Speed Rewriter Review 2017

A quick review of Speed Rewriter that allows you to rewrite someone else’s work sentence by sentence. It’s one of the better rewriters out there and for the cost, one of the cheapest. It doesn’t automatically rewrite content for you, instead it gives you better control of wording the article in your own words.

Speed Rewriter Review

I’ve just picked up Speed Rewriter from Mark Hess & Michael Thomas. This will be a short review because basically, it’s a simple piece of software.

But don’t let that put you off. In the past, I’ve struggled with spinning software. Now, I don’t know if that’s because I’m dumb or because there were too many hoops to jump through just to get a decent article to spew out.

All that friggin’ spintax stuff really messed with my head. The Best Spinner was paid for and ended up sat on my HD, it was slow and cumbersome. Spin Rewriter just cost too much…$47 a month for God’s sake!

So I gave spinning software the swerve. And anyway, I never felt convinced the articles were of decent quality.

Here’s where Speed Rewriter piqued my interest.

With this software, which is based online so you don’t have to download anything, it lets me be in total control of the ‘spinning’.

After using it for an hour, I can see that I can spit out 100% unique articles because in that time I rewrote two 1500 word posts. That’s a 3000 word top quality unique article in an hour!

How I Use Speed Rewriter

This is what you do:

  1. Log in to the Speed Rewriter platform, which is online
  2. Find a quality article from some ‘expert’ writer
  3. Copy the whole thing into the Speed Rewriter Software
  4. Rewrite it sentence by sentence
  5. When finished, copy and paste into your own website

speed rewriter reviewsYeah, you have to rewrite each sentence, but that’s what I love about it. I can put my own spin into the article where my ‘character’ comes out.

You get two sections on the platform. the top one breaks down the article into easy to read sentences in which you simply rewrite it into the 2nd section.

Usually, when trying to rewrite an article, I get word blindness and all confused from trying to see what I’ve copied and what’s been missed. With this system, you only have to rewrite one sentence at a time and it’s right in front of you…on the same screen!

Say I have to write an article or post about the Spiny Lumpsucker and it’s habitat. How would I normally do that? I’d go to an experts website and spend time reading all about the Spiny Lumpsucker and then try to convey what I had learned into a quality article…fat chance!

With Speed Rewriter, I would just copy the whole piece and rewrite it using my own words.

So you’re copying somebody else’s work? So what? We all do it and it’s a great way to put your own spin on things, and we’re only copying the bare facts, not duplicating.

It takes all the headache out of filling your mind with weird stuff (like the Spiny Lumpsucker!).

It’s quite addictive to write another person’s words into your own…especially if that writer is an expert. And guess what? I am too, now!

Seriously, this is one helluva time saver and keeps my brain from going all weird on me.

It’s blummin’ cheap too. No more outsourcers needed to write my gnarly articles. I can pick any subject and with a small amount of effort sound like an expert!

The only thinh missing is an auto save feature. I’ve lost work by somehow pressing the back button when typing at speed…this will lose the suff you’ve just written. To get around doing this, just copy and paste your work into a document after writing a few sentences.

How Do I Get Speed Rewriter?

Well, Go Here to pick it up while it’s still cheap-a-roony. It’s on a dime sale thing so the price will increase with every sale.

You get lifetime support and training vids too. And I must say Mark and Michael are 2 of the very few marketers I can trust out there. They’re the good guys in this crazy bizziness.

Not much else to say, except Speed Rewriter could very nearly be your new best friend.

There is also some ‘focus’ tracks included where you slip your headphones on and get into the ‘zone’! I love me some binaural beats! This feature can sometimes refuse to work, but it’s not the end of the world.

See the video explanation from Mark below or go right over to the buy page now…it’s cheaper than you think!


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