Affiliate Marketing in 2014

Online Marketing in 2014Affiliate Marketing in 2014 is a case of Keep Calm and Carry On.

Just to keep this review in context, I am a little fish in the big sea of affiliate marketing and ramble on below about how things might affect us small guys.

I’m not into those huge affiliate commissions…I just do enough to keep me from having to work for a boss again!

Although, in 2014, I want to push a little harder…I’m the king of procrastination!

I’ve just looked over my predictions for Affiliate Marketing in 2013 and I suppose I was half right. Some things didn’t happen, some things did.

I was right about Squidoo, but wrong about Facebook. Right about building quality content websites, wrong about Google. Wrong about EMD’s, but right about Keywords.

So what does 2014 hold for the Affiliate Marketer?

What I have discovered is that nothing has really surprised me in 2013…which makes a change! I think I’m just automatically ready for whatever hits the fan.

Marketers are now getting used to what Google expects of them. The Hummingbird update underlined what the requirements are and how they should be implemented.

This was all about creating content that searchers are more likely ask, rather than just put a product name in. Such as ‘Is the Fitbit activity tracker accurate‘ instead of just Fitbit.

So, with affiliate marketing in 2014, keywords should be replaced by key-phrases.

Lots of content with questions and answers as your keywords.rebelmouse and internet marketing in 2014

What I think will become a player with affiliate marketing in 2014 is the use of Parasite websites for backlinks, such as RebelMouse, Buzzfeed and Pinterest. Although, these sites may start to smell a rat if everyone starts leaving links willy-nilly, especially Buzzfeed who seem a little touchy sometimes.

But there will be other sites like this popping up everywhere. I can testify to a lot of the smaller parasite websites such as FlashIssue,, and others because they have been invaluable for backlinks to my money sites. It’s no coincidence that since using these techniques, taught in the RAM method by Jennifer Ledbetter, that my visitors and sales have increased remarkably since using it.

Google Updates for Online Marketers

Affiliate Marketing in 2014 will no doubt be hit by the many Google updates that go on throughout the year. There is bound to be a biggie that may well change the way we work…but that’s only to be expected. We just need to roll with the punches and weather the storms.

I nearly quit in June 2013 because I was tired of jumping through hoops just to please Google, but after taking a break for 5 weeks, I came back refreshed. Or was it because I realized I just couldn’t work for anyone else, except myself?

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. That HAS to continue through 2014 and beyond if I want to stay in this business.

My income dropped alarmingly in early 2013, but has now picked up and I’m happy with the way it I’ve been able to deal with it. Stay positive and keep believing is my mantra.

What about Squidoo?

I would lie if I didn’t feel a little hatred for Squidoo! I earned some decent money from that platform but, along with thousands of others, I had many lenses locked and lost income.

For Affiliate Marketers in 2014, Squidoo may even get tougher with us. I stopped building lenses between March and October but have since built another 20 lenses without any problem getting them through the filters.affiliate marketing in 2014 with squidoo

I have changed my approach to suit Squidoo (we have to!) and their filters, I have plenty of sales still coming in from old and new lenses and I have opened several accounts as a Rocket Squid. Doing this means you can, after 5 lenses, use the Product Review Lenses.

These new lenses are not as powerful as standard lenses, but they still pack a punch. Find the right key-phrase and they rank well and bring in sales, which is what affiliate marketing is all about.

My advice? Spend a little time with Squidoo instead of trying to hammer out lenses just for sales. Write interesting, informative pieces and limit your links to about 6.

N.B. It still does bug me though that there are still many tier 1 lenses with little or no content earning sales for ‘the good old boys’. I think it’s a very closed doors situation at the top. My 12 tier 1 lenses got locked without reprieve…and they were 10 times better than the ones I see at the top now.

Yes, it is unfair, but Squidoo will still be one of the best ways to earn money for affiliate marketing in 2014.

Authority sites or Mini Sites for 2014?

I have to say…mini sites. If you build a website with only 5 excellent, informative pages that help a visitor, then Google will love you.

I now have two ‘big’ sites and 16 mini sites and only plan to build more mini sites in 2014 and add content to the authority sites. One authority site is ranking well, but it’s a site about soccer and although the traffic is decent, I can’t really push for many sales in that niche.

I love building mini sites anyway…they’re much easier to manage and if the Big G throws a tantrum and frowns on one or two of them (although I can’t think why?) I won’t feel the loss as much as a site with 500+ pages on it.

I will admit it may be hard for any newbie starting off in this business, in this climate. Things are still not stable and what they learn today may change tomorrow.

I personally think affiliate marketing in 2014 will be easier, partially because I am more relaxed about what can happen…and with experience comes rhino skin!

Anything New for Me in 2014?

affiliate marketing in 2014 with moral bloggerI know kindle has been done to death, but I plan to write more books, more for my own pleasure than for making a fortune. I have a book for kids ready to go, but being a little OCD, I need to get the illustrations bang on first.

I will still keep to affiliate marketing in 2014 by building websites and I might even make more Squidoo lenses than ever before. My hiking websites are doing well, so why fix it if it ain’t broke! And I’ll keep up my blog…it’s a bit of a release for me!

I may even try to produce a product of my own. I can rank YouTube videos pretty easily for decent keywords. It’s something I don’t do enough of…maybe I should create a course about it?

In truth, I’m not a great planner and suffer from procrastination (the curse of marketers!), so none of this may happen, but whatever affiliate marketing in 2014 throws at me…I’ll be ready!


2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing in 2014”

  1. Excellent article, Very informative and well writing, I especially like your take on authority sites V mini sites, With thousands of aspiring affiliate marketers out there the game is changing every day and harder to carve out a living. I think we have far too many Guru marketers selling to want to be Internet marketers who in turn sell to other want to be marketers and very few a creating sites that help average web users with what they want or need.

    • Hi Russell, thanks for commenting!

      You summed up the whole IM business! This online marketing journey does seem to be a giant vicious circle with marketers selling to fellow marketers who then sell to fellow marketers! It just goes around and around. The marketer who gets stung the most is the newbie who wants to find the best way to make money online the quickest. They then scoot around buying courses left, right and centre. Then when they’ve gained more experience, it is they who prey on the newbie.

      I think it’s what all aspiring Internet Marketers go through when they first start out. I’ve been there! Some catch on quicker than others…some never learn!

      I’ve found the best way is to never give up and stick to one or two niches until you’ve become an authority in them…and as you say, the game changes every day so best be willing to change with it.



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