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Authority Site Secrets is a course that I wish I’d come across 4 years ago when I first started this Internet Marketing malarkey. You see, I hadn’t a clue! As with most Internet Marketers it’s taken me over 2 years to finally call what I do as a proper business.

Those first years were frustrating, expensive, demoralizing and confusing…I wouldn’t want to go through all that again, especially as there is now a course by Jan Roos called Authority Site Secrets. This post is mostly text with hardly any pretty pictures…I’d like you to just take in what I say.

If you know me, you will understand that I don’t promote Internet Marketing Courses lightly, In the 4 years I’ve been online, I’ve recommended just 4. And do you know why I’ve recommended just 4? It’s because I cannot stand the thought of people throwing good money at just any old course. Seriously, I care.

I’ve been in a previous position where I’ve almost given up making any money online, it was only through sheer persistence and focus (and going the thought of going back to a 9-5…eek!) that I can finally call myself an Internet Marketer.

This is where Authority Site Secrets can spare you all that head-spinning frustration I went through, but I must warn you…it is for serious marketers only…those marketers who have the ability to stick to a plan, work with it and ultimately find success with it.

Rarely does a course come along that explains how to make serious money with affiliate marketing; but today is one of those days.

Authority Site Secrets is not cheap; let’s get that out of the way first. The cost is well above what most Internet Marketers can afford at the moment and that will put an awful lot of people off straight away. But listen to a man who’s spent stupid money on course after course and still been none the wiser. That was me.

I would spend $20 here, $47 there on the next big thing that would make me money and then find out it was all theory. All those payments add up, add in a couple of $197 courses and you have total of over $3k spent in 30 months…and don’t forget that I can’t get that 30 months back. I really wish I could, but alas, it’s gone. I don’t want you to do the same.

The Authority Site Secrets course is all you need to make a lot of money online. And because most people will baulk at the price, it will be they who will forever be wondering how to make it online.

That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. You have to SPEND money to MAKE money…that penny dropped for me after finally working it all out. Most people who start in this game never even begin to treat it as their business – to them it’s either just a hobby or a risk that might pay. To succeed, you must accept that this IS your business and your future.

The good news for those who do take the Authority Site Secrets course is that they will always be ahead of those who cannot commit to it and, in doing so, will get there first…by a long way!

So, what’s Authority Site Secrets all about?

Affiliate Marketing. But affiliate marketing done the successful way. Jan Roos has earned over $325,000 in just Amazon commissions using this exact same approach he teaches here; that’s nearly $5 million in sales! It’s not an over inflated figure either, Jan provides proof. He is one of only a handful of marketers who backs up his earnings.

Authority Site Secrets courseThe Authority Site Secrets formula also enables you to cover other affiliate networks too, such as Clickbank and Adsense. You can start making money from the very first day.

Jan goes over how to pick the right niche, the best way to set up your website (he includes 22 WordPress videos if you don’t know how to build one), a plug-in that was developed by Jan and free to this course, how to track your links (very important), how to drive traffic and even a section on what to do if you’re flat broke!

It’s also about paying for traffic (PPC) but you are shown how to get the best cost per click for your money. The return of investment you see will astound you! Don’t ever be afraid to use paid traffic, it’s easily the best way to get sales.

That little summary probably sounds like most of the other affiliate courses you’ve taken, but that’s where this is different. That small summary is just scratching the surface. The course goes into great detail about what those other courses LEAVE OUT! If you’ve ever done affiliate marketing before, the first 20% of the course will probably be familiar to you…but it’s the next 80% that spills the beans.

The problem is that most courses don’t supply the answer…the other 80%. Without trying to sound harsh here, you won’t find the real answer until you either work your fingers to the bone over months, years even…or take the Authority Site Secrets course and save yourself a lot of time and heartache. 100% of the answers are here.

This is a step-by-step video course that shows you the formula to succeed online. It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is follow along just like a road map.

Jan Roos makes it quite clear that he was sick and tired of seeing people throw good money away on poor affiliate courses that simply have you going around in circles. He has spent thousand of hour’s putting the Authority Site Secrets together and is justified in setting his price.

I have seen courses only confuse matters even more with Internet Marketing that have been priced much higher than the Authority Site Secrets and you are always slightly aware that there is an upsell just around the corner.

There are no upsells with Authority Site Secrets. It’s a one off payment and is also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

I’m assuming you’ve already bought countless WSO’s but never found a proper answer of how to make affiliate marketing work for you. You’re probably pretty sick of even trying any more?

