About Me

Those Sunglasses though!

Just an ordinary guy who quit his job in 2012 to make millions online.

Yeah, right!

What I thought would be an easy ride became almost a head on crash. The first two years I didn’t earn a penny…not a dime. My wife’s job managed to keep my dream alive. If it wasn’t for her monthly pay and never ending patience, I would have been one of those 98% who quit online marketing.

But, when the penny dropped about what I had to do to make money online, things changed dramatically.

My wife now only works 15 hours a week…and that’s because she wants to! (a crazy woman!)

I stopped buying crap shiny objects and started using my own gut instincts.

That meant getting down to work on creating content on subjects that either piqued my interest or I knew something about.

Write informative, helpful stuff that helps people…it was as simple as that.

So, I got to work (and work, and work) for at least a year producing websites that would help people…not rip them off, but actually, help them.

Build it and they will come.

The IM game seems to be about grabbing as much money as you can to feather your own nest. Nothing wrong with that, but so many IM’ers promote crap, unhelpful products that leave the buyer feeling ripped off.

That’s how I thought Internet Marketing worked. How wrong I was.

Now, I’m able to pay myself a decent wage…much more than I was earning on the ‘outside’ world and only work between 5 and 20 hours a week.

I get lazy too.

But with passive income, it’s fine to be lazy….who needs to be rushing around chasing themselves?

This blog was set up to write about Affiliate Marketing and how to make it work, but I’m guilty of being, here’s that word again, lazy.

Now it’s 2019 2020 2021 and I’m happy with my income and work rate, I intend to put a bit more effort into my blog.

It took 5 years to earn as much as a regular 9-5 job, and another 2 to be as lazy as I am today.

But, I need to up my game and stay interested. I aim to write more on this blog in 2019 2020 2021 (did I say I was lazy?) and try to help people who are struggling with online marketing.

I may not have every trick in the book, but I have ways to make decent coin, year in, year out.

And it’s enjoyable.

Stay tuned to see if I keep to my promise of getting out of the ‘lazy’ zone.