Affiliate Disclosure

I’m one of thousands and thousands of bloggers and online marketers that release personal pages on the Internet to either share views or give personal opinions.

I go about this in my own way and sometimes can even say the right thing at the right time, but there are times when what is said can be seen as totally wrong by others. That’s why this disclaimer is here. The views and opinions are mine and if there is something you don’t disagree with, then that’s fine…please realize, the opinions shared here of from my own mind and I won’t be held responsible if any of my comments are taken the wrong way. They are only my own personal views.

Some products I recommend on the Moral Blogger site (not all) may earn me a small commission, but let it be known, I do not recommend anything that can be purchased that I haven’t purchased myself, and tested/use/own. I do not and will not recommend or promote anything I haven’t used myself, and if there is a product that I find is just wrong, I won’t share my opinion of it. Some products suit certain marketers; who am I to rubbish a product that will work for some and not for others.

Q: Why am I saying all this?
A: If I say something stupid on the Moral Blogger site, I can refer back to this page and point out that the stupidity is all my own, and mine only. We all make mistakes at some point in time, and sometimes even I can be wrong!

Thank You.