VidNeos Review – YouTube Marketing and Bonuses Galore!

VidNeos is an all-in-one software where any Internet Marketer, no matter how experienced, will be able to rank their video highly in YouTube and Google…and get it to stay there.

The VidNeos interface lets you Research, Analyze, Rank, Create and even Backlink your projects all from one simple-to-use dashboard. If you’ve struggled to get your video into the top spaces of both YouTube and Google, this could be the answer to your frustrating problem.

The software will save precious time by revealing whether a keyword or product is worth going after. All results are color coded such as Green for Go and Red for No-Go…orange is a bit risky and yellow is for possible. Obviously it’s best to take note of the Green and Red colors. In a matter of minutes you can find a winner, or loser, without doing all that laborious research.

The video below shows the main features of VidNeos so you can understand what this software can do.

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Key Areas of VidNeos:

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  • Finding low competition keywords with high search volumes is paramount for success in this business and by using the trending tab you can reveal monster keywords just waiting to be taken. VidNeos gives you the heads-up inside the interface so you don’t have to go looking for a needle in that huge haystack that is the Internet!
  • See if that niche you’re going after is really worthwhile by getting instant results of competition from YouTube and Google.
  • When you find a product that’s green for go, discover how video marketers are able to sit in the number one slot by analyzing their videos for optimization, such as, what are they using for tags? How good is their description? How old their channel is? How many comments, views and likes they’ve achieved? Are they use a transcript or not? Yes, it’s spying, but all is fair in love and war, otherwise you’ll never know how they do it!
  • Creating and uploading videos can be a drag, but inside VidNeos, you can upload images, add text and even make voice-overs for your new video…then simply export your new video and upload it to YouTube.
  • Compare your video optimization with the videos that are sitting pretty at the top by using the Rank Scorer. This tool will give you suggestions of how to make your video perform as good, if not better, than those already getting views. By seeing the results and comparison you will understand why your videos have struggled in the past.
  • Finding backlinks is a thorn in the side of most marketers, so it’s a relief that inside VidNeos you will be able to easily search for High PR backlinks that are do follow, such as .gov, .edu, top web2.0 sites, guest blog opportunities, comment opportunities and others. You can even create bulk backlinks and use the inbuilt spin facility is you so desire.
  • There’s even a tracker to monitor how well your keywords are performing.


All these features are available from just one interface. So you can see that VidNeos really is an all-in-one machine that gives you all you need to rank those videos.

My VidNeos Review:

This is the first time I think I’ve seen a piece of software that can do all these tasks in one place. Being a video marketer myself, I know how much leg work you have to do in order to get the best results from any video. The research and analyzing features inside VidNeos are clear and quick…at a glance you can see if your idea is profitable. Green is good, red is bad (there’s something quite satisfying about color coding!) It makes decision making easy and as it’s all built into VidNeos, you won’t have to do any manual detective work to see what you’re up against.

This works both for videos and websites and is good to go on either Mac or Windows.

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If you want to enter a niche that you think will be profitable, going through the rigmarole of finding your competitors stats can be demoralizing. Finding how many backlinks they have, their domain age, their authority within Google, page rank…it goes on, but with the VidNeos analysis tool, it’s all done with a click of a button. It’s very rewarding.

It’s not even complicated to use. On first appraisal, I thought it might be a tad confusing, but it’s so simple to use, and understand, that anyone can use it. Even if you’re new to video marketing or any Internet marketing, the interface is simple to use. There are tutorials inside the package which spell out what to do and where to do it, but you won’t really need them, everything is self explanatory.

I really appreciate the suggestions tool for better video optimization. It compares your video to the leaders in your targeted niche and then gives a score of up to 100%. All you need to do is follow the suggestions to hit 100% and you’re done.

This is the real selling point for me as so many factors can be overlooked when trying to rank a video, some of them are glaringly simple, but they so often hold the secret to a profitable campaign. Sometimes the obvious is missing, but if you can’t see it then you’ll be forever making those mistakes. The suggestion tool takes that missing link and completes it.

vidneos video marketing

The video creator inside Vidneos is fine if you just want to pop out videos with the minimum of fuss. Image based videos do well, but you may need to at least perform a voice-over to make them stand out. I would suggest making your own videos with either PowerPoint, screen recording or the excellent VideoMakerFX Software then use VidNeos as the secret source for optimization. That’s up to you. I personally use VideoMaker FX.

