WP Traffic Up Review For ‘Exit Intent’ Pop Up Pages

WP Traffic Up is a WordPress plugin that is used as an exit intent pop up. When a visitor goes to click away from your page, it will trigger the plugin to show any chosen URL you wish them to see. This gives you a second chance to make a sale. Read How I use it below.

WP Traffic Up Review exit intent plugin from Mark Hess

Love them or loathe them, Exit pop-ups work!

You know what it’s like, you’re about to exit a page when a pop-up jumps out at you offering the biggest deal of the century and you’d be insane not to take it!

Well, maybe not as dramatic as that, but it catches your eye.

I’m now totally desensitised to them, but thousands of other surfers are not. That’s why I use an exit intent page to catch those undecided shilly-shalliers that I’m not quite finished with yet.

I’ll write a review, putting my heart and soul into it producing thousands of words and all for the visitor to just click away…damned cheek!

Ha! A bit harsh, but why shouldn’t I try just one more time to capture their interest?

What’s an Exit Intent Pop-Up?

An exit intent popup means that when a potential customer heads their cursor to the ‘X’ button, a page suddenly appears in front of them related to my stellar post.

See one in action here…go ahead, click on the link, then try to exit the page. You will have to click on the big red X then exit again to get back here. Or read on and try it after you’re done here.

It’s a second chance to entice the visitor to buy!

It might sound a bit cloak and dagger, but it’s a marketing trick that works. Not everyone will click on the 2nd chance offer, but some will.

And in this business, every chance should be taken. Grab those straws as if your life depending on it! It’s your business to make money…go get ’em!

A-hem, enough babbling from me, here’s the exit intent plugin I use.

It’s called WP Traffic Up and was created by Mark Hess and Michael Thomas.

It’s been around since September 2016 and has been used extensively on many of my review sites.

I won’t beat around the bush here by giving an enormous review, it’s not necessary. The idea is simple to grasp, so why complicate matters?

Simple To Use

wp traffic up reviewDownload, install, activate, input the licence key, change a few settings to suit you and you’re away. (Video further down)

Write your post, or review, and enable the WP Traffic Up by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of your post. Add your affiliate link and that’s it!

Now, when someone intends to move away from your page, they will be greeted by your affiliate offer sales page instead…not a pop-up, but a whole new page.

That’s the significant difference between WP Traffic Up and other exit intent plugins. Here, you get a complete page, not a light box that has limited information…no, a whole sales page of your choice.

(See it work by clicking here)

Those links you’ve been trying to get your visitor to click but they’ve ignored? Well, they can’t ignore this one! It’s right in front of them as soon as they intend to leave your page.

Now that’s clever!

Use It Wisely!

I’ve noticed I get more frequent sales from the Clickbank and JVzoo products I promote than I did last year.

I usually link directly to the video sales page. The JVzoo sellers are extremely good at converting people!

Other exit intent plugins I’ve used in the past fall short in this area. The video start playing before the page has been fully loaded giving the impression the visitor has missed the start.

Not so with WP Traffic Up. Here I can set a delay for the video to begin, so when the page pops up, the visitor will be able to view the video from the start.

On some reviews, I create a simple page myself which is usually a much briefer review underlining the most important benefits of the product I’m promoting.

It works.

Is there a Downside To WP Traffic Up?

Unfortunately, yes. A small but potentially costly spanner in the works that I must point out.

The WP Traffic Up plugin won’t work if you intend to use it for promoting WarriorPlus or Amazon products. These affiliate networks don’t support iframes and Traffic Up needs those!

That’s the one thing that stops this plugin from being perfect.

Nevertheless, for the price, it’s still a cracking tool to own. I always test out my affiliate link first just in case those dreaded iframes aren’t supported. I’ve not had any problems with CJ promotions, Clickbank, JVzoo or Market Health, but be aware, Amazon and WarriorPlus are a no-no.

I don’t promote many WarriorPlus products anyway, and wouldn’t dream of using it directly to Amazon products.

The Bottom Line

WP Traffic Up is so easy to use that it would be crazy not to add it to my review pages. I don’t enable it for every review I write, just the ones that may need a push in the right direction!

You can see it at work here.

I use a lot of products created by Mark Hess & Michael Thomas (also known as emptee) simply because the tools they produce benefit us as Internet Marketers. They’re in the same field as us, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

There is an upsell if you want to use WP Traffic Up on sites you flip, or websites built for your clients, but as I don’t do that, I just use the unlimited site’s licence and use it for my reviews.

A very useful tool and one I will be using for a very long time! If you’re going to promote products to make money, you need all the help you can get.

Just Sayin’.

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