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Internet Marketing and Cheltenham

Away from the world of Internet Marketing for a change! I recently had a day out at the Cheltenham Festival. Now, for those of you who don’t know anything about this, let me give you a brief explanation.

Firstly, it’s a horse race meeting…but not just any meeting, no. It’s the Olympic Games of National Hunt racing in Europe, if not, the World.

It draws crowds of 50,000+ a day over the 4 day festival and features the cream of the crop of jump horses. I have been going for most years since the late 80’s and have probably lost thousands in the process!

Casf for Cheltenham Races

This year, my mate and I ended up in the Club enclosure on St Patrick’s Day. They call it St Patrick’s day even though this day fell on the 14th, not the 17th…the real St Paddy’s Day.

In my grubby hand to the left is my betting money. We decided to go for £50 a race each and divide the winnings.

The winnings that we never won!

The Question Everyone Asks

It’s great to get away from the computer and behave like a normal human being again. No one I know understands what I do for a living…some think I do nothing and live off my wife’s part time pay! She’s a nurse, and anyone with any sense will know living off a part time nurses wages just won’t cut it!

No, I just say I’m in SEO and build websites for clients. That works because as soon as you say you’re a search engine optimizer, they glaze over and leave you alone.

Even the buddy I went racing with hasn’t a real clue what I really do for a living…even though I built his website and have that business sitting on page one for countless local searches!

Anyway, as I said, it’s nice to get out and about and enjoy a day at the races. We didn’t have any winners but sunk a boatload of Guinness and at £6 a pint, it turned out to be a pretty expensive day. The cost of entry was £70 each and with 7 races at £100 a pop, we were rather out of pocket on the day!

Money Isn't Everything...Really!

Most enjoyable though, and the highlight for me personally was sitting in the £250,000 Bentley that I’ve told myself I’m going to buy in the next few years! My Audi will have to be just my runaround…besides, I would never let the wife near the Bentley…she’s not the most confident of drivers!

This beautiful car was on display at the Racecourse along with other Bentley’s, but this is the one that caught my eye the most.

The Bentley
The Rather Superb Bentley Continental GT Convertable

The fact that that car is the same value as my entire house scares the hell out of me. I’m not the sort of Internet marketer that tells you I earn zillions. I earn about as much as a busy plumber…and it’s decent wages in an industry that can spit you out in an instant.

Money isn’t the goal for me, well it is and it isn’t. I need money to survive and pay the bills, just like anyone else. And I know I could make lots more if I put the extra effort in, but I’m happy with the amount of work I do to justify my pay…even if I am a bit, well, lazy.

This Business Is Like Marmite...Love It or Hate It!

What other business can you wake up and decide, right there and then, if you’re going to go to work that day or not?

But also, this business, can get you down just like any other job. I have websites that bore the life out of me and I lose the will to live when I set out to write an article on something like trekking poles. Yes, I could outsource it, but that would take away my style of writing. It would seem alien to me.

I have outsourced, many times before but I’ve yet to be 100% happy with what I’ve paid for. Some of these articles/posts have cost me £70 for 1500 words, so it’s not as if I’m being cheap. No,. I just have to get into ‘the zone’ and go for it. 1500 words only takes a couple of hours, with research, anyway.

But it can get you down.

I keep posting to these boring websites because they keep paying me. OK, there are only two mind-numbing websites in my life, the others are fine, but when it comes to posting to those two, it can be more of a chore than an exciting exercise. More on that later.

Cheltenham winners enclosure
The Cheltenham Winners enclosure Before The Crowds Set In.

Procrastination Can Kill Your Motivation

I have to be pretty strict with myself too. There have been times when I’ve not touched ANYTHING to do with Internet marketing for months, which is my weak spot. I earn money passively, so it becomes easy to sit back and let the hard work I did many months, even years ago, paying me now. The stuff I build today will be paying me in 6 months time, not today. And that’s where a lot of affiliate marketers fail to grasp the concept and lose focus.

If I don’t have a good talk with myself every now and again, that passive income would fade away. It’s all about keeping the content fresh and up to date. Procrastination can be a money killer!

You may be in the same boat as me…y’know, lazy. Let me know in the comments and tell me what you do to give yourself the kick up the arse to get you going again.

The best way I get rolling again, after a month or so of procrastinating, is going through my own work I did, say, a year ago. I look at those websites and I tell myself when I started them there was absolutely no income coming in from them. I then see that I spent a whole month working 8 hours a day to build one up and now see that work I did back then is paying me three or four hundred quid, each,  a month. Even though I only update them once or twice a month.

That gives me the motivation to build another, then another and suddenly I’m working full time on my new sites and I’m back in the zone.

Of course, eventually, I will fall into the lazy trap again for a couple of months and I will, undoubtedly, be looking for holidays again and planning on doing nothing for a month or two (or three!)

I love this business!

What Are You Rambling On About, Man?

So, I guess what I’m saying here is, that if you want to make a passive income of 2-3k a month, and you’re happy with that figure, then work hard for a few months and then when you see the money coming in, you can become a lazy sod just like me. You will then only have to work when you want to and you can take off to ANYWHERE you like at the drop of a hat.

Saying that, you might be the sort who wants more money a month. If so, you know what to do. Just keep banging out those affiliate websites. If your drive is good enough you can be living on real passive income in 6 months time.

I will detail in a post soon what I do to make sure I get that all important Passive Income. It’s a very simple system of events that leads to money coming into your bank account as regular as clockwork…and it’s not hard to do.

Look out for it.

In the meantime…where’s the Bentley brochure?

The Bentleys
Just About a Millions Quids Worth of Cars...That's all.

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