The only ‘Hard’ work you’re likely to encounter is installing the software and setting up of the access keys. This is really simple to do, and there is a video tutorial included that will walk you through it. Basically, you will need Adobe Air, which is free and is needed to run the apps inside the VidNeos program.

It’s very simple to do and so is setting up an Adwords account (if you haven’t already got one). This is also free and is needed to collect the data from Google so you get the best results.

Then you need to get your YouTube API key from your Google account. Again, very easy to do and you’ll also have a complete walk-though sheet which makes the process even easier. Next, is obtaining a Moz API key, this is also free and will be used to collect information from the Internet on your competitors.

Then the last credential is totally optional. It’s Death by Captcha which fills in those annoying captcha things that blight our life! It’s used for backlinking purposes only, and is not strictly needed, but is useful if you’re going after a huge number of backlinks.

This ‘bit of work’ by you should take a maximum of 15 minutes, but I thought I’d point it out as so many reviewers don’t seem to include this in their own reviews (I wonder why?).

The video below shows how simple it all is.

Installing VidNeos

[video_player type=”embed” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]PGlmcmFtZSB3aWR0aD0iNTYwIiBoZWlnaHQ9IjMxNSIgc3JjPSIvL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS9lbWJlZC9zeWliV25Fc0J4WSIgZnJhbWVib3JkZXI9IjAiIGFsbG93ZnVsbHNjcmVlbj0iIj48L2lmcmFtZT4=[/video_player]

OK, the software does spy on competitors and returns their results, but this is marketing and it’s a case of survival of the fittest…there’s nothing immoral about trying to earn a living…and the information is freely available to all anyway, it just takes a lot a digging to find those video tags, descriptions and titles that seem to propel your opponents video to the top! If you can’t beat them…join them!

There are stand alone tools that could possibly do a slightly better job with research analytics and keyword research, but they are expensive and sometimes cumbersome to use. With VidNeos, you get it all in one place and the results (in my research) are on a par with the best tools out there…so it’s good to go!

Are There any OTO’s

Yes, a couple and they’re not really needed to be successful in this genre, but they are interesting so far as to merit a short review.

The first OTO (one time offer) is the VidNeos Theme which is a ready made video website theme in which you can create tons of content and videos and you literally just have to lift a finger and click. These types of sites can go viral with the right content and if you’re into making a website that incorporates video as its main theme, then this would be a good choice of theme. You don’t even have to make a video yourself to make this work!

The next OTO is a training course from Todd Gross. His Video Sales Authority is structured so any newbie can put together a video that will look professional and attractive. Todd is the master of sales videos and his likable demeanor and teaching is infectious. I’ve bought a few of his courses simply because he explains things so well and with such ease. If you want to make a living out of video marketing, you could learn a lot from Mr Gross!

So that’s the OTO’s what else can I get?

 VidNeos Bonus

If you decide to buy VidNeos through any of the links on this page, you will be rewarded with a big bonus. The first 7 bonuses are yours if you only bought the main product. You will get the entire 10 bonuses if you get the OTO’s…that’s a good deal! Here’s what you will get:

VidNeos bonus

That’s a lot of bonuses for you and should keep you busy for quite a while! The Squeeze Page builder is worth more than just a bonus too.

If you’re still on the fence about this Vid Neos software and how it can transform your video marketing, then be assured that if you don’t like it for whatever reason, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Final thoughts:

So overall, I recommend VidNeos for its ability to do all the necessary tasks in one place to successfully rank your videos AND the ability to find good keywords and niches to get into.

VidNeos is very powerful, yet it’s a simple to use, all-in-one video and marketing software program that will not only open your eyes to how videos really get ranked, but also how easy it really is. It saves you so much time and effort and in the process gives results and analysis that many stand alone costly tools can’t hold a candle to.

Another thing…if you’re going to get VidNeos, I suggest going for the Multi User License, it’s total value for all your projects!

VidNeos will become very expensive soon, so it might be a good idea to check it out before its official launch price goes through the roof!

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