1-Click Affiliate Site Review

1-Click Affiliate Site Review – A Common Sense Review!

The 1-Click Affiliate Site program suggests that anyone can replicate a $10k earnings affiliate website with just a click of a button. Whilst you can replicate the website, you won’t be able to replicate the earnings. Find out why in this logical review.

Available at Warrior+ – Price range $26.12 FE – Down sell $13.06

1 product (1-Click Affiliate Site) with a further 8 upsells costing between $2.99-£197.00 along with further monthly fees costing between $2.99-$47.00 every 30 days.


With that being said…..

Let's Get Some Common Sense Going Here!

The 1-Click Affiliate Site is a software that replicates a website that ‘supposedly’ earns the vendor $10k per month.

The vendor, Ankur Shukla, is an Internet Marketer who sells his products on Warrior+. His rating is 3 out of 5 from 153 Warrior+ reviews. He has over 10,000 sales from 6 products. AnkurS has been active on this platform since October 2013. He is in the top 1% of vendors at Warrior+ and a top 10% affiliate.

He’s a successful Internet Marketer to say the least.

And now he says you can take over his money making affiliate website when you buy his latest product.

Time to get real.

After buying the 1-click affiliate site software you will get to create your very own affiliate ‘link’ for the products promoted on that website. You will now have the exact same website that earns the fella 10k a month. Only this time you can put your profile pic on the front page and change all the affiliate links to yours.

Oh…C’mon! Is it that easy?

You might have a website that looks like his site, but you won’t have those affiliate links that are supposedly earning him thousands of dollars per month.

No, you will have to apply to each of the vendors products that feature on his site to get your own affiliate link. If you’re accepted, you will then have your very own affiliate link that you put into the software that replaces his affiliate link to yours.


Now think about this.

There are over 1000 sales of this product at the time of writing (26th May 2019).

That’s 1000 websites with all the same content.

Here Are A Few Problems With That Fact

1 – You won’t rank in Google or Bing. Search engines will laugh in your face if you even try to organically rank for the product keywords featured on your website. Logical and common sense.

2 – If you use paid traffic, you will have to go up against hundreds of contenders for the same keywords. This includes FB ads & Bing which will drive the bids up making you pay a dollar a click to get anywhere near the top spot or in people faces with FB ads.

3 – If you want to go down the route of social media, you have to go against hundreds of others doing the exact same thing. That includes Facebook groups, YouTube, Twitter, Quora and all the usual suspects.

So, that’s the 3 main traffic sources already over saturated.

Other issues using common sense

He says you don’t need to pay hosting fees for the 1-Click Affiliate Site. So why do you have to pay a monthly fee of between $2.99 & $9.99 per month to access your website?

Why is there a PRO version costing between $23.50 and $47 (depending if you rush in or not). What is he leaving out from the original product?

Why is there a ‘lite’ version costing between $12 and $24? ‘Lite’ version? What’s the point of a ‘lite’ anything?

Further down the upsells, there’s a Reseller license being offered costing between $98 and $197? Why would you even want to try and resell this? Even more saturation.

And, further on, why would you want an Agency license ($48.50-$97)

Why would you want to bother paying extra dollars for all that if the website will ‘allegedly’ make you 10k a month?

1 click affiliate site review from AnkurS

More Logical Conclusions

The reviews of the products featured on the website are written by the vendor (or someone, maybe, at Upwork or Fiverr) and they will all be the same.

Duplicate content…much? Plagiarism? Definitely won’t rank for keywords so don’t even bother trying!

It’s crazy that there has been over 1000 sales so far of this product but it just goes to show…there’s one born every minute!

Again, it’s one of those products where, in theory, it sounds great but when put into practice will see a whole lot of disappointment returned.

My opinion? Don’t waste your money and time going down this route. Common sense wins the day…always!

The only winner here is the vendor.

How About This Instead?

  • Don’t over complicate it.
  • Buy a Domain name from $0.99
  • Buy Hosting from $3.50 a month
  • Install WordPress and use a free theme
  • Write your own product reviews (one a day/week)
  • Get social media accounts like FB, Twitter etc. and link them to your website and reviews
  • Pay for Bing traffic (if you really want to)
  • Use questions about the product as keyword phrases
  • Be original
  • Pick the products YOU want to promote
  • Use eye-catching images and SEO them
  • Don’t rush…take it easy and be yourself

In a month or two you will have a website that could be the ‘go to’ place for reviews in your niche.

Keep going until you’re happy with your income. It could be a couple of months or it could be a couple of years.

If you get taken in by shiny objects you will be just wasting precious time and money…and experience!

Vendors hate it when their products get rightfully slated, but until they stop pushing false promises, I will continue slating them with common sense.

Work hard on your project….it really does pay off in the long run.

Rating For 1-Click Affiliate Site

Note for the search engines:

Dear Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and the rest. This is a common sense and logical review of the make money online product called 1-Click Affiliate Site by Ankur Shukla. Or if you prefer, 1 click affiliate sites by AnkurS.

This 1-Click Affiliate Site Review is of my own opinion formed by using common sense and I’m not affiliated with it in any way.

People wanting to make money online with affiliate marketing may want to read reviews to form an opinion within themselves. My 1-click affiliate site review goes against the grain as it does not promote the product for financial gain.

The product is available on the Warrior+ platform at https://jvankur.convertri.com/1clickaffiliatesite (this is, in no way, an affiliate link)

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  1. Hey thanks for cutting through the fog and pointing out the obvious and the not-so. Really appreciate what you have done here. Keep up the great work. -Tim E


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