Micro Niche Marketing – Is It Worth It?

Micro Niche MarketingMicro Niche Marketing has always been a foot-in to Internet Marketing and making money online…until now.

Up to about 2 years ago, finding a subject to make money on was relatively easy.

This involved finding something that people wanted, but that ‘something’ wasn’t in the mainstream or not important enough for there to be a lot of information available about it.

An example of Micro Niche Marketing, for instance, would have been, say,  man boobs, or some other embarrassing problem that people wanted to know about and preferably cure.

The marketer would do their keyword research, find a golden nugget phrase or statement on the subject, build a website including an exact match domain, (e.g. curemanboobs.com), and start a backlinking campaign linking back to their new website and onto products that aim to cure the searchers problem…probably a Clickbank product or health affiliate program product to which the marketer gets a commission.

The linking would include mass article submission, all spun, as well as mass auto blogging using some sort of software that does it all for them.

They could also use rank building sites that they could use to boost their ranking in SERPS. They could stuff their website with keywords relating to their subject and all manner of other Google tricking services.

Those days are gone. SEO is forever changing and you have to keep up.

One the one hand, to be able to successfully achieve Micro Niche Marketing you would have to have a decent micro niche to go after in the first place.

These days it’s almost impossible to find such things as over saturation happens, and when you do find a subject that is rarer than hens teeth, you have to try and market it without any of the ways we did in the old days.

Google has made it clear that they don’t like link farms, keyword stuffing, thin and weak content websites, duplicate content, spun content, automatic blog links, poorly related low rank links, and now even frown upon exact match domains.

These days social media is a huge part of marketing, the more followers you have, the more presence on the web Google will give you.

Now, as an extreme example of how this effects Micro Niche Marketing say you have found a rare golden nugget niche such as ‘How can I stop stalking people‘ an embarrassing and troubling problem you must agree. How can you sell such a product online?

You can’t mass backlink the old way, Google would simply de-index your site and no-one will ever see it. The same would go for article marketing.

You could probably do the odd article and syndicate it with social bookmarking, but that’s about it…you will get nowhere.

As for using social marketing for Micro Niche Marketing in such a subject as this is…well, it’s a no-no!

Can you imagine building a website about ‘How to stop stalking people‘ with the tag line “Ever wanted to know how to stop stalking people? Follow me on Twitter to find out!”

OK, that was an extreme example, but I’m sure you can see that nobody wants anybody to know about their problem, the last thing they want to do is follow a twitter account, or Facebook account that informs friends that they have such a problem.

Even if your Micro Niche Marketing doesn’t involve embarrassing problems, and you’ve found a device you could sell that gets rid of woodlice in your house? Who on earth would want to follow anyone who knows how to get rid of woodlice in their house?

And just how many original articles can you write about such a subject? And how much content can be written on your website about it?

Also, remember, Google hates thin poorly written sites. See the Moral Blogger for more info

So how do we go about Micro Niche Marketing?

First of all, Micro Niche Marketing isn’t dead, it’s just harder to get that foot in the door when starting out in Online marketing. Here are some suggestions that swerve away from what Google hates.

First of all make yourself a brand. Instead of going for those exact match domains, choose a name that will say what your main authority website is all about. If it’s for men’s troubles, be broad with your domain/brand name.

Find a name that doesn’t scream “I’ve got this embarrassing problem“…go for names such as typicalmale.com or happyman.com, (those have probably gone, but you get the idea)

You can then use your Micro Niche sites as your selling pages.

It not only becomes a good authority site which Google adores, it also enables you to sell all manner of things relating to the male. Gadgets, Gambling, Golf, Football, Health and….embarrassing men’s problems!

Men will have no trouble following your Facebook page, or Twitter, or bookmarking your site because it’s a broad theme and not centered on one subject that hardly anyone will find interesting.

Selling those embarrassing products will become easier and your Micro Niche Marketing will go unnoticed among all the other ‘manly’ subjects you write about on your authority site…just link to them cleverly.

Make your posts using your Micro Niche Marketing golden nugget keywords, review the embarrassing product you’re going to promote, put the golden nugget keyword in around 2 or 3 times in a 600-800 word post, use other keywords you’ve researched related to the product you’re selling in the review, use your anchor text diversely, instead of using the product name as the link, go for ‘click here‘, ‘more here‘, ‘more info‘ that sort of thing.

I use Only Wire for social bookmarking and Social Monkey sometimes. It becomes easier because YOU ARE A BRAND not an embarrassing subject. These sort of site are not the answer though, the real answer is finding relevant blogs within your niche and making a few good, interactive comments and then leaving your real name as the link text with your domain name as the link.

You website should also include one or two authority links to your subject (Wikipedia content) and keep the content fresh and updated.

So, yes, Micro Niche Marketing is still worth it, it’s just how you go about it.

Use the new approach to Micro Niche Marketing and you will soon be on the way to ranking on the first page and making sales.

The Poster you see at the top is available at AllPosters.com and is a very true statement!

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