Welcome To Moral Blogger

I’ve been making money online with affiliate marketing since 2014 and now it is my ‘full-time’ job.

I quit my 9-5 way back in 2012 and yes, it took me 2 years before I made my first buck.


My Moral Stance...

I did a stupid, stupid thing when I quit my job back in 2012. You see, I thought it would be the easiest thing in the world to make money online. I knew how to code, I thought I understood Internet Marketing but those shiny objects just kept calling me!

Big mistake.

I found myself caught up in the hype and got a little too excited thinking I would be be making thousands a month. Well, I didn’t.

Yes, I was naive, but all those tricksters, promising me how easy it would be, conned me hook, line and sinker.

Roll on two or three years later and I was making, on average, £600 per month. Nothing to shout about!

But I persevered and kept going applying the tactics I’d learnt over the years and now I make a decent ‘wage’ by not doing a lot really!

I’ve been conned, burnt and made to feel foolish by those shiny objects that I paid good money for. I feel everyone who wants to make a living from the Internet has to go through all this before, eventually, making money online.

This blog is my way of paying back the industry that has seen me earn good money so I can get up when I want, go to bed when I want, take off on holidays at the drop of a hat, drive a nice car and enable my (long suffering) wife quit her job.

My aim is to not let other aspiring affiliate marketers go through what I had to endure for over two years. 

Namely, disappointment, listening to untrustworthy ‘gurus’, shiny object syndrome, lack of focus and not asking for help.

We all need help and a bit of trust.

This is blog is more of a hobby for me rather than a means of making money. I often read about the next big thing in the ‘shiny object’ arena and I know it will guide good people to waste precious time and money finding out it’s a heap of crap!

The product maker will get their money leaving the affiliate newbie more confused, and disappointed, than ever.

I will test the Shiny Objects and give my honest, logical and common sense review. I would say 90% of the reviews will be exactly what you want, and need, to hear.

Bottom line: Does it work or not?

Mostly not.

If I can save just one person a little time and money…I’m happy.