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This Affiliate Shortcut Review will be short(ish) and sweet. It’s a new product by Jamie Lewis and will set you back around $17 or $10 or $37…it will depend how cute you are with finding the right buy button. Like a lot of Jamie Lewis’s products, the process is somewhat disjointed.

Affiliate Shortcut Review

What is Affiliate Shortcut?

It’s basically a piece of software that spews out expired domain names. The idea is to buy a good, relevant domain name that you can then forward to your affiliate link.

For example, if you’re into Clickbank affiliate marketing, you may be promoting the current highest gravity product, which at the moment is The Cinderella Solution, and find a domain name that is aligned with that product. 

Say you find a domain name related to fat loss for women, as the Cinderella Solution is, you would buy it, then redirect, or forward, it to your Clickbank affiliate link, which is then redirected to the sales page.

The theory being that the domain name has been advertised heavily in its previous life, therefore, attracting traffic.

The domain name should be relevant and have a history. You can find this out by using the Wayback Machine. If it has a history, meaning the Wayback Machine has captured pages over a few years, it’s a goer.

There are a few problems with this.

Does The Affiliate Shortcut Work?

Well, yes and no. There are a few concerns by using this method as I list below.

1 – If the domain name has expired, so has all the advertising it was using, meaning it’s dead in the water for traffic. Unless the previous owner had tons of ‘valuable’ links going to the domain it won’t get traction by simply using it as a redirect.

2 – Most good domains are either premium cost or have been parked for its lifetime. This means you will either have to buy at a high price or realise the domain hasn’t had any traffic going to it since its birth.

3 – Jamie mentions you could use the redirect method for Amazon products. Well, this sounds like a good idea in principle, but it may be against Amazon Terms. I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t like to risk my account.

There are ways it can work though which are listed below.

1 – You could use your new redirected domain name to disguise your affiliate link in Forums, Facebook groups and other social media platforms so it doesn’t look like an obvious sales link.

2 – You could build a website around an expired domain name if it’s in your niche. Aged domains do well, but be sure there are no nasty backlinks to it. You can do this by using SEMRUSH. Also, always check with the Wayback Machine for its previous content too.

3 – Buy the domain name and sell it on.

What’s inside Affiliate Shortcut?

Now, I like Jamie Lewis, I really do, but his courses are always pretty kinda haphazard. What I mean by that is they’re all over the place. There is hardly any ‘Step 1 then go to Step 2’ instructions. You have to sort of work it out for yourself.

There are 21 videos available at the time of writing and they’re in no particular order, with a couple of repeats. But they are informative in a Jamie Lewis kind of way. These videos are basic, and they don’t really tell you how to do stuff. Jamie tells you the process without actually showing you the way.

You will have to spend a bit more money to get into the meat of his teachings. When I say a bit…I mean a lot!

jamie lewis internet marketer

But, I’m not saying it won’t be worth it. This is Jamie’s life and I feel he doesn’t really need to do it, but he can’t help himself! He lives and breathes Internet Marketing and is extremely successful.

He has a quirky way about him, almost infectious…I’ve been following him for nearly 10 years simply because he entertains me and puts a smile on my face. I like Jamie.

But liking a person doesn’t always bring you riches. Affiliate Shortcut is entry level training and, as I’ve said, you will have to spend more if you want to learn his really good stuff.

Inside Affiliate Shortcut you will find the Expired Domain search tool. Now…you can perform the searches yourself without paying for anything by simply using the GoDaddy expired domains website, but it can be a bit of a faff and the tool inside of Affiliate Shortcut does it for you in one place.

I’m not convinced the search results are accurate through. Look at the screenshot below. Do those domains really have those amount of searches? I don’t think so.

Affiliate Shortcut Reviews for Jamie Lewis

More inside the Affiliate Shortcut Program

You will also find an income calculator, a business model and prep calculator (with downloads), an extremely basic Trends calendar, the OTO’s (under power tools), a support link and Wayback Machine link.

When I bought the front end, I was actually laughing as I went through all the OTO’s offered! These range mightily in price, and you can buy them later if you wish, but I just scrolled to the end, clicked ‘no thanks’ a few times, and logged in.

What I would like to have seen is that step-by-step I was talking about earlier. The course feels all over the place and anarchic. I came to realise Affiliate Shortcut is the Expired Domain search tool and the idea to forward your newly purchased domain name to your affiliate link.

The rest is just bonus videos really, especially aimed at newbies. Some of the videos only confuse matters, leaving you searching for parts two or three. For instance, he says in one video he will show us how to use Trend marketing in a later video…but there isn’t one? Perhaps it will be added later.

Members area of affiliate shortcut

Summary of Affiliate Shortcut

I’m a bit biased because I like Jamie’s weird style of marketing. I’m pretty sure he’s off his rocker, but for entertainment value, he’s one of my favourite marketers and would probably spend a few bucks on his next product simply because of that reason.

I’m just not sure you’ll learn much on the front end. Yes, there’s a tool for finding expired domain names, but that’s about it. The value here is the entertaining way he goes through his videos. I’ve been on some of his webinars way back when he launched ‘The Singing Guru’. They were sometimes hours long, but almost always entertaining and good value. 

So, it’s up to you if you want to invest in one of Jamie Lewis’s products. If you haven’t heard of him before, I would probably, at least, get on his list if you don’t mind him promoting EVERY warrior plus and JVZoo product going! If you have heard of him before, then you’ll know he’s like Marmite.

One day, I might buy all his products and just dive in for the hell of it!

Affiliate Shortcut in a Nutshell

Buy Expired Domains and use them to redirect to your affiliate link.

Be aware that this is the most basic course Jamie will produce. His other courses are much, much bigger, more involved and more valuable…if you can afford them.

Take a look at Affiliate Shortcut HERE (Not an affiliate link)

***** But be careful with that link above. Jamie has set the page so that you cannot get out of it without closing your browser. He really can be a pain in the arse sometimes!

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