Affiliate Accelerator Review – Only Newbies Need Apply!

New Shiny Objects are popping up on a daily basis with the latest big launch program called Affiliate Accelerator. This is a Billy Darr & Justin Opay production and is available on the WarriorPlus+ platform for around $18. Here’s my ‘no affiliate link’  review of Affiliate Accelerator.

Affiliate Accelerator Review

OK…here we go. Affiliate Accelerator is a product by Billy Darr and Justin Opay, It is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate online marketer in the Make Money Online Niche. This won’t be a huge review, but will, hopefully give you a heads-up on its worth,

Inside Affiliate Accelerator

If you’ve been an online marketer for, say, 3 months or more then there’s nothing new inside of Affiliate Accelerator. The methods Billy Darr uses here have been sold and taught many times over the years, but still it sells. A classic Shiny Object Production.

This product is one such object. Pick a ‘make money online’ offer, get your affiliate link, drive Traffic to an Opt-in page, collect emails and sell to your list as often as possible.

It’s all stuff that been done over and over again.

Saying that, if you’re completely new to all this, then there could be some value in your possible purchase. If that’s the case, listen up.

If you want to make money in the ‘get rich quick’ niche, then you have to change your mindset.

This is made clear by Billy Darr in the first of 4 modules of Affiliate Accelerator. You see, there are thousands of newbies out there looking for an easy way to make coin. They are feverish ‘Shiny Object’ buyers and they ain’t going away. There are more born each day!

Billy Darr knows this and that’s why he’s successful in this niche. He produces courses that are mostly theory but will hook a newbie.

Rinse and repeat – Get Rich.

You don’t have to believe in the product you’re selling, just sell it.

If anything, Affiliate Accelerator will try to teach you how to be two people at once…your real self and your sleazy online marketer self who promotes theory methods to make money online.

Perhaps sleazy is too strong a word…let’s say underhanded instead.

Nothing wrong with that if you can get away with it. Look after Number One and all that. But you do have to be that sort of person to win in this MMO niche.

You don’t really believe in the products you’re promoting to those newbies, you only have to believe that you can earn lots of money by selling to those newbies. Clear?

Anyway, enough about ethics, here’s the rest of the Affiliate Accelerator Review.

The 4 Modules of Affiliate Accelerator

Module one was explained a little above…mindset etc. but there is also an overview of how you should make Affiliate Accelerator work for you.

This includes Billy recommending 3 affiliate networks to work with. Can you guess what those 3 are?

Yep, namely JV Zoo, Warrior+Plus and good old Clickbank. So nothing new there.

But saying that, those 3 platforms are like a magnet to newbies, they gravitate towards them like a moth to a flame…and they are your target.

Next are the tools you need. An autoresponder to collect emails and a Page builder to get your opt-in page in which young Billy adds his affiliate link to. Does this all sound familiar?

Then we get on to which niche you should go for. Again, not hard to guess which 3 are recommended.

But if you’re new to this business, I suppose you’ll learn something here.

Affiliate Accelerator billy darr

Affiliate Accelerator Module Two

In this module, Billy goes through how to set up your affiliate funnel, how to get your opt-in page and how to link it to your autoresponder. This part, you newbies out there, is essential stuff to get your head around. It’s where the money is. You’ll be collecting emails from all those fellow newbies, so they will be your very own money machines.

How you get their emails is all in the funnel explanation, but it’s pretty standard. Of course, if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing of this nature (the MMO business), this is how it’s done. To get those all important opt-ins, you have to do something you’ve probably never done before and Billy doesn’t show you how to do it. He just points you in the general direction, but doesn’t show examples of how to do it.

Hint: make your own product or use PLR.

This is always the frustrating part of these kind of courses. There is hardly ever a course which goes into the nuts and bolts of doing this. They just say ‘make you’re own product on how to make $50 a day and promote it

Well, if you knew how to do that, you wouldn’t need a course like Affiliate Accelerator.

We then go into the funnel set up. An 18-minute video in length because it does need a bit of understanding. Also he gives away his opt-in page to purchasers of his Affiliate Accelerator…the caveat is, it’s a Click Funnels page, so you have to have a Click Funnels account. That’s why his affiliate link was in the recommended tools area. Billy gets paid. See how this is done yet?

Although I don’t like this sort of marketing, Billy explains this funnel part pretty well.

Of course, you won’t see any success without traffic…and that’s the next module.

