Reverse Attack Marketing or RAM for Short!

Well…I’m back after 6 weeks of lazing around on gorgeous Greek beaches. I did absolutely nothing but relax…and garrr, it felt good!

I did a lot of thinking though…and I was on the verge of quitting this Internet lifestyle because my earnings dipped below 1k a month for the first time in over 3 years. This month will be worse because I’ve done diddly squat for 6 weeks. I just let my sites whirr in the background.

But I’ve had one of those Hallelujah moments in the last few days and now I’m fully revved up to start enjoying this online Internet Marketing malarkey again!

What made me change my mind then?

Reverse Attack Marketing

Reverse Attack Marketing

Three words –
Reverse Attack Marketing (Fully Updated for 2014)

To say this is the huge waft of fresh air I needed is an understatement.

This RAM method has ignited the flames again and has given me a whole new perspective of how I can make money online again.

You see, since the end of 2012 and the start of what has been a horrible 2013, Internet Marketers have been jumping ship, leaving in their droves and banging their heads against a monstrous wall. And that included me.

We have been doing this stuff for so long that we are programmed to keep on doing things the way they’ve always been done. It’s always worked in the past so why mend something that isn’t broken?

reverse attack marketingWell…it is broken, and then smashed to pieces and buried for ever, never to see the light again.

And because I couldn’t fathom it out for by myself, I very nearly quit this business and 9-5 job suddenly looked very attractive.

If that’s the case, how do we marketers make money?

By changing the way Internet Marketing is done.

And along came Reverse Attack Marketing just at the right time. It’s a brand new course written by Jennifer Ledbetter and if the name sounds familiar, she’s also known as PotPieGirl.

A very respected and honest Internet Marketer…and I should know. I used her last biggie, One Week Marketing, to great effect back in 2011 and it was the best course I’ve ever been on. It worked…simple as that.

Through that course I got to know Jennifer pretty well, and let me tell you…she is one of the good guys out there!

So when she came up with the Reverse Attack Marketing method I was truly interested and intrigued and just got the course out of my faith in Jennifer and her honesty and experience in Internet Marketing. I’ve been around long enough to know who to trust in this business, and Jennifer is one of the rare few.

So, what is Reverse Attack Marketing?

It is quite astounding/amazing/unique and a ton of other things! This is what has dragged my lazy behind off the beach and got me back into affiliate marketing. It is like a breath of very welcome fresh air!

Simply put, it does what its says on the tin…RAM! Reverse Attack Marketing.

Think of all the techniques you’ve been taught and used before, with all the same old BS that promises you Page 1 success; y’know, backlinks, lots of unique content, SEO (that’s a laugh!), Forum posts, blog posts, high PR links and even more backlinks and the rest.

Now…imagine not having to do any of that and easily get 1, 2, 3 or more of your sites/pages on to page one of the big G machine…in hours!

Imagine how you can get indexed in search engines within a couple of minutes…and then be ranking for your keywords within 20 minutes.

Without backlinks, without lots of unique content, without waiting days or weeks to get indexed, without waiting months to be ranked (if at all) and all this without letting your coffee get cold!

Sound a bit fishy to you? Not at all. This is how marketing will be done from now on. This is how Google wants you to do marketing. This is how YOU want to do marketing.

I started affiliate marketing because I wanted to make money…we all do. But I also started because I wanted to enjoy Internet Marketing and that I certainly did back in the day!

But in the last 2 or 3 years it has become a sour, miserable affair that offers small rewards for huge amounts of time…and you can never, ever get that time back.

That’s why I nearly quit Internet Marketing. Many others have, even some of the big hitters, it’s got that desperate to make a living online.

But there is a shaft of light that is getting bigger and brighter every day.

It’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I am astounded at what this course can do for us. I could go on, but Jennifer explains all this so much better than I ever could. Go to the site and read. I mean really read, take it in and wait for the A-Ha moments to hit you.

Just as a quick example I did my first campaign by following exactly along with the Reverse Attack Marketing book (it’s not even difficult!).

Keyword Research – 10 minutes
Set up a webpage – 10 minutes (with keyword in it)
Get it indexed – 3 minutes
Get it ranked – 11 minutes
Rest of campaign – 40 minutes

After 74 minutes I had 6 webpages/sites up and ranking. One was in 5th place on page 1, the others scattered from page 2 to 6. The keyword I used is searched for 550 times a month exact match.

If you are new to Internet marketing, let me tell you now….that is almost miraculous!

Monetize those pages/sites then work backwards to your main money site (if you want to, that is). I reckon I can get this down to 30 minutes a campaign. I may even really work on it and take my time…2 hours. That’s 6 spaces of Search Engine Real Estate with my affiliate links on the first 1 to 3 pages of Google…in 2 Hours!

How is this done? Well I will let Jennifer and her Reverse Attack Marketing method teach you how. She is an absolute expert at doing this and her teaching is the best I’ve come across in my veteran Internet Career.

There will be two options for you to choose from. One is the course on it’s own, the other is the course AND access to the G+ private group where the support and community is worth double the cost of the course alone.

My advice?…take the course and the G+…for the extra 12 bucks it’s a give away!

So..Keep Calm and RAM On!

Go See Why I’m All Excited Like a Kid in a Candy Store Here!

Reverse Attack Marketing



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