Are You Lacking Focus? Is Your Motivation Low?

How do you keep focused? How about staying motivated? Does your mind tend to wander?

To be honest, I sometimes have a real job to get into the zone. I seem to spend far too much time checking stats, reading blogs, going out for walks and a bunch of other things that stops me from concentrating on my work.

This is totally wrong!

This is a full time business for me and I get pretty angry with myself if I’ve wasted a day by messing around.

I admit, it’s not always easy to focus.

Some days I just want to goof around, other days I just want a break and relax all day, other days I work 16 hours.

I like to look for silly memes, especially ones involving dogs (I love dogs…some of my best friends have been dogs). I like reading to much, I like looking at old bands on YouTube.

Lacking Focus Moral BloggerAnd because goofing around and relaxing is soooo much better than work, it can be hard to turn in a good days work the next day.

I don’t like being angry with myself (I leave that to the wife) so how do I combat these lazy days?

Simple. I drum into myself that if this business doesn’t pay its way, then I’ll have to find a J.O.B.

Now…I am unemployable. It’s been 4 years since I quit the rat race and I’m way out of touch.

Below is how I keep my focus, motivation and hunger when things start to get a bit too ‘easy’

A friend of mine works 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week delivering parcels throughout the UK. He starts at 6am and sometimes works until 9pm.

He gets paid £6.95 an hour, he is stressed out with the daily traffic madness, he gets angry because of timed deliveries, he gets fined for driving in bus lanes and has to pay the London congestion charge (£10 a day).

He has to remain polite, keep up a smart appearance, be courteous to other drivers, accept criticism from other drivers, fight through the tiredness and keep safe at all times.

His boss is an ass, his pay is poor and his work/life balance is non existent.

He does this work because he has to. He’s a hard worker and would never accept benefits. He has 3 kids and a demanding wife. His mortgage is huge…and he is on the road to misery.

He knows it, but does nothing about it.

He is the main reasons why I MAKE this business work for me. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes out there.

No one says I have to what my friend does for a living, and I could go back to my old career in the chemical business, but that just freaks me out to even think it!

So, it’s imagining what could happen to me if I don’t work at my desk every day at this business that keeps my motivation and focus high.

Yes, this business can be stressful when the income slows down. It can get frustrating when Google refuses to rank your latest website. It can get confusing when that incredible niche you found doesn’t live up to expectations, and it can get bloody boring writing reviews and researching possible products to promote.

But….YOU are doing this for YOU.

And when the days come when your income goes up, you hit page one of the Big G, your new niche starts getting traffic and the product you reviewed is getting sales…that’s when it’s all worthwhile!

Never lose touch with the outside world. If you feel you are going nowhere with Internet Marketing, apply for a job, go to the interview, listen to the twaddle they spout, listen to what they expect of you (and you’d better do it, or else!), work out the pay per hour, then weigh that up with the quality of life you’ll receive.

If you get through all that and come to the conclusion that it’s better than what you’re doing now….then go for it!

But if you come away with a real gut feeling that it’s not for you…then welcome to the world of self employment!

Stay focused with Moral Blogger
Stay Focused…you might just miss something!

Time to MAKE this business work for YOU.

When you sit there daydreaming away, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, look in front of you.

You will see a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Those are you tools.

The Internet is your work partner who’s willing to help you all the way.

You are the worker. You are responsible for yourself to make money by yourself.

The only thing missing is the WAY to make money.

You may have tried a dozen or more ways to make money online, but you haven’t earned a penny so far. You may have been handed bad advice and feel rotten, let down and disillusioned, but you must learn by those mistakes.

You may be making a little money for lots of work and may feel it’s not worth it. Don’t feel a little money is a failure. Find a way to make that avenue of income easier with less work. Fine tune it and keep doing the same.

You may be making a living at this game. Congrats! But don’t take it for granted. Keep a sense of perspective and find ways to keep your work entertaining and enjoyable to produce.

If you fall into any one of these categories, you still have a choice whether you carry on in this business or not. If you feel like quitting, let me remind you of my friend earlier. Feel his misery, feel his hopelessness and then think again.

This is how I stay focused. I have good days and bad days…we all do, but the fire in my belly is still alive, even on those frustrating days.

The truly best thing I enjoy about working for myself is the freedom not the money…although that’s nice.

Be true to yourself, this business should be enjoyed rather than just tolerated. If you write reviews, make them entertaining and enjoyable to not only write, but to read also.

I know it’s been said many times, but find your passion and go to town with it. Write about things you enjoy. The days have gone trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes and their algorithms.


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