Module 3 - Traffic

This is always the most important part of any online business…so what does Billy recommened for getting traffic?

What do you think? Have a guess.

Yup, the usual suspects. Facebook, Solo Ads and Influencers.

This is where most newbie affiliate marketers will fail because this part of the course is mostly theory. It’s fine if you have lots of followers and have been around a bit, but even intermediate marketers struggle with these traffic methods

Facebook groups. I hate them! Years ago it was ok, but these days, in this kind of business, everyone in those groups you’re going to join are doing the exact same thing as you! For a newbie, this is dangerous and disappointing terrority. Besides that, you’ll get messages from people doing the same as you. Talk about a loop! To make this method work you had to be in it at the start a few years ago. It won’t work these days because of saturation.

Next is Solo Ads. Not good and can be very expensive if you haven’t done it before. It’s an art that has to be learned, but is also dying. Each click can cost you anything from 30c to a dollar.

Next, the influencer method. Get real Billy!

Pay someone with thousands of followers to give your link a shout out on Instagram. Same with You Tube.

There are ‘influencers‘ who do this, but they are nothing but professional spam accounts in this line of business. Again, it worked some time ago, but people are getting wise to it. Soon these spammy kind of Instagram influencer accounts will be closed down due to regulations in Silicon Valley anyway.

The Influenser method is just theory and won’t work for a newbie.

And finally, Retargetting.

Using Facebook again but the ads platform instead. Doing this is beyond the scope of the newbie. It’s takes time to learn how to do this right. Billy takes 18 minutes to try, but only skims over it.

Disappointed in these traffic methods.

Module 4 - Consistent Sales

The final module is about getting consistent sales. How to keep finding products to promote, how to keep sending emails and how to scale things up. The main thing to take away from this module is to keep on firing those emails (examples of emails included) to those newbies…there will always be newbies. Billy also shows you how bonuses can help sales on your promoted affiliate products.

Conclusion of Affiliate Accelerator

Now, this is only my own personal opinion. The Affiliate Accelerator course is what’s been sold and taught over and over again, It’s just rehashed stuff to those who’ve been online for more then a couple on months. So anyone who’s in that category won’t find anything new.

On the other hand, if you’ve been online for a few months and have a mental block on how to make money online in this particular niche, then you might find some value here. Of course, you must want to be in this sort of affiliate marketing in the first place. It’s selling to the newbie.

And again, if you ARE brand new to all this, then I can see no harm in investing in this course. The least it will do is show you how things work and how to set things up. It probably won’t work out for you, but you’ll have the knowledge to find your own ideas and put your own spin on things. And you’ll spot a future shiny object a mile off and desist in buying the same thing over and over again!

billy darr and justin obay

Although the course is put together well, and does show an insight into funnel building and email marketing, the big letdown is the traffic module.

The instances given in the Affiliate Accelerator course just won’t cut it in today’s climate. You will either end up disappointed or out of pocket, quite heavily, using Solo Ads and FB ads.

The reason product makers like Billy Darr do so well (and he’s does!) is because he’s built up a huge list, sold a few shiny objects and has the backing of other product makers in this niche.

They are all able to network together and push out big launches. Newbies are easy targets. That’s where they make their money. No newbies, no money.

Can’t blame them. There is a huge market for selling shiny objects as there will always be new people to target. To get to this envious stage takes total commitment and, as Billy says in the Affiliate Accelerator course, a mindset different from your normal, everyday outlook.

You won’t get to that stage if you’re a newbie for at least a year unless you have a product that no one has seen yet and is a brand new and a successful method of making money online.

warriorplus billy darr and affiliate accelerator

Finally, this cost $18.21 on the FE but lowers to $13.21 if you click away. There are 11 products in total, so lots of OTO sales pages hitting you at every ‘next‘ button during purchase. These range from the lowest at $18.50 to the highest at $197.

Billy Darr is excellent at what he does. He’s a seasoned MMO marketer. He has several products on the WarriorPlus+ platform with most of them teaching the same thing. He’s a top 5 vendor on this platform but his rating is only average.

I guess the take away here is if you can make money selling the same theory over and over again, why change?

As for a course in making money online, Affiliate Accelerator doesn’t really help. Yes, it will teach you how to set things up, but making money from scratch? Nah.

Affiliate Accelerator is for newbies only and then it’s only part of a steep learning curve.

Click here to see the sales page (Not an Affiliate Link)

Affiliate Accelerator Rating -

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