Wealth Inequality of the United States

Wealth Inequality in the United States has always been a contentious issue, so I just had to share this little video about the wealth distribution in America and which share goes to who of the 311 million people in that country.

It’s a fascinating, eye opening video that really makes you think ‘how does this happen”?

I’m from the UK, but I can see the exact same results happening here if there was someone who could take the study to the lengths in this video.

Does it make you angry? Does it confuse you? Or did you know all this stuff already?

Well, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but when does it stop?

People work themselves to death, what more can they do? Is this the way it is and will forever be?


This is why we should all start making a life for ourselves instead of just putting up with whatever we get dealt. We should be going that extra mile for ourselves. Wealth Inequality is happening all over the world, make sure you look after number one first.

When you work for yourself. it gets hard…and very nearly too hard, but just go back to that video above and drive yourself on. Don’t get caught by doing nothing because you will always be in the lower end of that scale. and don’t expect to get into the top 1%…they are some very special, lucky and mysterious people in there and I don’t think I’d like to be amongst them anyway!

Wealth Inequality in your personal life is what matters!

wealth Inequality in United statesJust aim for a better life where you can support your family, buy stuff your need with the odd treat now and again. If you can do this all by yourself, especially with online marketing, you won’t care what the wealth distribution charts in the video say, you will be on cloud nine in the knowledge that happiness by success far outweighs working just to just get by.

A bit heavy, but we must realize that the video is a big picture and it’s shocking to understand the wealth distribution, but as long as you can get by, happily, with your little online business and succeed where so many others have failed…that should be enough to satisfy you.

You don’t need charts with facts and figures…unless you want that of course!

If you do want untold millions, and you’re trying to get it by online marketing…I’m afraid your in the wrong business. It would be far easier to marry a rock or pop star or even become one!

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