Are You Social Enough?

Are You Social Enough?Do you use Social signals enough? Y’know, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like?

Now, I’m guilty of not pushing these sort of things, and although I have accounts set up with quite a few, I only use them for backlinking, but it’s only weak backlinking. This is something I must address this year.

I’ve never been a fan of social sites, maybe because I’m old school and find it a little…well, intrusive. I set out to become an online marketer building websites to sell products in affiliation marketing and most of my early sites were very ‘micro niche’.

This made it difficult to get any kind of following on Facebook and Twitter especially if the site was about very personal problems or if a niche was so small, a following was almost impossible.

So I gave up trying.

But I can’t ignore the power of being social. For instance, I’ve only just started using Google+ for linkage to my Squidoo pages and it’s reaping benefits already. My lenses have moved up in ranking considerably and now I’m utilizing the power of Pinterest to gain even more ranking. Some of my Squidoo pages are PR3 and PR4 which is amazing!

My authority website has a PR3 and has been going for 3 years, whilst the PR4 lenses have only been going for less than 12 months. Now, I know Google don’t value page rank as much as they did, but getting a link from a PR2+ is still good juice!

So, another quest for me in 2013 is to get more social…even though I’m not a great fan, the power is there for all to see, but only as a social signal. A page with 1000 FB likes is more likely to be seen as more of an authority than a page with 3 FB likes. I have only just started a Facebook page for this site, as well as a Twitter account. I’ve not pushed them at all, the Twitter account is only really used to push my Squidoo lenses, whilst the Facebook page will start filling up with my thoughts, reviews, ideas and news.

Take note though, Google isn’t daft and they know people are abusing social signals to try and game the SERPS, so for backlinking purposes it’s not that effective to have thousands of ‘Likes; but it can’t do you any harm to set up these social signals to attract an audience and give that audience a little confidence in that at least they aren’t the only customer in the store.

If you want to link up with me on either Facebook, Twitter and G+ just click on their icons to the right, you’ll be most welcome.

I think I only have one follower at the moment on Facebook (thanks Linda!), but every journey starts with the first step…and there has to be someone who’s first.

So, that’s one thing I, and you, should be doing more of in 2013…getting Social!

It’s a personal experiment for me to see if being social works. I’ve done OK without it so far, and I’ve got a little more time to look into other, alien tactics (to me) that might boost traffic. It’ll be interesting to see if Facebook and Twitter holds as much power as everyone says it does, or is it beginning to wane in Googles eyes?

G+ has already confirmed to me that working with it in certain areas works, now for FB, Twitter and Pinterest.

As with all online marketing, there is always something new to try to help boost your online presence and I’ve waited far too long to use social signals. I’ve fought against using it for so long and in one way, I’m loathe to ‘join in’ with all this connectivity. It’s not new, but it’s new to me, so we’ll see if using such tactics work. Everyone and their dog says it does…so let’s see! (I think I’m the only one who thinks it doesn’t carry any weight anymore!)

Why I do this…

2 thoughts on “Are You Social Enough?”

  1. I’m not keen on Social Sites, but I need to get more traffic. Do you think it makes all the difference having Facebook, Twitter and all the other stuff?

    How long have you been blogging online, by the way? It looks quite new.

    • Hi Kelly, I don’t think we have an option but to go Social. I think if Facebook was human it would be middle aged now, Twitter a 30-something, Pinterest would be in their early 20’s and G+ a promising Graduate. I think G+ has, or will have, great power to outrank the other big 4.

      Just my thoughts you understand.

      As for blogging, yes, I’ve been blogging for only a couple of months. I’ve been online for 3 years in March, so I thought it was time to blog now and again!


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