Get this course if you are struggling to find the missing pieces in affiliate marketing. Commit to it; make it your final purchase. Get rid of the noise and distractions surrounding the next big thing. The Authority Site Secrets course is all you need.

Why some people won’t buy Authority Site Secrets


Paying $495 scares the daylights out of them, Yes it is a hefty amount of cash to leave your account, but think of all those WSO’s and BSO’s you don’t have to buy anymore. You won’t be looking for the answer ever again, you would have found it. Also, paying this much also means you are willing to commit to making money online. As I’ve said before, I’ve seen much more expensive courses that don’t come anywhere near this one. Seriously!

Paid Traffic:

Yes, you need to pay for traffic. But don’t worry too much about that, the ROI can be huge, but you need to know how to do it the right way. It’s all covered in Authority Site Secrets. If you are struggling for cash to pay for traffic, Jan goes over a simple way to get the money easily and without spending. But to really ramp up your earnings, paying for traffic is the quickest and easiest way to succeed.

It’s a WSO:

Yes, it’s a warrior special offer and I must admit that it’s a strange place to sell such a beneficial course. Perhaps Jan is in the process of setting up a new website or something? But I must say, this is one of those rare (very rare!) circumstances that a WSO is actually worth paying for! I never go there anymore simply because there’s just too many marketers selling to other marketers, it’s like the blind leading the blind! This is different; this is a marketer selling his knowledge and exact formula for success.

Fear of Committing:

You may be a marketer who has tried many courses and found them to be all theory or simple rehashed crap. Some of the courses you have committed to but it just hasn’t worked out and you’ve moved on. The Authority Site Secrets should be the last course you will buy. You will commit to it because you can see inside that it works and it all makes perfect sense! You will start to see results which will motivate you to keep going until you’ve cracked it. Commit and succeed.

Fear of Not Getting All the Nuts & Bolts:

Many courses leave out the most important bits…or they’re just theory. The Authority Site Secrets goes through every part of the formula and leaves no stone unturned. Besides that, Jan Roos is available to speak to if you have and questions. It’s the Real Deal.

People Who Will Benefit from Authority Site Secrets

Those who want a Real Business:

A solid, proven business formula. Being able to earn money from doing what you love is worth its weight in gold. Finally being able to say ‘Yes, I’m a Successful Internet Marketer‘ instead of stumbling around in the dark looking for the magic button that will make you rich (hint: there’s no magic button!)

Committed Marketers:

Commit and ye shall succeed. Most marketers only have a half-assed approach to making money online and then wonder why they haven’t made any cash. They get distracted easily by the next shiny object and go off on some hyped up trip, and fail again. Here, you will see that the Authority Site Secrets formula works, and when you see it’s making you money, you will be even more committed to your business. A win-win situation.

On the verge of Giving Up:

A lot of marketers have come and gone simply because what they’ve tried hasn’t worked for them and go back to the old 9-5. If you’re in the situation of almost giving up, take a look at this course. It really will be the last one you buy. And when you realize that the alternative is working ‘out there’ you will understand that the cost of the course is really quite cheap!

Those who want the secrets revealed.

Think there’s one big secret to making money online? Well, there isn’t one. It’s a case of simply knowing what to do, where and when. It’s no secret at all. In fact it’s very simple, but it’s the way it’s done that throws most people off course. The Authority Site Secrets formula keeps you well on course and shows you the path to take.


OK, you may think I’m over selling the course, but trust me, I’m not. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to finally stop buying courses that don’t get you anywhere…only broke. I can honestly say that if I had this course back in the day I wouldn’t have gone through the stress I experienced, or the money I lost or the sleepless nights I suffered.

Yes, the Authority Site Secrets course is expensive, but what do you term as expensive? How much would you pay for something that has been proven to work and you know in your gut that it works and that it will make you a lot of money…guaranteed? How can you put a price on that?

Or you could carry on buying worthless courses that promise you the earth and yet fail EVERY time. You will carry on wondering how to make money online forever and a day.

I was going to create a course myself very much along the same lines of Authority Site Secrets, but just wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Saying that, Jan has been doing this kind of marketing for over 2 years more than me and he’s in a different league! His figures blow mine out of the water! Besides, I’m useless at making videos and pretty bad at explaining things…and I would probably charge more! That’s why I’m recommending Jan’s Course…he’s done an excellent job for which I couldn’t compete.

I should insert the video with Jan explaining what he’s offering here, but you can see that here instead of watching it twice!

If you’re serious about making money with affiliate marketing – Authority Site Secrets is for you…it’s the only course you need.

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