Forever Affiliate and Pondering a New Look

Forever Affiliate news in a moment, but I’ve been wanting a new theme for the moralblogger blog for some time, but still can’t make my mind up. It’s different for my affiliate sites, I want them to be responsive, clean and quick to load…but for a personal blog…mmm?

I use Thesis and Woo’s Canvas themes for a lot of my sites, those two are paid for, but I also use Asteroid and 2012 for others sites, which are free. This blog is the default 2012 WP Theme and it’s fine, responsive and clean, but it’s a bit…well, boring. I like bright, clean and functional, but I also like character, and I don’t think the 2012 has character. I could mess around with the coding, but I would just end up wrecking the whole theme, or I could use a few more widgets to brighten it up a little, or I could change the margins, or…well, I could do a lot of things, but it’s all down to time.

Speaking of time, I’ve rather neglected the blog over the last 4 or 5 weeks, simply because I’m focused on other things at the moment. I have 5 new sites I’m in the middle of building, and although some of the content is being outsourced, I still write my own content, and that’s taking up more time than usual.

Forever Affiliate News:

Forever Affiliate with Andrew HansenWhy 5 sites in one go you ask? Well, I’m trying out the Forever Affiliate formula. I have 11 sites already before starting the Andrew Hansen’s course, and they’re doing fine, but they took a lot of building over 2 and a half years and, although they do quite well, I would rather my new sites do very well!

So, taking the advice from the Forever Affiliate course, I’m trying my arm at ‘doing it right’!

The course makes a lot of sense, and I would’ve benefited from it 2 and a half years ago. Instead I went through a lot of stress trying to keep my sites alive during the Google massacre! If I was new to this business, I would have no hesitation in pleading with folk to get this Forever Affiliate course.

Me, being quite bedded in now with IM, I still see a lot of value in the course, and that’s why I’m following Andrews advice to see if I can have a more ‘pleasant’ ride than the one I had with my own sites done the hard way.

Anyway, enough babbling, I must get back to work. I will try to update the moralblogger blog as much as possible, and when I’ve gone through the Forever Affiliate course, I will report my findings. I’ve no doubt my 5 new sites will be earning money by then, and if they are….where were you in 2010 when I need you Mr Hansen??!!


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