 2012

one week marketing 2012

One Week Marketing 2012 could be the savior of the Internet Marketer. Big claims there but let’s look at the facts.

1 – Google has killed Affiliate Marketing
By affiliate marketing I mean building websites to promote products that we marketers receive a commission for selling. It was all very good a year and beyond ago, but with the famous Panda, Penquin and EMD updates hitting the scene all SEO and marketing techniques have changed. Google HATES affiliates, even though they are the biggest affiliate of them all!

2 – Backlinking is a Risky Business
Yup! Backlinking can sink your boat if not done organically and carefully. Gone are the days when using BMR to blasts a few links to your site, they’ve bitten the dust. Google de-indexed them a while ago. Backlinks bought off Fiverr are dangerous, they can hurt your site more than you can! Buying ‘good’ links can prove expensive and are not guaranteed.

3 – Blog posts and Forum posts
Nope! Using your link in these forms of marketing can soon have your site kicked out of Google, especially if your using a bot to do the dirty work for you. Even manually finding a relevant blog or forum and then posting a comment with your link will usually get you thrown off quicker than stink on a monkey.

4 – Exact Match Domains
Bitten the dust I’m afraid! There was a time when having an EMD was paramount to your business. Not anymore. Say you have a business where you build Oak Bird Tables (now there’s a micro-niche if ever I saw one!) and you want to sell them online. You would like a website called oakbirdtables.com wouldn’t you? Since the Google EMD update you are likely to be thrown to the back of the queue within minutes of the update, no matter if you’ve been number one for 15 years, Google will punish you for being so sneaky and trying to ‘fool’ the Serps. They now want ‘brand‘ names, so you would probably have to call your bird table website something like wytzxeiubn.com and try to market it that way…FAT CHANCE!

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