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Work From No Home Online MarketingOnline Marketing Course at is a course that I would really like to take…but I’m not going to.

Why, you ask?

I have taken a few Online Marketing Courses that have promised the earth, and when you get into them, you find they are almost always impossible to implement. I, for one, would not be commited enough to put my all into this. If I had loads of spare time on my hands and was bored to death, I might, and I might be prepared to buy the upsells inside the course, just for the fun of it, but…I’m far too busy with other ‘things’ to be taken in by this sort of course, and I’m far too wise (I hope) to be tempted by the riches promised.

This is a typical online course, or, put another way, the latest thing to hit the market. Every now and then an online marketing course comes out with the big launch and promises you that it’s the easiest thing in the world to earn big money. The truth is, I feel, the only real winners are the people selling the course to all the unfortunate, sick-to-the-back-teeth of their 9-5, budding work-from-home souls.

Let’s have a look at what it claims.

Online Marketing Course – Work From No Home
Straight away, the name of the course is Work From No Home, although grammatically challenging, it’s a play on words because in the video of this online marketing course we see the owner, Peng Joon, jet off from Malaysia to the US. Peng Joon takes only his laptop to prove he makes loads-a-money even with a new Clickbank account set up just for this video.

The world on online marketing is full empty promises from people who sell the next best thing in online marketing, so I am very sceptical about such things. Peng Joon, although very young, has made a name for himself online building his business and he seems a very honest and upfront chap, but they all do when selling their own products, don’t they!

Anyway, Peng Joon arrives in the US and shows us his empty new Clickbank account on day one, and then on day three he starts to get money coming into his account. It looks believable, but again they always do. By the end of his time in the US, Peng Jonn’s Clickbank account has amassed several thousand dollar days by just working an hour or two each day.

You buy the course to find out what strategy he uses to do such a thing.

This Online Marketing Course looks to be to good to be true, and you know what the next line is, right?

I’ve been in Affiliate Marketing myself for a couple of years now, nothing big, just a few micro-niche sites and an authority site, and I’ve been pushing that site for all that time…and I ain’t earning Peng Joon’s kind of money! I have quit the rat race, but I still work my butt off to be able to work from home.

You can watch the video sales pitch in the link below. If you do buy it and make big money, by all means drop by and leave a comment about how you did it and how long it took you. I won’t be holding my breath though!

I would love to take the course, it’s only $37 to start and I don’t know how many ‘upsells’ are in there, but it’s not the money, it’s the principle. I have taken online marketing courses after online marketing courses in the early days and they are all the same…what makes this one diferent?

They all seem so easy to implement, but they leave an awful lot of imortant stuff out. I’m a hard working marketer and I work some serious hours, but  “Work From No Home” is just another course that tries to take a short cut, and if you are new to Internet Marketing, you’re likely to end up in the middle of the jungle, lost and shouting for help!

I can only recommend 2 courses to take and they teach the real core of Internet Marketing from the bottom to the top. I will write a review of those courses soon, but at the moment you just need to learn the very basics of this business, stay focused and don’t give up.

Even if you follow my steps, which are the ones most successful marketers take, it will get you to your goals quicker than one of these courses. It’s not all jazzy, exciting stuff…most of it is laborious and time consuming, but it will get you there in one piece, and cuts out much of the stress that 95% of budding marketers experience on their online marketing journey.

I just hope you see where I’m coming from…I’m an honest online marketer (yes, there are a few) who really does tell it like it is. It’s such a dangerous place, this online jungle, just take your time, follow simple rules and you won’t get hurt.

Here at Moral Blogger, I hope to give out information that will keep you safe!

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